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The complete review on CloseOption, reliable binary options broker for everyone.

  • Close option Payouts

Here are the most important and verified features also by our users:

  • PayPal for deposits and withdrawals
  • 80% fixed on Eur / Usd and Usd / Chf  (VIP 90% but access is expensive). These payouts are fixed during open markets hours (6:30 am to 6:30 pm GMT). At other hours you do not operate or use a different broker.
  • No elaborate graphs, you have to combine Metatrader
  • All deadlines, from 30 seconds to a month.
  • $ 1 trade and $ 5 deposit
  • Fast trade entry and prices as a metatrader (Close Option recent platform upgrade with real-time data update)

So we note that the positive part of the broker is 80% fixed on EurUsd and UsdChf  and PayPal transfers. Payments ok. The negative is that the other assets do not betray, unless you are satisfied

with 70/75% of other 8

CloseOption, Example of Trade with HighLow Strategy

To know more

Note: The summary info described above has been verified by us. Part of what follows is derived from the content of the original site.

CloseOption has interesting features that put it in competition with the best. Can it be decisive for our trading decisions?

Close Option review

Close Option has a new generation platform, the software of which resembles that of Pocket Option (new link “”), as can be seen from some identical graphic elements:

Entrance "tag" identical to Pocket Option
Entrance “tag” identical to Pocket Option


Since Pocket Option is one of the brokers currently in greatest demand, after the closure of IQ Option to non-professional brokers, it is interesting to know this new broker, Close Option, also with a new platform and really fierce, as can be seen by visiting the site. It is one of our 3 favorite binary options brokers that allow non-ESMA trading

However, the graph is quite basic, but if you use Metatrader you will not have problems. Pocket Option is later on as a feature, but is sometimes criticized for the appearance of the candles, a problem that with CloseOption is not there. For the rest, a very clear and simple to use chart with many customization possibilities.

The black circle in the middle of the green / red buttons is used to move them (just drag).

The broker resides in Turkey, licensed by a financial institution from Georgia (southern Russia region). LICENSE B2-08 / 3647 NBG (National Bank of Georgia). Note, it’s Georgia from Russia, not America, but accepts US residents. However, none of the new binary options brokers have Cysec anymore. It seems, however, that the payouts do not reach those of PocketOption, which still seem unbeatable.

Before starting, usual question …

Close Option pays? It is reliable?

Close Option withdrawn
Close Option withdrawn

Our experience says yes. The broker also warns you of your balance via email, and in the case of a withdrawal request, the money arrives almost instantly on PayPal. Also this broker with excellent assistance and chat.

Other useful things to know

  • The maximum trade is $ 99
  • You can open up to 25 trades simultaneously
  • If the trade ends even, the amount is returned to you
  • From the click it can only take less than a second before the trade is effective
  • Participating in tournaments is free, but you need to verify your account
  • Both the demo and the real it is not necessary to verify documents, but it is necessary before the first withdrawal.
  • To close the account go to Settings, Change Password, at the bottom you can close the account.
  • No commission on deposits or withdrawals.

Tutorial Platform

Here’s what the Demo looks like, accessible without document approval. Since March 2017, the platform has had several improvements. Let’s look at the individual functions.

1. Asset and Payout

Payouts are advertised by the broker as the highest in the industry. In practice, perhaps it is true for the VIP conditions, but to have a good return for those who start possibly choosing the most traded assets. Currencies pair who have a payout sometimes lower than 70% should possibly be avoided. VIPs arrive 95%.

Excellent for those who work mainly on Eur / Usd, 89% return, which on the other hand is the best pair to trade, the one with the most traded currencies.

2. Expiration times

Full choice of deadlines starting from 30 seconds; then 1 minute, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 3 days, one week, 2 weeks, 1 month.

3. Investment Amount

Trade starting at $ 1

4. The asset payout

87% return on Eur / Usd. VIP customers reach 95%. Here are the details:

…under translation……………………..

