QUOTEX Broker Customer Agreement



Broker contracts with traders are generally difficult to find, as they can only be reached through a link in small characters at the foot of the page that appears only before registration. The trading platform does not give direct access to the contract.
Forzaforex.it performed a convenient Italian translation to download and keep in PDF version, and attached the original contract in PDF.

Although we did not find any particular dangers for the trader in the text, we recommend reading it entirely.
The contract has no particular prohibitions, such as Martingale, Autotrading etc. and the trader who operates correctly, for example by not providing false data, parallel accounts etc. he will have no problems, this testifies that the broker shows seriousness, without contractual quibbles that can lead to the blocking of the account.

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QUOTEX Customer Agreement (Agreement between the parties)

Awesomo LTD, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, registered with: Seychelles, Suite
1, Second Floor, Sound & Vision House, Francis Rachel Str., Victoria, Mahe acting on the
basis of the Certificate of Incorporation number 221042, on the one hand, and an individual,
hereinafter referred to as the “Client”, who has completed the registration form on
the Company’s website and in the trading platform, and has accepted all the terms of this
Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) and his the attachments at the time of
registration, collectively referred to as “Parties”, have entered into the Agreement as follows:

1. Terms and definitions

1.1. Asset (Underlying Asset) – a financial instrument that is the basis of trading. One
instrument can be an action, a derivative (options, futures, etc.). A currency pair, a
stock index, a commodity traded, etc
. 1.2. Asset Rate: the price of an asset. Determined unilaterally by the Company on the basis
of information published by central banks, trading plans, liquidity providers, etc. The activity rate
is reflected in the Client’s Trading Terminal.
1.3. Digital trading – a contract (binary option), which is used to profit from
the price movement of the basic assets underlying such contracts over a certain period of time.
1.4 The Company’s website – an Internet resource located at: https://quotex.io/ , as well as
other Internet resources referred to in this Agreement and its attachments, including the
Company’s subdomains, mobile applications, etc. ., but not limited by it.
1.5. Registration on the site is the Customer’s acceptance procedure enshrined in this
1.6. Quote: the current price of a financial asset. The quote information is reflected in
the client’s trading terminal.
1.7. Quote Flow: A sequence of quotes displayed in the trading terminal.
1.8. The company’s server: a specialized complex of software and hardware used for
store, process information on all client requests for transactions, monitor compliance
with all conditions of such transactions, their limits, fix (determine) the
financial result and provide information on real-time quotes.
1.9. Log Log – Logs into the database. A log log is created by the company server
and, with an accuracy of one millisecond or one second, records every request and
/ or order of the Customer, as well as the result of the processing of such requests (orders). The
register records every Client appeal to the trading terminal and personal account.
In the event of a dispute between the parties to this Agreement, the data obtained by
Log entries will prevail over any other evidence available when a
conflict situation is considered , including and in relation to data from
the Client’s Trading Terminal log file . The Company has the right not to keep register records.
1.10. A cookie: a set of data that includes an anonymous and unique identifier that is sent to
the Client’s mobile phone or to the web browser of his computer (hereinafter referred to as the
Device) from the Company’s website (Server). A cookie is stored on the customer’s device. The
customer has the right to block access to the cookie on his device. When you visit the
Company website, the pages viewed by the Customer and the cookies are downloaded to his Device.
Cookies have the function of anonymous identifier in the event of repeated visits by the Customer
to the Company’s website and also allow to determine the most popular pages
of the Customer’s request. These files allow the Company to create the most effective website interface in
order to maximize the convenience for the Client.
1.11. Trading Signals – data on the current state of the market, collected by the Company
using various analytical and informative materials. The Company reserves the right to
provide such information to all or some Clients or not to provide it. Such information is not
advisory in nature and do not require customers to complete trade (s). The
Company assumes no responsibility for the correctness, accuracy, relevance of trading
signals. The Company also assumes no responsibility for any Trade (Transactions)
conducted by the Client based on trading signals, as well as for the results of such
Trade (Transactions). The client independently makes the decision to take
trading signals into account when concluding a trade and is fully responsible for the decision made,
regardless of the results of that trade (trade).
1.12. Trading terminal – a complex specialized software, with the help of which the Client
receives information about the value of online quotes, carries out operations (trading and
non-trading) and also receives various types of information from the Company. Terms of
Use of the trading terminal is set out in this agreement and its annexes. The portion of
the trading terminal with which the client can carry out non-trading transactions in this
agreement may be referred to as the client’s personal account.
1.13. Trading platform – an electronic system on the Internet, consisting of all programs and
technologies that display in
real time the actions of the Company’s Clients and the Company itself.
1.14. Exchange: an agreement between the Company and the Client on all material terms, under the
which the Client pays for the Exchange amount and the Company, in turn, undertakes to pay a
fixed income if the agreed conditions of digital trading are met by the parties.
1.15. Operation – Commercial and non-commercial operation.
1.16. Trading Operation – a sequence of actions for the implementation of a transaction
between the Company and the Client, including its conclusion and closing. They are carried out at the
place of registration of the Company at the Client’s expense. The income from a
trading operation is credited to the Client’s personal account. Physical delivery of
