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We are a group of traders operating in binary options in three different nationalities.  Ivan Griscenko, Giancarlo Griscenko, and Robert Pavehouse (USA).

We speak English, Italiano, Français, Español, Thai.

After several years of trading, we are still in love with this risky but challenging profession.

For us, trading is a profession, and we have accumulated enough experience to decide that what we’ve learned must be shared with others.

The resources of, FreeOne ,  as the name implies, are 100% chargeless.

You can surely guess that brokers pay a commission for those who open a trade account through the link to their sites. Therefore, it is reasonable to reciprocate, giving our traders quality information they need.

The trader will require a broker to operate on binary options, it is better to be prepared with benefits from our various promotions, and in case of need, assistance with the broker itself.
We specialize in creating understandable tutorials attached with useful tools for trading while often share free qualitative indicators with our subscribers. They are tested by our team and can be used for your daily binary options trading.

We are aware that many other sources offer binary options tools. But we produce a personal approach to each customer and we are sure that our products are the most effective, comprehensible and safe.

We hope you’ll like them!

Ivan, Giancarlo, Robert


Free binary options logoAbout FreeOne

FreeBinaryOptions.One is a site of giveaway tools in service of Binary Options.


The scope of FreeOne is to provide useful info to traders that require the needed resources and consultation on how to avoid unnecessary risks through the binary options. information broker strategy money

Not just with recommendations, but also to provide a broker most fitted to you, armed with the best possible information going in. Only with a system, tested to success from the team of our own traders, that we are confident of calling it efficient.

For starters you will need:

  • Useful data on how to operate within the binary options world, and most of all, without the misguided leads from the brokers themselves.
  • A broker most suited to your own needs and requirements, optimally prepared with a demo for starters.
  • A trading model to experiment, test and verify its competence.

May the guides you find on FreeOne be of maximum use.

Happy Trading

The FreeOne’s Team

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We will not hide behind anonymity, we’re everyday people within the real world. 

FreeOne offices are located at:

157/1 Moo 9  Tambon Me Pong, Amphur Doi Saket,  Chiang Mai 50220, Thailand