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What is the best method to deposit or withdraw on Pocket Option , Quotex , etc.

 What is the best method to deposit or withdraw on Pocket Option , Quotex , etc.

What is the best method to deposit or withdraw on Pocket Option , Quotex , etc.

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Q. What is the best deposit or withdrawal method on Pocket Option, Quotex, etc.?  

R. Bitcoin.

D. Do they accept credit cards?

Generally no.

How to buy and deposit Bitcoin? How to solve the Bitcoin volatility problem?

Read this post.

The answer is very simple, but we often prefer to complicate our lives. If you are decided to work with brokers you must be able to withdraw or deposit with maximum simplicity, speed and security.

Those who are not used to using a real account are used to thinking about credit cards, however this system is not the most practical for online transactions. Much better to use a cryptocurrency.

For those who turn up their noses due to lack of knowledge of digital money, or due to the well-known volatility of its value, such as Bitcoin, let’s try to clarify any concerns and show the solution.


You will know that there is not only Bitcoin, but also the so-called “stablecoins” so called because they “bind” to the value of the USD, US dollar.

If you don’t want to risk the value of your money changing over time, you can deposit and withdraw in stablecoin currency.

If your broker does not have this type of currencies as a method, no problem, convert them into bitcoin and therefore deposit bitcoin. Conversely, withdraw bitcoins and then convert back into your digital wallet into stable coins.

The best stablecoins right now:

  • Tether (USDT), Tether is the best known stablecoin in the world of cryptocurrencies. 
  • Paxos Standard (PAX) 
  • Coinbase Dollar (USDC)
  • Binance USD (BUSD)

Use stablecoins to avoid volatility

Use stablecoins to avoid volatility.

Once the problem of volatility has been overcome, let’s see in practice how to operate. Obviously you have to get digital currency, the most common is Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin

You can buy them in various ways, the most common being through your bank’s credit card.

You need an “exchange” really a site that allows you to buy Bitcoins, transfer them to the broker, possibly convert them into stablecoins etc.

One of the most used are Coinbase or Binance . Sign in.

With Coinbase you can buy Bitcoins with your credit card in minutes.

  1. Create an account  on Coinbase .
  2. Explore your account settings.
  3. Click  on  ” Credit / Debit Card “
  4. Enter your  credit / debit card information .
  5. Confirmation.
  6. Buy  Bitcoin !

Deposit on the broker

When you access the broker’s deposit page, select the method, Bitcoin, and you will be given an address consisting of many letters and numbers. That is the destination BTC address of your Bitcoins, that is, your Bitcoins will go to that address, which is none other than that of the broker.

Copy it, you will have to insert it on Coinbase by carrying out these intuitive operations:

  1. Access to  Coinbase (login, with your name and password)
  2. Access to the BTC wallet  .
  3. BTC sending  screen .
  4. Indicate the amount to be sent.
  5. Specify the destination BTC address  , the one provided by the broker.
  6. Send the  bitcoins .

Withdrawal from the Broker

To withdraw Bitcoin, just log into your broker account and in the withdrawal section indicate your bitcoin address (you can still find it on Coinbase) and the relative amount.

The transfer is fast, a few minutes, and the cost is much lower than the classic transactions.

When you want, you can withdraw your bitcoins from Coinbase, and transfer them to your current account in euros.