assets during trading does not take place.
1.17. Non-trading transaction: any transaction with a client account (crediting or debiting of
1.18 Trading time: the time the asset was traded.
1.19. Essential terms of the operation (trade): the conditions that determine the payment
of the income to the Client.
1.20. The Direction of the Exchange Rate is an essential condition of the transaction, it can
be “Higher” or “Lower”.
1.21. The conclusion of trade – an exchange operation with
production and financial instruments, the result of which is the coordination of all existing conditions between the
Client and the Company. After the conclusion of the
trading and the transfer of the trade execution to the liquidity provider, digital trading is considered open.
1.22 Transaction amount: the amount paid by the Client of the Company at the conclusion of the transaction.
1.23. Opening an Exchange – Digital Exchange after the conclusion of the exchange and before it
closes. Furthermore, it has not yet been established whether or not payment will be made on
this exchange.
1.24. Closing of an exchange – trading operation of closing an exchange that occurs when
the digital trade expires by agreement of the parties.
1.25. Contract Expiry Time
Fixed Term – completion of the circulation of the contracts included in the composition of the Transaction.
1.26. Pre-Term Close of Trade – a trade closing transaction, as a result of which the
Client and the Company agree the essential conditions for the Client’s sale of a
trade with a Company’s derivative before the trade is closed at the expiration time of
Digital Commerce. Early closing of trades is only possible if there is a technical possibility on the
part of the Company and the liquidity provider. The Company has the right to refuse the
Client the Pre-Term Closure of the Agreement at its discretion and without explanation.
1.27. A risk-free trade: a reward system for the Client by the Company. It is a
Contract of this type, upon closing of which, the Customer will be guaranteed to receive income (if the
conditions for payments are met) or the amount of the Contract will be returned to the Customer (if
the Customer has not satisfied the conditions for payments). These rules are governed by this
agreement and its annexes.
1.28. Bonus (bonus system): virtual funds that the Company credits to the client’s account
when it meets certain conditions established by the Company. The customer is informed and
accepts that:
– during the execution of trading operations, the funds credited by the Client to the Account are
used for the first time and, only after they have been fully spent, for further operations, the Client is
entitled to use the bonus funds;
– as a general rule, the Client does not have the right to withdraw the Bonus amount from
the Client’s external account. If the Client withdraws the funds previously credited to the External Account,
the Company has the right to debit the amount of all Bonuses credited from
the Client’s Account.
However, the Company has the right to establish a procedure in which the Bonus is not
debited from the Client’s Account, but can be withdrawn from his External Account.
The rules for using bonuses, the conditions for their crediting, debiting, transferring bonuses
in real money, as well as other rules for working with the bonuses and funds of the Client,
at the same time with which the bonus was accrued , are established by the Company
unilaterally and can be posted on the Company’s website.
1.29. Corporate Account: The Company’s checking account in a credit institution, an
account in an electronic payment system and other accounts.
1.30. Client account (trading account) – an individual client account opened by the
Company in the trading platform. The customer’s account accumulates the funds credited to him to the
conclusion of transactions (transactions). The funds are debited from the client’s account at the
conclusion of the transactions (trades), and
the income resulting from its completion is also credited. By default, an individual account is opened in US dollars. But for the
convenience of the Client, the Company has the right to provide the opportunity to open
multiple accounts in different currencies. A list of available currencies will be provided in
the customer’s account profile. The Company has the right, but not the obligation, to
unilaterally provide the Client with the opportunity to use the Account in the relationship between the Company
and the Client, governed by this Agreement and by other agreements concluded between the
Company and the Client, under which the Company, at its discretion, has the right to
grant the Client the right to use it.
1.31. External customer account – the customer’s current account with a credit institution,
in an electronic payment system.
1.32. Customer Account Balance: The amount of funds in the customer account.
1.33. “1 click” service – Replenishment of the Customer’s account balance using the Customer
‘s payment (bank) cards without further input of the owner’s payment (bank) card data
1.34. Recurring payment: an operation repeated periodically to replenish the customer’s account
Balance without the need to enter credit card details by the Customer.
1.35. Profit zone – a state of an open exchange in which, at the current rate of an asset, it is
possible to extract income from this exchange.
1.36. Loss zone: a state of an open exchange in which at the current rate of the asset it is
impossible to extract income from this exchange.
1.37. Target Level – the price level of the Asset, in relation to which
the result of the Transaction is calculated.
1.38. Income: the amount of funds to be credited to the customer’s account upon
closing the transaction. The amount of income depends on the material conditions of the transaction, as well as the
rate of the asset.
1.39. Payment factor: a percentage factor that determines the amount of income. The
Payout Factor is established by the Company based on the Base Asset and other conditions of the
1.40. Withdrawal of funds – an operation to cancel funds (funds) from
the client’s account and transfer them to the external client’s account.
1.41. Withdrawal Method: The method of withdrawing funds reflected in
the client’s trading terminal and client’s personal account.
1.42. Payment Service Provider: An organization that provides money transfer services.
1.43. Exceptional situations: that state of the market which differs from its usual (normal) state
and other conditions referred to in this Agreement and its annexes.
1.44. In the absence of any term in Section 1 but its use in the text of this Agreement, that
term shall be interpreted in accordance with the customs of
corporate circulation and business practices used in the context of transactions with financial derivative instruments.

