Binary Options Broker Comparison 2020

Best binary options broker
Regulated CySEC
In Europe accepts only trader "pro"Proprietary platform
Iq Option Agreement with the Client
IQ Option Review
Go to Pocket OptionVery high payouts, up to 98%.
50% Bonus any deposit
Immediate payments.
Weekend trading. Copy Trader.
New link for EU.
No more free deposit bonus. No API
Use the "gems" to recover the OTMs.
Pocket Option Agreement with the Client

Pocket Option Europe Link, Pocket Option Normal Link

Pocket Option Review
82/87/92% Fixed Payouts
Execution speed.
Deadlines. Euro currency. Visa
Platform with few TFs. No indicators. Compare with MT4New Russian broker, however, growing rapidly. Stars Binary Agreement with the ClientSTARSBINARY Review
Go to Binarium reviewDeadlines for candle closing.
Good payouts.
Appearance similar to IQ Option
At the moment we do not know any flawsTrading weekend.
Deposit "SEPA"
Binarium Review
Go to Close OptionDep/With PayPal
MT4 prices.
Dep. $5 Trade $1
Full deadlines choice
80% on EurUsd e Usd/Chf from 5:30 alle 16:30 (gmt)
TimeFrame 30"max
Basic platform.
Place side by side MT4
Close Option Review
Grand Capital Binary Options. MT4. Fix payouts 24/24 80-86%
All deadlines. Fast entries
MT4 deposit $100Auto-trading OK
Trade $1, Deposit $10.
"One Day No Risk"
GC Option Review
MT4 Binary Options. Good support.
Safe withdrawals
Reliable from 2013
30 days demo
Minimum Deposit $100
Trade start $10
Allow auto-tradingRecensione Core Liquidity Markets
Vai al broker Option Field"Instant" inputs (the fastest among brokers). MT4 platform.
Bot Sunday Gap.
Bot Mt2
Average payoutBinary plugins
provided by the broker.
Accept autotrading
Recensione Option Field
Famous broker forex.
"Alpari Fix Contracts" is the site for binaries.
Automatic trading with MT2ALP
Payouts not high, but average.
No Demo, but graphic to practice online
Basic binary platform, but excellent MT4 from Alpari itselfRecensione Alpari
Peer-to-peer trading 90% fixed payout. You work against traders not against the broker. All deadlinesOnly pairs against crypto currency. Eg BTC / USDThe broker does not earn from the trader's losses, but has a fixed% on the transactions, both won and lostRecensione TRIBTC
80% Payout 24 / 24h
Trading View Price
Faucet option
Always open.
All deadlines
recently the payouts have been lowered. Only one asset BTC/USD
(USDT Binance)
Stable and serious crypto broker.
Micro Wallet in the Faucet
Recensione FAUCETPAY

Binary Broker Comparison