Fees And Taxes

Fees and taxes are an essential consideration when trading in binary options. 

While in isolation, these charges may seem quite low and therefore of little significance, when you are trading regularly, making regular deposits, trades and withdrawals, they soon mount up. Add to the fees any taxes you are liable for, and you could be racking up some massive numbers.

Each broker and country has different rules. Where you may have to pay income tax in one country, in another, it could be capital gains, or it might not be taxable income.

Currency conversions will also vary and using offshore brokers may incur higher fees than if you use one in your own country.


Trading Fees to Expect

There are a few different fees to expect when binary options trading. They are not always the same with every broker, and that is why you should take a look at their terms before you trade with them. It’s not just the intermediary that will charge either. 

You should note that it is not the responsibility of the broker to declare your income as they are an intermediary, not an institution.

Do I Need to Pay Tax on Income

Whether or not you are required to pay income tax on your binary options earnings very much depends on where in the world you live. It is your responsibility to check the rules and regulations that apply to binary options profits in your own country.

There are some countries where you don’t need to declare it, and there are those such as Australia, the USA and Canada where it is capital gains, and you can only use a certain percentage of your losses to offset how much tax you pay. In some European countries, it is classed as gambling and therefore not taxable while in others it is classed as capital gains.

In the UK, in many cases, you will not be classed as a “trader” if you are only making speculative transactions. Binary options are betting and therefore is not taxable income.

In India and South Africa, the profit made will be taxed as income. If you are trading with an offshore broker, it could be that there is little interference or investigation into your activities; however, it is still your responsibility to make sure that you take care of your interests.


Evading Tax

Whether or not you intended to evade your financial obligations, you will be subject to the same penalties so make sure you do your research as you cannot use ignorance as a defence. 

You may also wish to check out the implications of off-shore trading and how this can affect any monies owed.


Do Taxes Apply to Bitcoins?

Only in case of bitcoin trading, with any gains taxed in the case of yoursBitcoins increase in value, but they only declare when you have exchanged and transferred funds into your bank account.

So even if the trader cashed in Bitcoin and chose to keep them in his own wallet, only when it should sell them in the future and derive a capital gain should it pay taxes.

In fact, capital gains are taxed, but are paid only when they come detected. So only when Bitcoins were taken over, or at the close of the budget in the event of the enterprises, the capital gain could be detected, and in the event that there was the capital gain there would be taxes to be paid (calculated only on this).

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What is described in this article should give you an overview of what the risks of binary options are. Better to know what inconveniences you can face.

It is stated in the contracts that the broker expects the trader to behave honestly and correctly. We don’t know what this exactly means, but let’s remember that there are also traders who use ingenious systems of attack on the broker which they may not even notice for a certain time. As long as the trader loses, probably nothing happens, but as soon as the earnings arrive, the controls of the broker team arrive.

Operate without thinking of getting rich immediately, but knowing that with appropriate strategies you can get interesting profits. Prepare as much as possible, especially by learning the basics of price action, candle patterns, trendlines etc., and follow the right money management. 

On FreeBinaryOptions.one and ForzaForex.it there are many tutorials and articles easy to understand, even by beginners.


Happy trading!

Giancarlo and Roberto Griscenko



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