5. Type of chart

Zone, Line, Candles, Bars

6. Time Frame

5, 10, 30 second candles

7. Background color of the graph

Night or day vision type graph (very clear and clearly visible)

colore del fondo del grafico

8. Settings

You can choose the type of fund, or none (better). If you like the background, however, you can adjust the level of transparency on the right.


9. Screen viewing

You can switch to full screen view.

10. Date and Time

Date and time adapt to your local time, very convenient. Next to the chat button.

11. Submit your opinion.

Function never seen before, but interesting, which allows you to tell the broker what are the features that should improve, functions to add, but also to keep those that are already going well.

12. Recent Trader Profits

Here are the latest profits of traders, always updated.

Profitti recenti dei trader

13. History and trade in progress

See here the data of your expired trades and the progress of any ongoing trade.

14. Graphic setup

You can move the candle chart forward or backward, or change the size and distance of the candles.

15. Close Option and Metatrader

You cannot rely on the Close Option platform (but not even on that of other brokers) to analyze the entry point. We must therefore use a quality chart together, such as Metatrader for example:

If you want the MT4 window to always remain in the foreground (recommended), use a simple free application found on the “Always On Top” network.

What is the price value indicated by Close Option

Stesso valore MT4 con Close Option

Most of Metatrader platforms and Close Option display the same price (Sell) and are based on the same official data source.

Types of Deposit

PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Money and Crypto such as BitCoin, Ethereum etc.

The 30% bonus is immediately indicated:


Tipi di Deposito PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Money e Cripto come BitCoin, Ethereum ecc. Il buono del 30% è subito indicato

Withdrawal of funds

The withdrawal forms are the same as for the deposit. We used PayPal, where you just have to indicate the email.

Here is the message following the withdrawal request. Remember to accept the sending by confirming a link on your email, however they will also notify you if you forget it. All very simple and clear, without unnecessary subsequent requests.

Close Option Offers. Active coupons.

Close Option has two “coupons” active (check out, sometimes add others).
New Platform that recalls that of Pocket Option, Demo, Trade $ 1, Deposit $ 5 (!)


BONUS Close Option. How does it work.

Finally a platform that does not hide the bonus rules but explains them clearly and easily available from the main menu.

In summary, there are three types of bonuses on CloseOption.

  1. The first type of bonus is a percentage of the money invested. In order to redeem and withdraw it, you must have a certain volume of transactions. You can receive this gift in the “Deposit” section by checking the Bonus box. Please note that this option will not be selected for customers by default and the bonus will be provided on request only.
  2. The second type is the welcome bonus currently disabled. It is only for customers who have recently registered and approved their accounts.
  3. The last type is no deposit and has currently expired.

Bonus: if we are interested we must understand the rules well!

Let’s take the 30% bonus as an example, but the rules also apply to different bonuses.

If you deposit, you get 30% of the deposit amount. Your voucher can only be withdrawn when you have transactions for a total of 20 times the amount of your deposit (attention, not 20 times the bonus). It means that if you deposit $ 100 your trading volume must be $ 2000. That is, $ 2,000 of transactions between won and lost in order to withdraw a $ 30 bonus: we think it is not convenient, but if you make many trades, you decide.

As long as this bonus is active on CloseOption, you can receive 30% bonus for each deposit made and there is no limit to the number of deposits.

There is, however, a positive side: if your balance reaches zero you can still trade with the money of your bonus, exactly like that of the real account. Also, when you deposit and receive your bonus, there are no restrictions on withdrawing your  money and you can withdraw your deposit at any time. So you have no limitation on withdrawing and depositing. But the conditions for receiving the bonus depend on these deposits, withdrawals or trade volume.

Before unlocking the bonus, if you withdraw a sum of money from your Real account, your bonus balance will also be reduced relatively. For example, if you deposit $ 100 and receive $ 30, if you want to withdraw $ 10 out of $ 100, $ 3 will be reduced from your bonus. So, until the bonus is redeemed, try to avoid withdrawing to get the full prize.

