MT4 with crypto open weekend

Three Metatrader platforms with crypto-charts active on weekends

JAFX,  HugosWay and SimpleFX keep the charts running during the weekend, thus allowing technical analysis for trading on brokers based on cryptocurrencies such as TRIBTC or CryptoBO.

Particularly interesting remains to operate during TRIBTC (crypto broker peer to peer with traders against traders) and CryptoBO. They operate with Bitcoin with minimum amount of trade.
Comments on the platforms can be found on the Chat Telegram TRIBTC and CryptoBO.

On MT4 it is of course possible to install any custom indicator, and than open operations manually on the crypto broker.

Confronto JAFX e HugosWay. Grafici identici e stessi valori
In the imagine JAFX and HugosWay comparison in operation on Saturday 16.2.20. Identical charts and same price values.

In addition to the previous two you can also try SimpleFX which seems to have more sensitive movements. The demo, like the others, is free. Of the three, Simple FX seems the best.

SimpleFX open on weekends
SimpleFX open on weekends