What the Smart Contract at the top of the page looks like

What a Smart Contract looks like at the top of the page (show the address)


How to withdraw from the Tron smart contract even if the site is unreachable.

This article is very important because it explains how to get our TRX tokems even if the site is no longer accessible.

Of course we will succeed in our intent as long as the account has not already been drained, so in case you need to hurry.

In fact, what no investment site with smart contract tells you, is that it is true that it is a decentralized business on blockchain, unassailable and scam-proof, but if the funds are completely withdrawn by investors without anyone depositing it anymore, the possibility of recovering our money becomes impossible.

So let’s suppose that we operate every day quietly with deposits and withdrawals, when we realize one day that the site no longer loads. Naturally the panic begins and checking on the telegram we realize that everyone confirms this bad situation, asking how they can get their funds back.

So let’s see how to withdraw our money from the smart company anyway.


1. Smart contract address

It is advisable to keep the site contract address in advance in the event that the page cannot be accessed in the future.

But suppose we haven’t memorized it. To do this we have several ways.

Normally, if the website works, we find the address by clicking Check Contract (or similar) and access the contract.

This option is not available if the site is out of order.

Option 1. DappRadar.com

So let’s go to the DappRadar.com site . Suppose we are looking for Troncase.

Let’s scroll down and we should find the contract (red arrow).


Option 2. Google cache

If the search does not give results, you can search for the name on Google. Example: Atton Bank Dapp Radar cannot find it With the search they have to find the site, even if it doesn’t open. We do not click on the name but on the arrow.

A page previously saved by Google (cashed) of the site will appear. If we are lucky we are shown the stored page, with the possibility to click and access the Smart Contract:

Option 3. Our Tron wallet

We can also go to our Tron wallet and search among the operations carried out:


We have found the address of the smart contract and now we want to withdraw.

2. Withdrawal

We have 3 types of possible operations

  1.  Simple withdrawal

We log into Tronscan with the address we have. We copy the contract address and insert it in the smart contract under CONTRACT, WRITE CONTRACT.

Let’s go to item 1. Withdrawn and click send:

the request to connect the wallet opens:

Connect and confirm the operation in the wallet.

A message should appear under the withdrawn box after the operation, under the root entry: ” No value return”

This means that the transaction was successful and that ALL the withdrawable amount has been transferred and should be in your wallet.

Note that you will be allowed to withdraw as long as the contract balance is not zero .

3. Withdrawal with amount

In this case go to CONTRACT, WRITE CONTRACT, find the withdrawn box and enter the amount you want to withdraw and click Send:


If you don’t get an error message you can confirm the transaction.


4. Cancel the withdrawal block (End Stake)

If the funds are frozen you must first unlock them. This is the unlocking procedure, not the withdrawal procedure.

Go to CONTRACT, Read Contract. Scroll until you find the item “” stakeCount “. Paste your address and click Call. In this example the root appears: “3”, ie you have 3 stakes.

Now I want to see the position of the stakes, I go to the stakeList, paste my address and insert “0”, because all stakes start with zero.


Copy the ID at zero, and go to “stakeEnd” and paste the ID number without the comma, otherwise it gives you an error

Then your wallet appears where you confirm. You have unlocked your tokens.


If the site page doesn’t open, don’t panic. Follow the steps and if there are still funds you can get your money back.

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