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Bitcoin on Spectre with higher payouts

Now also Bitcoin on Spectre with higher payouts

A great news for the Spectre binary options platform , perhaps the best broker ever among those available in Italy

New crypto on Specter and more payouts

But why is it important? You can now convert your BTC to BCH and transfer them with very low fees, unlike Bitcoin costs. When the BCHs return to your wallet, you exchange them for BTC (if you want). However, not everyone wants to deal with crypto, which is why Pocket and Quotex remain first.

Spectre is certainly an excellent broker, with assistance always ready to help. Thanks to its decentralized position it remains today perhaps the safest broker, thanks to the funds on blockchain and the guarantee of external liquidity.

In our ranking of the brokers most used by our traders it is in third place after Pocket Option and Quotex , but it could have risen to the first if it had not had the limit of the single currency ETH and not low but average payouts.

Now, however, news reaches us that Specter has added Bitcoin and other crypto coins to the already present Ethereum (ETH) , thus allowing to choose the cheapest currency for transfers. In fact, it is known that transferring ETH is quite expensive, moreover many already have Bitcoin.

Today the news that comes to us by email:


Dear traders,

We are pleased to announce that, owing to popular demand, we have added Bitcoin and other popular digital assets to Spectre.

With immediate effect, you can now speculate on digital asset price movements without taking ownership of the underlying coins and without the need for an exchange account or special wallet.

The digital asset markets never sleep and are open 24/7. This means they are available on Spectre for 24-hour trading, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – it never closes!

To start with, you can trade the following digital assets:

    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Litecoin
    • Bitcoin Cash
    • Monero
    • Dash

Digital assets are prone to huge price movements in value and you can take advantage of this volatility by trading it on our Digital Contracts or CFDs with the highest industry returns, by a considerable margin, of 80% on a wide variety of expiries.

More will be added soon including top DeFi coins and NFTs with decent volumes.

Thank you for your continued support, and if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us. You can login here.

The Spectre Team


The high fees of Ethereum

Already in November of last year we had pointed out to Specter the difficulties of depositing and withdrawing with Ethereum, due to the high cost of transactions and we suggested using different coins to ETH:

Here’s an excerpt from our old conversation:

We were asking Specter to solve the problem of high transfer fees

Above: We have been asking Specter for a long time to solve the problem of high transfer fees

With the new coins the problem no longer arises.

Beware of commissions

Those who already transfer Bitcoins will know that even BTC is not exactly cheap, as today, on average, moving these coins costs on average at least $ 25.

Thanks to this new possibility of choice, it is possible to transfer a currency that has lower costs, such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for example, which has very low fees.

It is known that the fees vary over time, but this comparison (BTC, BCH and Dash) still gives an idea:

Fee comparison between BTC, BCH and DASH

Fee comparison between BTC, BCH and DASH

We see that Bitcoin Cash (green line) is by far the cheapest, with practically negligible fees.

We have communicated to Specter that we will inform traders:

“… Yes, we are very happy to add cryptocurrencies with such high payouts – no one else does! And we will add more cryptocurrencies over time and also DeFi coins “


There are many different deposit methods including credit / debit card and digital wallets like AdvCash, Perfect Money etc. , as confirmed directly by Specter:



Visit the Spectre broker

Visit the Spectre broker