About Ivan Griscenko

Our passion for trading led us to innovate and discover new tricks strategies, indicators or brokers.
Caring for the new English-language FreeBinaryOptions.One, Ivan Griscenko, along with his father Giancarlo and his fellow American friend Robert Pavehouse, share the experience of several years of trading.
Ivan still focuses with other popular binary options sites, as forzaforex.it.

Visiting the New IQ Option Offices

ForzaForex.it, old partner of IQ Option, has visited the team in their new office in Limasol, Cyprus. This office hosts the European part of the team from Limassol and team members who have also moved there from the Saint Petersburg office. IQ Option group now includes over 300 highly- qualified specialists, who work a lot [...]

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June’s IQ Option Bonus

This month we have good news for our IQ OPTION subscribers. 30% IQ Option Bonus Thanks to the quality of the platform and the security of money withdrawal, it will not be difficult to take advantage of the occasional offers IQ Option has presented. Here is June's bonus: Bonus IQ Option June 16 You probably [...]

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Iq Option New Platform 4.0

New Platform IQ Option 4.0 Totally redesigned platform featuring WEBGL* *WebGL (Web Graphics Library, interactive 3D computer graphics without the use of plug-ins) Everything the traders asked for New charts types 5 time faster New technical tools 12 months in development [...]

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Two Accounts in One

Demo+Real Account Iq Option Important news to all Iq Option traders! With just one account Iq Option is allowing the use of both real and demo trading accounts. This type of account is now available for every trader, and a great news for any beginners or professionals. You can now improve your trading and test strategies with unlimited [...]

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Trend Strategy

A strategy based on trend that can give great satisfaction to the trader. Looking at the performance of prices in various charts, especially those with higher time frames, it is not difficult to visually detect the direction of the market. This allows us to recognize the trend and use it for our inputs. If you [...]

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Moving Average Strategy

The Moving-Average Crossover Strategy The Moving Average crossover strategy is of vital importance for any beginner simply due to its straightforward and proven effectiveness. Even for traders learned and experienced through a myriad of other various systems, some of which complex, can find solidarity in returning to this simple system of immediate use, appreciated by any investor.   Also [...]

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Binary Options GLOSSARY

Binary Option Glossary Nothing is more frustrating than an unsuccessful trade coming from misunderstanding a term or sentence. In this Binary Options Glossary / Vocabulary we have put together a comprehensive list of these terms along with lesser known references that you might find useful. Simply click on each of these and it will expand with [...]

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How to Trade Binary Options

Beginners: How to Trade with Binary Options? Binary Options provide an exciting way for speculating in the world of financial markets and quick profits in a matter of minutes. Rather than buying the financial instrument or asset itself like Apple stock or Crude Oil, and earning (or losing) the various values of the asset, with [...]

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Trade Binary Options Step by Step

Binary Options for Beginners How to Trade in 5 Simple Steps Step 1: Select an Asset An asset (or "instrument", or "option") indicates any currency pair, index, commodity or stock. From the trade page of the broker, choose from the list of assets by clicking on the ones you wish to trade. As long as the underlying assets are [...]

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