TRON Smart Contract. 6 facts to check before investing!

Investments in smart contracts that use the Tron wallet are high yield but high risk. We check 5 smart contract items to make sure we take as little risk as possible.

First we look for the button that allows us to access the contract (eg. TronMoon )

1. TRX Balance.

We want the balance, that is the capital on deposit, to be high enough and to have a trend that increases over time. So let’s check the Balance TRX. We open the contract and go to the Balance item. We want this balance not to be zero and possibly more than 1 million TRX.

In this case we have over 14 million TRX, about $ 930 million. A good value.

We can also see the balance history by scrolling down and clicking ANALYSIS:

It is good that the balance increases over time and does not tend to decrease. This chart has a good seal. For example, another smart contract (FinyTron), is not as valid, it has a sudden fall in a few days:

2. Source code verified

Let’s go to the CONTRACT item and check that the symbol next to the Contract source code item   is active (green):

What does it mean? It means that the code matches the one stored on the blockchain. This is important for developers and programmers who want to check the content, to see if it matches what is advertised on the site. The code is shown by scrolling down the page:

There is also a site ( DeFi Audit ) where an independent developer checks if the code matches the original and that there is no “hidden door” (exit code) that allows a scam exit.

If you are not interested in these details, move on to the next entry.

3. Number of transactions

It is useful to know how many people are transacting in this contract. Click TRANSACTION

You see that transactions are made every minute. if there were no transactions in the last few hours, or worse days, it would be a bad sign.

4. Event Type

We click EVENTS. This window shows us deposits and withdrawals in real time . If there are only withdrawals (withdrawn) it is a bad sign.

It means that the contract probably won’t run out of funds in the short term.

5. Telegram group

This is a very important aspect. We want to see if the participants are numerous, if they increase over time, and the mood of people about the related smart contract. It is also important if the administrator answers the questions, if he is quick and courteous.

TronCase telegram

6. Start date of contract activity

Everything shown so far is of relative importance if the opening date of the site does not occur.

A site that has been running for a few days will not perform at its best yet, so take this into account for our evaluations.



To finish here is a first comparison between Tron Case and Tron Moon, since we are now able to read the data:

For those who want to try (pay attention to the risks, it is not an invitation to invest): profits around 3% per day for 100 days, 2.5% for 50 days with automatic reinvestments.

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