Custom Time Frame Metatrader

Here’s how to get custom time frame on MetaTrader 4

The minimum time frame of MT4 is one minute. This is a tutorial for those who need shorter time frames. The period converter is simple and uses an expert indicator that can be downloaded at the end of the article.

Customizing MT4 Time Frames

Sometimes it is necessary to know what happens within the minute. For example, a spike indicator applied to the candles for one minute does not show when the sudden change of pip took place, as the candle is formed in successive phases that last a total of one minute.

A spike alarm in this case will only occur when the candle has reached a certain size, instead the spike is an often lightning change.

There are other needs depending on the strategies. So let’s see how to get our personalized time frame. The method was shared after we successfully tested the procedure ourselves.

Custom Timeframe Converter Generator

It is an expert file called “FX Blue – Custom Timeframe Generator.ex4” (time frame generator) to be installed on MT4 in the Experts folder (File, Open Data Folder, MQL4, Experts). The file is downloaded at the end of the post.

Then you close the MT4 and reopen it. The file is now visible in the left column and you can drag it onto the graph, as in the installation procedures we are used to. The “Allow DLL imports” box must be activated.


Expert installation on Metatrader
Expert installation on Metatrader

Before clicking OK we go to the “Inputs” setting, where we can set the duration in seconds of the time frame. We find it by default on 10 seconds.

After confirming with OK, the graph will appear as follows, with information at the top left. It bears the message “Open Offline to open the chart“.

Metatrader after installing the FX indicator
Metatrader after installing the FX indicator


So let’s click “Open Offline”

The list of historical data appears. We choose the pair with M1010 (time frame 10 seconds) in this example BTC / USD

BTC/USD TF 10 seconds
BTC/USD TF 10 seconds

We click Open and a graph similar to this will appear (sometimes it is necessary to wait for the new candles to form based on the arrival of the data, but often they are already present in the graph):

The 10 second TF chart is forming
The 10 second TF chart is forming

We customize the chart for clarity and save the template. Finished, here is our work window with 10 seconds timeframe (called M1010)

These time frames are sometimes used to compare brokers charts like CryptoBO

In chat telegram you will find other useful information.

DOWNLOAD THE “Custom Timeframe Generator.ex4” INDICATOR HERE

Custom Time Frame Generator MT4


Video example

Just to see what the graph looks like (with our custom indicator):

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OTC Charts on Metatrader

What are these time frames for?
We use them in the GOwithGREEN automatic system, you can read here:

GOwithGREEN: Auto-Trading Without Robot



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