2. General provisions

2.1. The Contract is considered as an invitation to an indefinite number of people to
make offers, which does not entail consequences of a contractual and legal nature, or
does not bind the Company with the proposal made by it.
2.2. The deal is not a public offer.
2.3. The Company has the right, at its discretion and without giving any reason, to refuse to enter
into the Agreement. The company also reserves the right to unilaterally terminate
contractual relationships and to block access to the trading terminal, even with a
registered person.
2.4. The Company has the right, at its discretion, to modify and (or) unilaterally modify the terms of
this Agreement, its attachments and (or) the materials posted on the Company’s website and subdomains of the website
, without notice and in correspondence with the Client.
2.5. An integral part of this Agreement are its annexes (hereinafter – the Appendices):
2.5.1. Rules of trading operations;
2.5.2. Non-trade law and compliance with KYC and AML;
2.5.3. Risk disclosure;
2.5.4. Other documents published in the “Legal Information” section of the Company’s website,
including subdomains of the Company’s website available to the Client and / or in
the trading terminal, but not limited by them.
The Company has the right to unilaterally change the
content of the Applications mentioned in clause 2.5 at any time and at its discretion . of this Agreement, as well as the name
and structure. The Company also reserves the right at any time during the term of this
Agreement to exclude Applications and / or create new ones. At the same time,
no changes are made to this Agreement, matching with the Client is not required.
2.6. It is implied that the Customer has accepted all changes in accordance with clauses 2.4, 2.5.
this agreement.
2.7. Acceptance of this Agreement is the Customer’s registration on the website of
Company or its Trading Terminal, in the manner and terms set forth in this
Agreement and its Appendices.

3. Object of the contract

3.1. The object of this Agreement is the provision by the Company of Services to the Client
through the Trading Platform in accordance with this Agreement and its Appendices.
3.2. This agreement regulates the conditions for the completion of exchanges (operations),
their order and the content of the parties.
3.3. The Company reserves the right to modify and (or) unilaterally modify any conditions of
Transactions (Transactions), to establish restrictions on the number of Transactions (Transactions) executed
simultaneously, as well as on the number of Transactions (Transactions) that the Client may execute
during the period of time established by the Company and other related limitations
to execute the Contracts, at its sole discretion.
3.4. The Company has the right to enlist third parties to cooperate in order to facilitate and
(or) improve the quality of the trading platform and (or) the quality of the provision of the
Services under this Agreement, while the Company is not responsible for their Actions.
3.5. With respect to any other matter and (or) obligation not covered by this
Agreement, the Company acts at its discretion, guided by business practices and customs in the
field of services of this nature.
3.6. From the moment the Client fills the Account, each Transaction (Transaction) carried out
using the Trading Terminal and / or Personal Account becomes the subject of this

