Why Delete Cookies?

why delete cookies

Are you subscribing to a broker without deleting cookies? Careful, because you’re throwing money away!

New broker: Find out why it is important to delete cookies before you sign up.

You have visited the broker either directly or through outside sources, depending on the ads of your trusted site. Now is the time to register and release personal information.

Caution however, as you’ll want to close the broker page first, delete cookies and only then proceed to registration.

delete web cookies

But why delete cookies?

A cookie is similar to a small text file that is released without your knowledge on your computer by the website you’ve visited. It’s useful to save your preferences and improve the site’s performance in a foreseeable case of your subsequent visit.delete internet cookies

Cookies are not harmful in of themselves, but as a broker uses them to keep track of your visit, especially if earlier, you probably do not want this to be recorded.

This aspect, which seems unimportant, actually has great economic value and disregarding it means that you are throwing money right out the window!

The broker, or any broker as you know, is always looking for new investors / traders to increase the odds of their profits, and spend considerable resources in advertising and economic agreements with sites that help you in this purpose.

When you open an account with a new broker, probably after clicking on a banner ad, or a text containing a link, they will provide “rewards” to the affiliated site you came from. Logically this does not result anything on your part, apart from some pretty incentives, which is mostly not acceptable to all traders, and should they profit, they would temporarily prohibit making withdrawals.

If the broker does not reward you with an immediate economic return for your new trading account, inquire the site that housed the link, and they will provide you with something of value.

FreeOne offers its own trading strategies, some of which have a challenging cost for beginners, mostly due to the fact that the systems have been acceptably tested, polished and trimmed of waste.exchange gift broker

Through this “exchange of favors” you can receive a free strategy or, at a minimum, with a high discount. Promotions are here on the site, but it is possible and advisable to directly contact by reaching us: info@freebinaryoptions.one.

Remember that in any case, even if you do not need to feel any trading system, the opening of an account, demo or real, through our links, allows you to have an important associate in the event of unforeseen difficulties and as a proxy communicator with the broker itself.

So before you open the broker page for a possible subscriptidelete all cookieson, delete cookies, and register by providing your email to info@freebinaryoptions.one, of which will verify you that the route is accurate, thus reducing any likelihood of nasty surprises.

Finally, for anyone who would prefer not having their cookies deleted, remember that the browsers, like Google Chrome for example, offer the opportunity to clear cookies of just one site, such as the broker you’re jumping into.

On Google you can find a multitude of resources on how to delete these cookies. Also read our instructions in  This Guide outlining the various ways you can delete them, or customize the cookie settings with browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge .

Let us remember that an insufficiently informed trader increases the percentage of brokers profit! And we can’t have that.

Good Trading

The FreeOne Team


How to Delete Broker Cookies