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Fisherman’s Strategy presents:

The Fisherman’s Strategy

The free trading system suitable for everyone

Note: We remind you that the PDF attached to the strategy is available at the end of the page and can be downloaded free of charge. The already set indicators are logically attached in the full version. 

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We have been asked many times what kind of strategy would be suitable for those who are new to trading .

We have therefore developed a trading system that is simply based on only two indicators, but highly effective, chosen and tested for a long time. The trader just has to follow the instructions in this manual and open the position after the conditions are met.

This strategy was created thinking of those who do not yet have sufficient knowledge of technical analysis, but nevertheless want to try their hand at binary options, perhaps starting from a simple demo, to see “what happens”.

As always, we recommend that you delve into the main topics that the trader should know, such as money management, trendlines, supports and resistances, etc. However, to get started, it is sufficient to have a minimum of familiarity with the free Metatrader (MT4) platform to use as a reference, where two simple indicators and the template will be installed, i.e. the 3 files attached to the system (in the full download version ) .

Note: We remind you that the PDF attached to the strategy is already available and can be downloaded free of charge, always at the end of the page. The indicators are logically attached in the full version, but it is possible to look for alternatives on the net.

The strategy provides for short deadlines , of around 20-30 minutes, in any case the one closest to these values ​​that the broker makes available to us.
The system is valid for any currency pair and at any time ( pay attention to the news ).

Prepare the graph

First you need to have the Metatrader 4 platform available; if you don’t have it, you can find the free download link here (the link takes you to the Alpari broker, which in addition to the metatrader to download for free also allows binary options trading directly from the chart).

Once MT4 is activated, you need to install the two indicators and the template; if you don’t remember how to do it read here. The chart will look something like this (here we are on GBP/USD M1):

The areas in blue are those of the “Fishing Area” and below the “Fisherman_by_FF” indicator.

Entry signal

We need to choose a currency pair that is close to the blue zone. To this end, we prepare the chart on the M1 time frame, to better observe the movement of the candles. However, it will be M5 that will give us the actual entry signal .

In the image above you can see that the GBP/USD is approaching the lower zone.
The input signal will be obtained when the following three conditions occur simultaneously:

1. The M1 candle closes inside the blue “Fisher Area”, or goes beyond it.
2. The color of the Fisherman indicator on M5 changes color. Example, still in the image above, red to green
3. The color of the Fisherman indicator on M1 has the same color as M5. Example, in the case of the image above, from red to green.

Fisher Area Indicator

It is the indicator that shows the blue zones. The operation of the indicator is simple.

To have an entry signal, the candle must be closed inside the blue area, or above, having therefore exceeded it.
Since these are reversal zones , the upper area will give a Put entry signal, the lower one a Call entry.

Note that the areas change every hour, and therefore it is advisable to manually reset the graph when the hour expires. It is sufficient to switch for example from M1 to M5, or vice versa.

Practical examples of trading

Example 1

We are on M5, around 11:30 and the candles are in the blue area, so we await the signal of the lower colored indicator.

We know that the blue areas change every hour, so the next 12:00.

If the signal arrives after 12:00 we will consider it valid even if the blue zones have changed.

Put, if M1 is also red
Put, if M1 is also red

After 12:00 the zones modified themselves, the candles are now no longer in the blue area, but we will not take this into account, as the zone has previously given us confirmation of possible entry.

When the color of the lower fisherman indicator on M5 changes, we open the PUT operation, as shown in the figure, provided that the color is still red on M1 as well.

The entry, which took place at about 12:10, concluded ITM (in the money), as can be seen from the trend of the graph in this image above.

Example 2.

Verified that both M5 and M1 both have the red color (otherwise green, lower area) of the Fisherman indicator, you enter at the close of the M5 candle:

In practice, the appearance of a first colored segment on M5 is not enough, but it is necessary to wait for the appearance of a second one.

Example 3.

In the figure we see that the candles on M5 have reached the upper blue area, but the lower indicator has not yet given the confirmation with the color change. Let’s wait.

Over time, a first red segment appears (figure below). That’s not enough, we have to wait for a later one:

Just one segment. Wait for the second
Just one segment. Wait for the second

Finally the input signal arrives:

M5 OK. Check M1
M5 OK. Check M1

However, we must make sure that on M1 the color is also red:

The color corresponds to M5. PUT entry
The color corresponds to M5. PUT Entry

The color matches, and therefore we proceed with the purchase of the Put option, with an expiry of about 25 minutes (in this practical example.
The operation ends ITM, as seen in the following image:


Important notes.

These tips are based on our trading experience with the fisherman system, which we use frequently and test in practice.

1. The color change usually happens first on m1, but we need to follow up when the change happens on m5.

Always make sure, for input signal confirmation on M5, that the indicator on M1 is still the same color , thus confirming the correctness of the indicator signal.
Otherwise, wait for correspondence.

2. We must wait for the closing of the M5 candle corresponding to the color change. Otherwise the candle, being still forming, could change the color of the indicator again.

In practice we wait for the appearance of a second colored segment on M5.

Indicators setting

If you have installed the attached template, you don’t need to make any settings and you can skip this paragraph. In case it helps you, the adjustments we apply for the FisherArea indicator can be found in the PDF version

Download the complete PDF for free (email):

Fisherman's strategy PDF with settings


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