4. Rights and obligations of the parties

4.1. The Client fully and unconditionally accepts all the conditions of this Agreement and its
Appendices, taking into account the provisions of Section 2 of this Agreement,
as well as all conditions published on the website of the Company and its subdomains.
4.2. By accepting the Agreement, the Client confirms that he is fully competent, is sane
and also has the legal personality necessary to exercise the rights and fulfill
the obligations under this Agreement and in accordance with its terms.
4.2.1. The Client warrants that he is not a state (municipal) employee or an employee of
a state (municipal) institution, organization with a state stake in the authorized capital
by more than 50%. The customer also warrants that he is not a politician, his family member or
relative, as well as a person who has any kind of connection with a
politically significant person. All the concepts of this paragraph are interpreted by the Company at its
discretion, which in turn is not in contradiction with the rules of current (applicable) legislation.
4.3. The Client warrants that he is not subject to any law or other regulatory act that
prohibits him from performing this Agreement and / or the transactions provided for in this
Agreement. Any action by the Client taken in order to execute the Contract does not
violate the law and / or other regulatory act that has legal force in the country whose
The customer is a resident.
4.4. The Client undertakes to register independently on the Company’s website, providing
complete and accurate information about himself on the matters proposed in the
registration form, as well as to keep this information up to date.
4.5. The customer undertakes to carry out all operations in person, on his own account and at
his own expense.
4.6. In exercising his rights and fulfilling his duties, the Client must be guided by the principle of
reasonableness and good faith.
4.7. The Client undertakes not to take actions, even with other clients of the Company, aimed
at causing harm and damage to the Company.
4.8. The Client undertakes to observe the confidential nature of any physical, technical,
economic, financial and other internal information of the Company and / or the
trading platform and not to disclose it to third parties, including not to use this or other information
for the purpose of obtain any kind of advantage in transactions, as well as in order to cause damage
to the Company.
4.9. The Client guarantees the use of conscientious, honest and lawful methods (ways)
when executing trades, as well as when using the trading terminal and
the Company’s website.
4.10. In case of any kind of error in the operation of the Trading terminal or other defects,
the Customer undertakes not to use them for profit (income) and not to disclose information
about them to third parties.
4.11. The Client is prohibited from using the services and / or the software for any illegal or
fraudulent activity and for any illegal or fraudulent transaction (including money laundering)
in accordance with the legislation of the Client’s jurisdiction.
4.12. The customer assumes the obligation to comply with legal standards, including
international ones, aimed at combating illegal trade, financial fraud, money laundering and the
legalization of funds received illegally.
4.13. The Client agrees to exclude direct or indirect support of illegal financial activities e
any other illegal operation using the Company’s website and / or trading terminal.
4.14. The Client guarantees the legal origin, legal possession and the right to use the funds
transferred to the Company’s accounts, including the use for commercial purposes (Transactions) and / or
other purposes, cash and / or financial instruments that belong exclusively to the Client
are not subject to lien, loan, arrest and other liens.
4.15. Acknowledges and assumes full responsibility for its actions in relation to the
Contracts (Transactions) executed in accordance with the legislation in force in the place of
registration and / or residence of the Client.
4.16. Each Client is the only authorized user of the Company’s services and
the corresponding Account. The Client has received an exclusive and non-transferable right to
use and access the Account and is responsible for ensuring that no third party,
including but not limited to close relatives and (or) members of his family, has access
to the ‘Account and (or) took no action through it.
4.17. The Client is responsible for the fact that all the credentials of his personal account,
the Trading Terminal, including login and password, will be used only by him and
will not be transferred for use to third parties. At the same time, the Customer guarantees that
will not use the credentials of other participants in the Company’s trading platform (clients)
for any type of transaction.
4.18. The Client has the limited and non-exclusive right to use the Trading Terminal for the
purposes and under the conditions set out in this Agreement. In the event of termination of
this Agreement for any of the reasons, the Client’s rights with respect to the use of the
Trading Terminal cease upon termination.
4.19. The Client guarantees correct behavior with the Company’s representatives,
otherwise the Company reserves the right to terminate the Agreement at any time.
4.20. The Client agrees that the Company, its partners and other interested parties
have or may have any kind of advantage, agreement or legal relationship in relation to a trade
(operation) in a trading platform, trading terminal, personal account , incl. Conflict
with the Client’s interests. Therefore, the Company has the right:
– to provide services, incl. consultative nature, both towards the partners and the other Clients of the Company
for the goods in which they are interested, even if in conflict with the interests of the Client;
– be an independent counterparty to the business;
– offer another partner as a counterparty in a commercial transaction.
The Client agrees that regardless of the presence of interest in a particular trade (transaction)
and / or conflict of interest, the Company acts in relation to the Client as it deems correct
and appropriate, without prior notice to the Client of its actions.
The Client further agrees that the Company may act on the Client’s behalf with persons who have
arrangements to receive goods and provide services with the Company or its affiliates. At the
same time, the Company guarantees that such actions are carried out exclusively
in the interest of the Client.

5. Rules for the provision of services. Personal data.

5.1. The customer guarantees to provide accurate, complete and reliable information about
himself during registration. The information provided is fully compliant with the requirements of the
registration forms on the Company’s website.
5.1.1. The Customer undertakes to keep the information specified in clause 5.1 updated and to make the
appropriate timely changes in the event of changes within 3 (three) days from the date of
such changes. Corrections are made by changing the data in the Client’s trading terminal,
personal account or in any other way agreed with the Company.
5.2. At the end of the registration process, the Customer uses the login (unique symbolic
account name) selected by the Customer and the password to access the account
(personal account). The Customer is responsible for the security of their username and password,
as well as for any actions performed using the account with the
Customer’s username and password .
5.3. After registration, the Client gains access to the trading terminal, the ability to manage
his Account by crediting him funds for the purpose of conducting trades (trades),
as well as the ability to take other actions under this Agreement.
5.4. If it is necessary to conduct various types of checks on the identification of the Client’s identity
and / or his funds, as well as the instruments he uses, the Company reserves the right to
request any documents from the Client. The Client undertakes to provide all
required documentation within 5 (five) days from the date of receipt of such request and in a
manner agreed with the Company’s representatives.
5.5. In case of non-fulfillment by the Customer of clause 5.1. – 5.4 of this Agreement, the
Company has the right to suspend any trading (operation) on the Client’s Account.
5.6. The Company reserves the right at any time to close (block) the Client’s access to
the Trading Terminal, even until the Client identification procedure has been completed.
5.7. Entry to the trading terminal is password protected, which the Client sets
independently during registration. The customer is fully responsible for the security of the
password, including from third parties and for any unauthorized access to
the trading terminal. Any entry into the trading terminal will be deemed to have been made by the Client,
unless otherwise determined by the Company.
5.8. The Client understands and accepts that all actions and (or) orders placed through the
Trading Terminal (by entering a password) are executed by the Client personally, unless
otherwise specified by the Company.
5.9. The Customer has the right at any time to change the password to access the
Trading terminal or restore it according to the rules established by the Company.
5.10. The Company hereby notifies that it does not provide the Client with trusted services or advice
for Client Account management and trading. The Company does not manage the
client ‘s account.
5.11. The Client agrees that the Company unilaterally, at its discretion, at any time has the
right to refuse to perform any exchange (operation) of the Client without prior notice to the Client
and without giving any reason.

