The New Trend Cycle Strategy 

A strategy that identifies and exploits market cycles.

Japanese candles 30 seconds


Looking at any graph you can’t help but think about the trend of

prices fluctuating up and down. We are certain of one thing: any trend

first then it reverses and so on ad infinitum. But how to know when the market


This strategy gives us the tools to identify the turning point and

know the exact moment in which to open a position, i.e. what

every trader dreams!


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Let’s open the Pocket Option chart. If you don’t have this broker yet you can

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By highlighting the yellow stars we will keep the assets ready in the upper part

of the graph, to be selected more quickly.

We choose the parameters of the graph.

We use a 30 second Heikin Ashi candlestick chart.

Preparation of graph with indicators

We will use 4 indicators supplied with Pocket Option.

● Bollinger Bands 7, 2

● Schaff Trend Cycle 2, 35, 6, 2, 1

● Schaff Trend Cycle 23, 50, 10 2, 3 (unchanged)

● Vortex 14 (unmodified)

Let’s apply the indicators to the graph:

The colors of the lines are based on personal tastes.

We choose the 30 second expiry and here is what the graph looks like:

We are ready to get started.

The Trading System

We therefore identify a situation in which prices “run” on one

band. This indicates a trend situation.

Sooner or later the trend will fade and they will begin to move away from the band.

This is a situation of probable shift towards the opposite band,

so we have to stay on alert because at any moment

an entry signal may arrive from our indicators.

Note that a candle should appear while moving away from the band

with a smaller body than the previous one (in Heikin Ashi candles the body is

proportional to the strength of the trend), which means change of trend.

At this point we observe the Vortex indicator, as a condition for the

goodness of the signal must have the “mouth” wide open:

The signal can arrive at any moment.

CALL signal

1. A candle appears with a smaller body than the previous one

2. The Schaff Trend Cycle indicator, the bottom one with blue line,

it must be at the bottom.

3. The Vortex indicator must be well open (the green line will be


4. Pay attention to the Schaff Trend Cycle indicator, blue line. Not

as soon as the line moves (it happens instantaneously) from the shallow bottom

the operation opens at the top.

In the figure Call opening (here expiry 30 but from the tests 15 is even better)

The operation opening signal

Here is a detail of the behavior of the line that gives us a signal


Short segments or those that develop in multiple stages are not good.

Furthermore, the slope of the line also has its importance, even if it is not

determining factor, for example in the figure:

Both signals are valid but the one on the left is better because the

slope comes closer to the vertical.

To understand even better, we have uploaded numerous examples to YouTube.


● Click immediately at the signal. Follow the countdown of

seconds. The signal appears exactly when the time expires

candle (30 seconds). We are talking about trades lasting a few seconds, so one

a fraction of a second of delay can cause you to lose.

● The strategy is valid for any time frame. Works well

respecting the proportions, for example with 1 minute candles and

expires 30 seconds.

● The indicators change their appearance slightly in the chart

following the formation of new candles, so watch the

previous signals to evaluate old entries is only indicative.

● Avoid low volatility markets (small candles that move

as soon as). Trade when the market is lively.

● Look for “clean” situations, like this one for example:

And not like this:


This strategy has a high success rate and we hope you

found the simple but effective system to obtain profits.

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of Binary Options.

Thank you and Happy Trading!

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