How to get started.

RoyalQ, how to register, how to deposit and how to connect Binance.

This is the first part of the tutorial on the automatic bot, on how to get started. The second part of this post explains how to operate, and covers the settings and strategies.


This part is for beginners, and contains information on registering, paying the fee and linking to Binance. The second part is dedicated to those who have already activated the vote, and are therefore ready for actual trading, and settings and strategies will be treated.

RoyalQ is not available for desktop, but only in version for smartphone or tablet, downloadable from Google Play or the App Store.

Who is RoyalQ

The Royal Q intelligent trading system, with the full English name of Royal Quantitative, is a system that focuses on quantitative (*) artificial intelligence trading.

With 4 years of experience in developing quantitative strategies Royal Q has subsequently built quantitative systems for many international entities and refined investment strategy models, to maximize the use of participants’ funds and to help members maximize their profits through trading in the digital currency market.

(*) Quantitative trading consists of trading strategies that rely on complex mathematical calculations and numerical analyzes (quantitative analysis) to identify trading opportunities.

RoyalQ: scam or legit?

Unlike other online sites, RoyalQ does not keep your capital, but is financed through an annual subscription of $ 100, plus a 20% percentage of winnings. Your funds remain on your exchange (Binance or Huobi) which is connected via API.

A page similar to the following will open, where you can enter your e-mail address and password:

Request the verification code that you will receive by email.

Deposit and Activation

RoyalQ deposit and activation


Now go to the “Mine” menu. On Asset you will find the address to deposit. 120 USDT recommended, 100 for the annual subscription and 20 for a commission fund that the bot will use for transactions (gas fee). Copy the USDT TRC20 address and paste it on the Binance “Withdrawal” page.

After the bot receives the payment you will need to activate it, again on the same RoyalQ Mine page , in the top yellow box.


Connect the bot to Binance via API. Go to Binance in the API section:

You can also use Binance on your computer:

Before creating the API you need to choose a name, for example RoyalQ. Then click CREATE API:

Binance will show you the API Key and the Secret Key which you will need to paste on the RoyalQ app.


Make sure you select the API restrictions i.e. Enable Reading and Enable Spot & Margin Trading.

Instead, the Enable Withdrawals item must not have a check mark, to avoid any external access by third parties to withdrawals.

On the desktop they will appear like this:

Now go to RoyalQ Home and click API Binding.

Click Binance. Here it is orange because the connection from me is already active. At first it will be gray for you.

Click the Binance box and copy and paste the addresses Binance has provided you with.

The box in orange means that the API connection is complete and you can start automatic trading.

Another recommended operation is to restrict access to RoyalQ’s IPs for security reasons.

Then click on the orange Binance banner, the following window appears:

Copy the addresses and paste them on the Binance API page, in the section “Restrict access to trusted IPs only”:

Start trading

We will dedicate another section to trading and strategies.

For now we anticipate that there are two types of trading, the Quantitative and the Circle , to which you access through the icons you find in the menu below.

The first gives access to personal trading, the second to the automatic strategies of external suppliers.

To start, click on a pair of coins and a screen appears with access to the settings , which we will discuss in the second part.

Telegram chat

Part Two, Strategies and Settings can be found here:

Invitation link:

Second part on settings and strategies -royalq /

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