6. The treatment of personal data

6.1. The Company establishes the following methods of communication with the Customer:
– Email;
– Phone;
– Information via SMS;
– postal items;
– fax communication;
– messages sent to the Client in the trading terminal, personal account, browser window, etc.
(Push notifications, reminders, service messages, etc.);
– announcements on the Company’s website.
The Client agrees to receive messages from the Company at any time.
6.2. The information (messages) sent by the Company by any method specified in clause 6.1 of
this Agreement are legally binding and are deemed to have been received by the Client:
– after 1 (one) hour from the time of sending to the Customer’s e-mail;
– immediately upon completion of a telephone conversation with an authorized agent of the
– immediately after sending an SMS message to the Customer;
– after 7 (seven) days from the date of sending the letter by post;
– at the time of sending it by fax;
– immediately after publication on the Company’s website.
6.3. To transmit the information, the Company uses the personal data specified by the Client
when registering on the Company’s website, in accordance with clause 5.1. this
6.4. To communicate with the Company, the Client uses the following contact details:
– E-mail:
– telephone,
as well as other addresses and means of communication specified in the Contract and on
the Company’s website.
6.5. The Client agrees to receive from the Company commercial,
informational, advertising, technical and other information, including changes to
this Agreement using the Client’s contact details, as well as via the
Company’s Website.
6.6. The customer has the right to refuse the information referred to in clause 6.5. this
agreement. For this, the Client must contact the Company’s technical support at the
contacts indicated on the Site, or click on the “Unsubscribe” link, if such method is
provided by the Company.
6.7. In the event that the Client’s personal information has not been promptly replaced with
current information, all messages and notifications from the Company sent on the basis of
irrelevant information will be deemed to have been received by the Client under the conditions of section 6 of this