Bonus expiration

When you deposit and the bonus amount is added, you must use this sum of money with real money trades in a certain period of time (which is determined on the promotions page). After a while, if your trading volume doesn’t reach the expected amount threshold, your bonus will be lost. If you deposit again, the duration of time for another bonus will be reset.

For example, if you have $ 30 in your account and have one day to change it to Real and if you deposit $ 100 again (to prevent the prize from expiring) your bonus will increase from $ 30 to $ 60 and the time to the release of the bonus (expiration date) will be extended for another period.

When the conditions for the release of the bonus are met, your bonus will be automatically converted into real money and you can exchange or withdraw it, at any time, without limitations. It has been said that a special trading volume is required to release the bonus. If your deposited money is lost and the condition to redeem the voucher is met, you can dispose of your bonus money without any limitation and change the bonus to real money. So this trading volume includes all orders with Real and Bonus.

The prize is the same as real money, but the difference is that you have to have a certain number of transactions to make it withdrawable.

HighLow Strategy on CloseOption

We have placed metatrader alongside the CloseOption chart to try the HighLow Strategy. As we see in the video, a new demo has been opened and the ITM two-finished system has been applied. That is, several trades were not made and ITM ones were chosen. In the video we show that we restart the platform to demonstrate the real situation. It will be luck, or the strategy is valid, you just have to try it on the demo.

Information on the Close Option company

CloseOption is a Russian binary options broker owned and operated by Organic Tech LLC, a company that has its headquarters in Avsallar Ahmet Erdogan Sk C.11 D: 12 PK: 07410 Alanya Antalya in Turkey and with legal office in Vake- saburtalo district, Al Kazvegi ave. N41 Apt.N19, Tbilisi, Georgia. The B2-08 / 3647 NBG (National Bank of Georgia) license.

They can be contacted through support on the site, by phone on + 442032902097 (UK) and by email at

Contacts and Assistance

Modern and organized assistance service. Today those who are unable to provide a good customer relationship service are soon cut off the market. Here is an example of a ticket, but instant chat is always available, in addition to telephone and email.

Assistenza Close Option

Close Option: Tournaments (Contest)

The tournament, or contest, is held once a week.

Close Option: Tournaments (Contest)

Participating in contests is completely free, but you must have the approved account first. In the event of a win, the sum is immediately credited to your account and can be withdrawn at any time.

Reception times are the same as for normal withdrawals, i.e. up to three working days.

Pros and Cons of CloseOption


The pros have been described before, we summarize the strengths:

Deposit and withdrawal also with PayPal
Ready to update prices, such as MT4. The values ​​are also identical.
Modern platform similar to Pocket Option
Weekly tournaments with free participation.
Excellent choice of deadlines.
Prompt Assistance in all forms.
Bonuses and Coupons
Good payout on Eur / Usd and Usd / Chf
Fast payments


There are no indicators available, but for us who refer to Metatrader this will certainly not be the problem! (PS: announced in the next upgrade)
Time Frame with candles for only 5, 10, 30 seconds. Rely on Metatrader (as above).
Some assets have a low payout: let’s avoid them.
Some bonuses, like the $ 20 no deposit and others, sometimes expire and then come up again at different times. To be followed if interested. It seems that only the 30% bonus is always available.

The cons are easily circumvented by placing a Metatrader, or another quality graph such as Trading View, alongside the platform, something that any serious trader would do. The value of the price and the prompt update speed make the platform excellent for immediate entry. Free demo and lowest economic commitment in the industry make it affordable for anyone. So you can try it and check for yourself.



Go to the Close Option page

Important: if you decide to register with the broker, BEFORE opening the broker page, delete the cookies of your browser!

Discover the Demo and Bonuses of CloseOption

Close Option Demo and Bonus
Close Option Demo and Bonus