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Set PocketOption for binary options strategies

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For beginners

Download the Free PDF Tutorial

Access the broker through the universal link or with your personal link already active.


Enter your login details and access the demo platform.

To prepare the graph we access the settings

We choose currency pairs that have a good payout

Japanese candlestick chart

We adjust the duration of the candles, for example one minute each.

Trade expiry

Timed (clock symbol) or candle expiring (flag symbol). 

For example, let’s choose a three-minute expiry time, which corresponds to the duration of three candles.

Let’s try a simple strategy by adding indicators

A MACD indicator and two moving averages, one seven-period (yellow) and one 200-period (blue)

Adjust the parameters according to the strategy instructions

Example of strategy

We open a CALL operation at the intersection of the MACD curves, when the candle is above the two moving averages.

The operation was successful:

Now you know how to customize your platform according to the instructions of the new strategies.

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