7. Liability. Guarantees

7.1. The Client is responsible for independently familiarizing himself with all
legislative and other regulatory acts necessary to perform actions and / or exchanges (transactions) by the
Client under this Agreement, as well as for any movement in the market that has
consequences for the operations conducted by him.
7.2. The Client is responsible for reviewing all changes to this Agreement and its annexes,
as well as changes on the Company’s website and all subdomains of the Company’s website
available to the Client.
7.3. The company provides services through the Company’s trading platform. There
Company only provides assistance in the execution of the exchanges (transactions) by the Client,
processing them in accordance with and in the terms of this Agreement.
7.4. The Company is not a representative of the Client. The Client understands and
agrees that the Company is not responsible for the profitability of
the Client ‘s trade (transaction), leaving the right to process any trade (trade), incl. under conditions unfavorable
to the Client, if requested by the Client under this Agreement.
7.5. The company is not responsible, incl. and financial, for any
exchange (operation) made by the Client through his account and (or) the trading terminal, as well as for the expenses of the
customer, losses, lost profits and other losses resulting from such transactions.
7.6. The Company is solely liable for actual damages caused to the Client as a result of the Company’s
deliberate failure to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement.
7.7. Any operation (operation) performed through the Client’s Account is deemed to be
performed personally by the Client. The Company is not responsible for unauthorized
third party access to the Client’s account, his account and the trading terminal, and also
does not control the circumstances contributing to this.
7.8. The Company is liable under the conditions stipulated in this Agreement only towards the
Client, without entering into legal relationships with anyone other than the Client.
7.9. The company reserves the right at any time and without giving reasons to refuse to
perform an exchange (operation) for its own reasons.
7.10. The Company cannot guarantee an uninterruptedly safe, error-free and
protected service from third party access to the Client’s trading terminals, including due to possible
damage and malfunctions of the software, communication and / or failures of the
digital technology of its counterparts and / or Customers. The Customer agrees not to have
claims for direct or indirect damages deriving from malfunctions of this type.
7.11. The Company is not liable for any losses suffered by the Client due to force majeure
circumstances which have affected or could affect the operation of the trading platform, as well as
its use by the Client.
7.12. The Client is liable for losses suffered by the Company as a result of:
7.12.1. instructions by the Client of false information when registering in
the Company’s trading platform, operations (trades), as well as any other information requested by the
Company in its sole discretion;
7.12.2. failure by the Client to present documents and (or) supply of false (false) documents
, incl. in accordance with section 5 of this Agreement, as well as its annexes;
7.12.3. the abuse of the Company’s services by the Customer, also due to the use of such services,
methods, methods and / or specialized devices, systems in the execution of operations (operations) that
do not respect the principle of honesty and correctness;
7.12.4. distribution and / (or) use of confidential, internal and other information about the
Company and / (or) transactions, which have provided the Client with the opportunity to
enter into (conduct) an exchange (transaction) on more favorable terms;
7.12.5. execution by the Client of actions agreed with other Clients of the
trading platform of the Company and / (or) any person interested in the Client which has resulted in or
may result in losses for the Company;
By Company we mean interested parties, including those who carry out any joint activity (with
or without a legal person), who are in any degree of kinship, partnership or other type of
relationship, who live at the same address, using unified devices involved in an exchange the
Company’s platform from the same Client (partner), as well as other subjects that the
Company in a given situation, taking into account the circumstances of the case, believes to be
7.12.6. commission by the Client of any other action that the Company considers
dishonest, dishonest in the transaction;
7.12.7. such use of the Company’s software which the Company may qualify as illegal;
7.12.8. incorrect use of possible software deficiencies, malfunctions,
platform trading errors (trading terminal), which may result in or result in the Client receiving income;
7.12.9. Extraction of income by the customer following the use of the technical features of updating
the flow of quotes in the trading terminal;
7.12.10. abuse of the information provided by the Company, as well as of the services ad
it made, even as a result of the use of automated systems, algorithms, robotic structures,
other software, various devices during the trade (operation), which do not meet the
principles of conscientiousness, honesty and justice.
7.12.11. the amount of losses specified in clauses 7.12.1-7.12.10 of this Agreement, the
Company has the right to debit directly from the Client’s account and (or) other persons
relating to a particular situation which will be established by the Company through technical equipment
and (or) of another type;
7.13. The Company reserves the right to stop the Client’s execution of any type of
actions, both on the personal account and on the Trading terminal, at any stage of their
execution, if actions aimed, in the opinion of the Company, have been recorded to cause
damage to the Company. The Company has the right to debit funds from
the Client’s account in favor of the Company.
7.14. The Company reserves the right to refuse to perform any exchange (operation) requested
by the Client, to block its further execution, as well as to perform other actions without prior
notice to the Client, in the event of any complaints against the Client arising from this operation or outside of
it (these, future or possible under certain conditions).
7.15. In the event that the Client violates the obligations under this Agreement and its
annexes or if the Company has reason to believe that the Client is in breach of the obligations,
the Company reserves the right to:
7.15.1. modify the amount of financial obligations towards the Client and make the appropriate
changes to the Client’s account balance;
7.15.2. block the Client’s access to the trading terminal. The Client agrees to remove all
violations that caused the block within 30 days from the date the block was set by the
Company, otherwise the Company reserves the right to deduct all funds from the
Client Account. If the Client fulfills the obligation to eliminate the violations within the time period
specified by this clause, the Company has the right, but is not obligated, to return the funds
debited to the account;
7.15.3. block the client’s account and terminate further performance of this agreement without
prior notice to the client until the client eliminates the violations in accordance with clause
7.15.2 of this agreement;
7.15.4. at any time, close any or all of the Client’s trades and / or invalidate the trade
( trade ), stopping the further provision of services under this Agreement. The company has
the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement by returning the funds contributed
by it to the Client or without returning them.
7.16. The Client is not entitled to demand the return of the funds charged by the
Company in accordance with paragraphs 7.15.1-7.15.4 of this Agreement.
7.17. In respect of events referred to in clause 7.15 of this Agreement and relating to
the Client’s blocking in the Trading Terminal, his account or termination of the Agreement and
the Client’s exclusion from participants in the Company’s trading platform, the Client will
not has the right to create a new account, incl. entering invalid (alien) data when recording a file
account. The Company has the right to enforce any consequences in accordance with
paragraphs 7.15.1-7.15.4 of this Agreement.
7.18. In the event of a discrepancy between the information reflected in
the Client’s Trading Terminal and the information reflected on the Company’s server in determining the
economic efficiency of the transaction (financial result), the Company is not responsible for
the discrepancies found and adjusts the data accordingly. with the information available
on the Company’s server.
7.19. The Company is not responsible for any losses that the Client has suffered or may suffer as a
result of the analysis and application of the information published on the Company’s website. The
The Client undertakes to personally verify the analytical, financial and other materials provided by the
Company for their accuracy, relevance, reliability and also, if necessary, to compare such
materials with other sources. The company does not guarantee that the information
transmitted by it through the trading terminal or in any other form is reliable and reflects the
current market position. The Company, for its part, undertakes to execute such a
transaction and the Client agrees to be responsible for the result of the trade (operation)
concluded on the basis of this information.
7.20. The Company is not responsible for any losses that the Client has suffered or could suffer as a
result of the analysis and application of the information published on the Company’s website by
people attracted (third parties). The Client undertakes to personally verify the analytical,
financial and other materials provided by third parties for their accuracy, relevance, reliability
and, if necessary, to compare such materials with other sources. The company does not
guarantee that any information transmitted by third parties via the trading terminal or in
any other form is reliable and reflects the current market position. The Company, for
its part, undertakes to execute such a transaction and the Client agrees to be
responsible for the result of the trade (operation) concluded on the basis of this
7.21. The Client is informed that any exchange (transaction) concluded in the framework and
under this Agreement is risky and difficult to predict, with a possible
negative result (loss) and loss of both part and all funds credited by the Client to the account, as well as
other damages, including punitive damages (accidental, special, indirect). The result
of the operation is charged to the customer.
7.22. Customer understands and agrees that losses resulting from
software malfunction , communication errors, computer network crashes and other networks used to
agree terms of the Customer’s transaction, as well as unauthorized access by third parties
parties (hackers), are not the responsibility of the Company and occurred through no fault of its own.
7.23. The Company assumes no responsibility for any losses, expenses and losses of the
Client, including as a result of the use of the information in accordance with clauses
7.19-7.20 of this Agreement, if such losses are not the result of the Company’s gross negligence,
willful default or fraud on behalf of the Company.
7.24. The Company will not be liable for failure and / or improper performance of
its obligations arising from circumstances of force majeure or other circumstances specified in
this Agreement and its annexes.
7.25. The Client’s breach of obligations under this Agreement and its annexes is
considered by the Company at any time, regardless of the limitation of such breach.

