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How Tradingview works. Practical Guide

Set up the chart, insert indicators, customize the platform.

How Tradingview works. Let’s learn to use the platform.

With Tradingview we have charts and indicators available for free.

Trades do not open on tradingview, but on your favorite broker.

We prepare the chart that we use to receive trading signals.

We access the Tradingview home page. You can use this link

We click on the menu at the top and choose the graphics section.

Let’s change the background color

Let’s hide the right column

Let’s choose our favorite currency pair

Above we open the indicators page and try to insert a moving average as an example.

To change the parameters, click on the wheel at the top left.

Another example.

We insert two indicators that we will need for a new strategy.

The first is similar to Bollinger Bands, with trading alerts

We also customize the parameters. Watch the video linked at the beginning for the parameters (we just leave buy and sell enabled in the Style section).

And here is the second indicator, parameters 2, 35, 10, 3, 3

We can use these two indicators for a strategy that we describe in a separate video.

Let’s anticipate some rules.

The squares warn us of a possible change in trend. The triangle gives the buy signal and the operation is opened if the corresponding color signal is also present in the lower indicator.

Time frame M1 and expiry 5 candles (5 minutes).

We can also activate the alerts by clicking on the three dots of the indicator.

See the live procedure in the video for greater clarity

Now that we know how to prepare the tradingview chart we can use it with any strategy.