SuperClassic Arrows Indicator

SuperClassic: “non repainting” arrows based on 3 classic indicators

This is a complete free trading system. Indicators are already included in most of your trading platforms. The premium version also contains the indicator already set with warnings and arrows. Here is some trade on real account (about 70% itm). Real test of the SuperClassic indicator with MT2IQ robot. Image above. Screenshot from the MT2 bot. Last “PUT” signal with SuperClassic Arrow Indicator Tired of trying countless indicators? Stop on a combination of three classic indicators most used by traders, the Bollinger Bands filtered by an appropriate adjustment of Stochastic and RSI. Here is the exclusive SuperClassic indicator with arrows developed by the team of forzaforex.it and freebinaryoptions.one.  

What is the “SuperClassic” indicator

  • SuperClassic is a combination of the most used indicators, each one optimized with appropriate settings. Furthermore, the appearance of a warning with an arrow allows you to comfortably prepare for the subsequent opening of the operation.
  • This is not the usual arrow that must be confirmed manually by looking at other indicators, as often happens in free systems on the net. The appearance of the graphic signal already takes into account the correct confirmation of all indicators .
  • It is a “non-repainting” system , ie it avoids deleting the arrows that may have followed up losing trades. In this way it is possible to verify the effectiveness of the system simply by looking at past graphs.

The trading system includes the SuperClassic indicator with auto-arrows for MT4, template and PDF with entry rules and settings.


If you have experience in strategy you will have noticed that simplicity pays off. The indicator exploits the Bollinger Bands, avoiding that prices “run on the bands”, thus trying to identify the correct reversal point, thanks to the RSI and Stochastic filters. The appearance of the arrow in the correct position and two “buffers” related to call and put allows the use in automatic systems such as MT2.


We do not report the percentage of positive trades (apart from the one you are getting in the test) that can be obtained with this indicator, as they depend on the type of use, time frame, hours etc. However, the consideration is made that, being an appropriately filtered indicator of the most classic, a satisfactory result can be expected. Real test of the SuperClassic indicator with MT2IQ robot.

Test and settings

You can test for yourself the remarkable effectiveness of the SuperClassic indicator on your MT4, by inserting the indicators with the following custom settings: BOLLINGER BANDS 20, 0, 2.0 STOCHASTIC 3, 2, 1 RSI 5, 90, 10 TIME FRAME M5, but any time frame is fine. DEADLINE With M5 about 30 minutes. For other time frames calculate proportionally.

Number of signals per day

It depends on the settings and the number of open pairs. If you want more signals, restrict the RSI levels, reduce the chosen time frame and increase the number of active pairs.  

SuperClassicArrows Trading System
SuperClassicArrows Trading System

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