8. Applicable law

8.1. This Agreement is concluded in the territory of the Seychelles.
8.2. Services under this Agreement are provided on the territory of Seychelles.
8.3. The customer accepts and cannot expect that:
8.3.1. the terms of this Agreement and its annexes, as well as any matter relating to the
interpretation of its provisions, are governed by the law of Seychelles;
8.3.2. the applicable law under this Agreement is the Seychelles, under which
all disputes and disputes between the Parties are resolved and any procedural actions taken;
8.3.3. The parties submit unconditionally to the jurisdiction of the Seychelles courts.

9. Procedure for handling disputes

9.1. All disputes and disagreements arising during the execution of this Agreement will be
resolved by the Parties by negotiation.
9.2. In case of failure to reach an agreement during the negotiations, the Client has the right to send a
written complaint (declaration) to the Company. The request must be sent within 5 (five) days from the
date on which the event occurred, which was the basis for its submission.
9.3. The application must simultaneously satisfy the following requirements:
9.3.1. contain personal data of the Customer, in particular, surname, first name, middle name,
Customer Account number, contact data (e-mail and telephone);
9.3.2. describe the conditions of the disputed situation with an indication of its date and
time when it occurred;
9.3.3. have references to all the material circumstances of the case on which
the Client’s requirements are based;
9.3.4. reflect point by point the evidence of a breach, in parallel by referring to a
specific paragraph of this Agreement and (or) the annex thereto that has been breached by the Company;
9.3.5. reflect customer needs. If the complaint is expressed in monetary terms (monetary
value), contain the exact amount and a reasonable calculation;
9.3.6. contain a list of complaints questions (if any) and other evidence referenced by the
Customer. All attached documents must be certified by the Customer.
9.3.7. Do not contain links to data from other sites or companies.
9.4. The complaint can be
submitted by: – ​​Company e-mail abuse@quotex.io;
– Registered mail to the address: Suite 1, second floor, Sound & Vision House, Francis Rachel
Str., Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.
Complaints sent in any other way are not accepted.
9.5. The Company reserves the right not to take into consideration complaints containing profanity, insults to the
Company and / or its employees, disrespectful statements, as well as lacking a
reasoned description of the rights violated.
9.6. Based on the results of the examination of the complaint, the Company has the right to
request, and the Client undertakes to provide, additional information and / or documents
necessary for the examination of the dispute.
9.7. When considering a customer’s complaint, the Company’s server logs prevail over other
9.8. The Company is not liable for imperfect transactions, and furthermore does not reimburse
material damages, moral damages suffered by the Client as a result of an operation (operation) that
he has committed, including not liable for the loss of the Client’s profits and any other losses.
9.9. In case of non-compliance by the Client with any requirement specified in section 9 herein
Agreement, including the deadline for filing a complaint (Clause 9.2), the Company has the right
to refuse to consider the complaint to the Client.
9.10. The deadline for examining the Client’s complaint is 14 working days from the date of
receipt of the complaint by the Company, excluding the days on which the Client has sent additional
information (documents) requested by the Company pursuant to clause 9.6 herein. Contract.
9.11. If the consent is not reached in the negotiation process, the Client has the right to go to
court with the mandatory observance of the preliminary complaint procedure, which includes:
– compliance with the requirements in the form and content of the complaint in the manner
prescribed by paragraphs 9.2, 9.3 of this Agreement;
– sending a complaint by registered letter to the Company’s registration address requires
subsequent mandatory confirmation of receipt of the letter by the Company or its legal
– if the complaint response period expires, the response period will be
60 (sixty) calendar days from the date of receipt of the complaint by the Company.
9.12. Until the dispute is resolved, the Company reserves the right to
partially or completely block trades (operations) on the Client’s account.

10. Duration and termination of the contract

10.1. This Agreement will enter into force upon its conclusion, i.e. upon
registration of the Client on the Company’s website and / or in its trading terminal and is
valid for an indefinite period.
10.2. This Agreement can be terminated:
10.2.1. in writing with the agreement of the Parties;
10.2.2. at the initiative of one of the Parties by unilateral refusal to execute the Agreement
under the conditions set out in section 10 of this Agreement;
10.2.3. The Company has the right to terminate this Agreement immediately by blocking
access to the Client’s trading terminal, the Client’s account with the withdrawal of the
balance of this account under the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.
10.3. The Agreement is considered terminated on the Company’s initiative from the date
specified in the notice of termination of the Agreement sent by the Company to the Client.
10.4. In the event of termination of the Agreement at the Client’s initiative, the Client must
send the Company a unilateral refusal to perform the Agreement no later than 30
calendar days prior to the expected termination date. The notification must be in writing
and sent by the Customer in one of the following ways:
– Company email abuse@quotex.io;
– Registered mail at Suite 1, second floor, Sound & Vision House, Francis Rachel Str.,
Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.
10.5. The Agreement is terminated at the Customer’s initiative in the event of
compliance with the requirements of clause 10.4. of this Agreement and subject to the
absence of debts and / or other obligations not fulfilled by the Customer.
10.6. Termination The Agreement for any reason does not resolve the obligations of the
Parties arising during the period of validity.
10.7. The Agreement is terminated from the moment in which the Parties
fully fulfill the obligations assigned to them under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

