How Grid Trading Works

How Grid Trading Works

Pionex grid trading

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Let’s find out how the bot actually work.

In this example, we use BTC/USDT pair the following parameters (In this example Bitcoin mainly oscillates between $3000 and $4000).

  • Highest price: $4000
  • Lowest price: $3000 
  • Number of grid: 6
  • Amount per grid: 1 BTC

1. The bot will distributed the grid according to these settings.

2. The bot detect the current price ($3450) and remove the nearest order ($3400)  from it.

3. Turn all the orders into sell orders and buy orders. Also calculate the BTC and USDT amount needed for creating the bot (the bot will re-allocated your fund if needed).

4. When the price rise and hit the sell order ($3600), it’ll place a buy order one grid down from that grid, which is $3400 in this case.

The current price is now $3650.

5. When the price drop and hit the nearest buy order ($3400), it’ll place at the same time a sell order one grid up from that grid, which is $3600 in this case.

Current price is now $3350.

6. With continuously buy and sell, we can make profit from each trade and that’s how we define the profit per grid.

Note: Among the parameters required by the bot there is also the profit per grid, which is recommended to be preferably between 0.5% and 2%.

More information on our Telegram Chat (English/Italian)

Pionex. Exchange con Bot gratuito compreso

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