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The risks of trading with binary options brokers


Trading with binary options is exciting and often profitable, but will there be any surprises at the time of the withdrawal request ? Does the broker pay?

Let’s see what is the reality of the facts without half measures, to understand how to operate, how much to deposit and withdraw , and other tips to avoid the risks associated with trading.

Let’s take a cue from the Pocket Option chat to answer some questions, like this one by Paolo M .:

– How much should you keep on the account and how much to withdraw each time to be safe (I use Pocket Option )?

Answer : There is no precise rule, but there is a behavior to follow, and it applies to all brokers .

The broker makes money from your losses , so they don’t want traders who make thousands of dollars a week and hardly ever lose.

In practice, if you withdraw a few hundred euros a week you have no problems, I speak from experience of our traders to whom we recommend this behavior. If you are someone who operates with hundreds, if not thousands of euros per operation, I advise you to leave it alone, unless you know the risks, and that at the first refusal to pay (with perhaps vague contract motivation) you agree to lose the only one sum , without ever leaving much on the bill!

If you are a “normal” trader (the majority) who deposits for example 2/300 euros, withdraws max 100/200 at a time and perhaps often also loses, even if in the end with a positive balance, brokers well known and used by most, such as Pocket Option  or Quotex will not give you any problems. They have such a movement of capital that $ 1000 shouldn’t be a concern.

Less used brokers, even if attractive for some characteristics, carry a considerable risk.

The withdrawal of the “small” trader “is generally not examined, it is performed routinely among many others, instead the large amount passes to the examination of the managers who, while paying it, will begin to keep you under observation, hoping that by continuing to operate you can lose and then let the broker recover the loss. However if you were to request a large new withdrawal they will probably find the quibble not to pay you, or even close your account, as it is unwanted.

An alarm bell? Sometimes the broker raises the spread to unwelcome clients. In this case, run away immediately!

Finally, a suggestion for those with original or aggressive strategies. In this case, it is important to read the contract with the customer (which you can find on this site in the menu or with the search button).


The trader who operates in a traditional way, for example examining charts with technical analysis without using martingale, multi-inputs or other tricks, will find a pleasant experience in trading with binary options.

Be wary of those who repeatedly criticize in chats, perhaps in good faith. Often it is always the same few people who may have run into problems. Most of the traders we know have been operating for years without hassle, perhaps with the awareness that from binaries you do not get rich but still work with passion.

Pocket Option's Italian chat

Again, from the chat:

Franco P .: -I am obviously retail but I don’t invest a few euros. I will have reloaded 1000-2000 and for now I have made only one withdrawal of 3000 last week, but I would need to withdraw another 3000 so I am already “afraid” to do so-

A. Yes, it’s risky, maybe take 500 in various phases, deposit something, etc. never show that you want to escape!

Alberto G .: -But then on IqOption they still do binaries ?? I checked my old account, but I don’t see them …

A. Some rules must be followed. Here are their requirements:

It is necessary that you can satisfy at least two of the following three elements:

  • Volume of trade . You have made at least 10 trades (each worth € 150 or more) per quarter in the past 4 quarters.
  • Considerable portfolio . Your financial portfolio, including financial instruments and cash, exceeds € 500,000.
  • Relevant experience . You have at least one year of relevant experience in the financial sector, as you may have worked in some company in this sector.

On the home page you will find a comparison between brokers , to choose with confidence, but always keeping in mind the above!

ATTENTION. Due to EU regulations, Consob has blocked the most used brokers who do not fall within the list of their authorizations.

Pocket Option and Quotex have updated their links, accessible from anywhere in the world:

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Do you want to know the opinion of other traders? Find out about the Telegram chat of non-Esma brokers!

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