11. Circumstances of force majeure

11.1. For circumstances of force majeure (force majeure) of the Company, reference is made to:
11.1.1. extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances under the given conditions, incl. wars,
floods, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters, strikes, terrorist acts, mass unrest,
riots, changes in current legislation, disruptions in software operation,
power grids, instability in the flow of citations, and so on, which, in the judgment of the Company, has determined or
could lead to a change in market conditions in relation to the financial instruments (assets) and
prevent the correct fulfillment of the obligations;
11.1.2. closure of any market, on the basis of which the Company builds quotes, its
liquidation or suspension of activity, introduction of special restrictions on that
market, certain conditions, as well as the occurrence or otherwise of any event within
that market.
11.2. In the event that the Company has identified the accident as a cause of force majeure, it reserves
the right, without prior notice to the Client:
11.2.1. suspend, modify or cancel any provision of this Agreement until it is possible to
comply with it;
11.2.2 at any stage of the transaction suspend or cancel the transaction (operation), the result of which
can be affected by this circumstance;
11.2.3. undertake other actions (or inaction) both in relation to the Company itself and in relation
to the Clients, if the Company deems it appropriate in these conditions.
11.3. The Company assumes no responsibility for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment
of its obligations, as well as for losses allegedly caused to the Client if force
majeure has prevented it.

12. Final provisions

12.1. All changes and additions made by the Company to this Agreement and its annexes
are made unilaterally at the Company’s discretion and come into effect from the date
specified by the Company, without the need for prior notice to the Client.
12.2. In the event of a change in current legislation, various legal acts governing the subject
of this Agreement, the internal rules and regulations of the trading systems that the
Company uses to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement, the Company
immediately makes the appropriate amendments and / or additions to this Agreement and its annexes. These
changes will come into force at the same time as the changes to the
regulatory documents.
12.3 All changes and additions made by the Company to the terms of this Agreement
and its annexes are binding on all Clients of the trading platform, including Clients who entered
into the Agreement prior to the date of the changes.
12.4. The Client acknowledges that it is responsible for reviewing any changes made
by the Company to this Agreement and its annexes, as well as the changes reflected on
the Company’s website and its subdomains. Therefore, the Client agrees to visit the
Company’s website and / or the trading platform independently at least once a week to familiarize himself
with the changes and / or additions.
12.5. Any information received by the Client from the Company or a third party, provided in
writing, verbally or by posting on the Company’s website, the Client is entitled to use
only for the purpose of complying with this Agreement and its terms (and its annexes) . The customer
has no right to distribute, store, distort such information.
12.6. Having the intention of concluding this Agreement and registering on
the Company’s website, the Client provides the Company with their personal data and gives the
Company’s and its partners’ consent to their processing. The processing of personal data is carried out
both by automated means of processing the personal data of the interested party
, both without the use of automation tools. The purpose of the processing of the Client’s personal
data is the Company’s actions aimed at implementing this Agreement,
conducting advertising, marketing, information campaigns, mailings, informing the Client
about current promotions, events, as well as for other specific purposes by the
Company. Actions include: collection, reception, registration, systematization, accumulation,
archiving, clarification (updating, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision,
access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction, cross-border transfer of personal data
data. The consent is given by the Customer for 75 years or until the expiry of the retention period
of such information, established by the current legislation in the place of registration of the
Company. This consent is valid until the date of its withdrawal by the Customer by sending a
specific appeal to the Company under the terms of the Privacy Policy in force in the
Company. The processing of personal data by the Company is carried out in
compliance with the principles of confidentiality and security, in compliance with the provisions on the
protection of personal data, exceptions are the laws in force and
circumstances of force majeure.
12.7. The Customer does not have the right to assign his rights and obligations or part of his rights and
obligations under this Agreement to third parties. But the Client has the right to approach the
Company with a similar proposal, and the Company has the right to consider it. In the event
that the Client undertakes to transfer his rights and claims to third parties without the
consent of the Company, the assignment will be considered invalid.
12.8. The Company has the right at any time to transfer the rights and / or claims (part of its
rights and / or claims) under this Agreement to third parties. The third party agrees to
comply with the terms of this Agreement and its annexes. The assignment is made by the
Company without notice to the Client and is considered complete from the moment such
information is displayed on the Company’s website.
12.9. If one of the conditions of this Agreement (or its annex) or more conditions
contradict current legislation and are recognized as
void by a court of competent jurisdiction, this condition will be considered as a separate part of the Agreement,
without affecting the validity of the rest of the this Agreement.
12.20. In the event of a situation not regulated by this Agreement or its annexes, the
Company will be guided by generally accepted corporate turnover terms in accordance
with the principles of honesty and fairness.
12.21. This agreement and its annexes may be published in various languages. In the event of any
discrepancies in the texts of such Agreements, the Agreement published in English will
12.22. The text of the Agreement published on the Company’s website takes precedence
over the texts published on other resources.
12.23. The meanings of the terms in this Agreement, regardless of whether they are
capitalized or capitalized, are identical, unless otherwise derived from the terms of this

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