How Much to Safely Deposit, How Much to Withdraw

Apart from the obvious advice to try out the chosen platform well in the demo, initially the advice is to deposit the minimum and make a small amount as a test.

Example, I choose Stars Binary, deposit $ 10 or a little more, and as soon as I can I withdraw the minimum allowed, $ 20.

Before depositing, however, the rule applies to having the documents approved by the broker, which usually consist of the identity document and proof of residence, usually a bank statement where the address is found.

The documents must be recent, not later than three months.

If you think our assistance may be useful, also useful in case of contacts with the broker, you can decide to use our link broker. In this case, delete the cookies before visiting the page, because your address may have already been memorized by the broker in case of previous visit.

How to delete cookies

Take note of the customer number that has been assigned to you and send it to for verification.

Getting started is easy, but in case of profits how much to withdraw in order not to incur “jealousies” of the broker?

Let’s say that there is no precise rule, but a behavior to be followed exists, and applies to all brokers.

The broker makes money from your losses, so (unless you use TRIBTC *) he doesn’t want traders to cash in on thousands of euros a week without ever losing.

(* transactions between traders, see telegram chat)


In practice, if you withdraw a few hundred dollars a week you have no problems, we speak from the experience of our traders to whom we recommend this behavior.

If you are someone who opens with hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per transaction, we advise you to be very careful, unless you know the risks, and that at the first refusal to pay (with contract reasons perhaps vague) you agree to lose that single sum , without ever leaving much on the bill!

If you are a “normal” trader who deposits for example 2/300 dollars, withdraws 100/200 max at a time and perhaps often also loses, even if in the end with a positive balance, the broker will not give you problems.

The reason is that the withdrawal of the “small” trader “is not analyzed, it is routinely carried out among many others, instead the large amount passes to the examination of the control team that could find the quibble not to pay you, or even close your  account, as unwanted because you make too much money.

If you are a big EU investor, maybe you also have the “pro” characteristics and you can then use IQ Option, which has the CySEC license (which however does not guarantee you 100% in the case of large amounts), but also here the high withdrawals pass to magnifying glass. Unlike bank brokers like Dukascopy they are safer, but impractical for the common trader.

An alarm bell? Sometimes the broker raises the spread to unwanted clients. In this case, run away immediately!

To conclude, as one of our trader friends points out, if you don’t make a lot of money, the problem does not arise!

The trader works online, so the ideal is to use the coins that have been created to facilitate transactions without always going through the classic wallets. A little initial effort will fill you up.

To start open a wallet, it would be the wallet where you keep your cryptocurrencies, for example Coinbase or others.

The first time you will have to buy the first Bitcoins, and the site will show you how. Once obtained the Bitcoins you can for example switch to the deposit on the broker.

In simple words for the beginner, to deposit you need to go to the broker’s deposit page. There you will be shown the address that the broker tells you to deposit and you have to copy it to your wallet.

Copy it where? When in your wallet go to “Send” (the page where you choose what type of currency to send, for example Bitcoin) you find a space to enter this address that the broker gives you, a string of numbers and letters, similar to this:

You have to wait for the bitcoins to travel on the network (blockchain) until they reach the broker. Usually 10/15 minutes, but even less, it depends on the crowding of the network.

Don’t make mistakes to copy and paste, operations cannot be undone!

The withdrawal procedure is similar. 

Choose Bitcoin on the broker’s withdrawal page, and you will be asked to paste your Bitcoin address, similar in length to the one before the deposit, but different in content, which you will find on your wallet page in the “receive” section, and which you will need to paste on your wallet page to the “Send” section. 

Then indicate the amount to be requested, confirm and everything happens automatically.

Your Bitcoin address is generated by your wallet, and you will indicate it every time you make a withdrawal.

If your wallet updates a different one, no problem, both are valid, the previous one and the new one do not expire, they are always your addresses to receive funds.

Better however to withdraw the BTC always use the same address, for simplicity.


Favorite Wallets

Payeer is a wallet of payments often recommended by most brokers, perhaps because it is Russian like most of them. In any case, it is a very reliable wallet, where you can make transactions with Bitcoin, but also with Fiat currency (eg Payeer USD).

You can make withdrawals from brokers with ease, simply by communicating your Payeer customer number to them.

You can then send the funds to your bank using the credit card method.

You can also use an Exchange. In any case, if you have Bitcoin in any different wallet, such as Coinbase for example, you can always deposit and withdraw with that same.


Uncooperative Broker and Terminated Accounts

Does your binary options broker not pay or does it with difficulty?

Some traders complain that their broker makes payment difficult, if not impossible. Often, he no longer answers the phone or email, or chat. In such cases the suspicion of a scam is well founded. We therefore suspect that our binary options broker is not paying.

Unfortunately, running into problems such as late payments or not getting paid at all can sometimes happen to those who use new or unknown brokers.

It is a very serious problem, especially if the withdrawal request is several thousand euros. So the question is: what to do to avoid these problems?

If the broker is famous, he certainly has many customers. In this case, the withdrawal procedure is likely to be part of an excessive number of requests. We may think that the withdrawal may take longer than officially advertised by the broker.

The brokers chosen by us hardly give these types of problems, however in the past some of the brokers we tried have not shown good behavior. They paid with difficulty or excessive delay and insisted on making phone calls to convince them to deposit. In such cases they have been deleted.

The subscribers through our links are followed in case of difficulty and we are activated using the consolidated relationship with the broker. Our intervention explains the type of problem encountered by the trader almost always arriving at the solution.

We must also be careful not to make mistakes ourselves.

Each broker has procedures for withdrawing funds and you must follow the directions faithfully to be successful. We must make sure that all the documents requested by the broker have been sent by email and above all, we must be sure that they contain all the necessary information requested.

If you are unsure, ask the broker if the documents are in place, and if so, integrate them. In fact, the broker is likely to verify the correctness only when requesting a withdrawal.

Some brokers only make payments once or twice a month on a set date. Knowing the payment schedule will allow us to save several days of waiting. Even the choice of a faster payment system than the bank transfer, such as Skrill or Neteller, or better yet Bitcoin, could make us receive the money much earlier.

We do not know how much these actions really lead to the solution of the various cases.

It goes without saying that it is better to choose brokers with a proven reputation right from the start. Ours have given a guarantee of seriousness and regular payments. The first of our traders who had a withdrawal problem, his message would be immediately shared in our uncensored chats.

In any case, if we were to find ourselves faced with a problem that is difficult to solve, it is certainly useful to take action in the manner described above. You can also threaten the broker to publish evidence of non-payment online, hoping that the broker, in order to avoid negative publicity, will decide to respect the commitments made with the trader.

However, remember that being grumpy does not help in solving problems. The dishonest broker who realizes that he has lost a customer will try to avoid payment.

Sometimes a well-made e-mail, or a phone call, will be enough to fix things, especially making it clear that you don’t want to withdraw everything. He may be paying because he believes you are going to continue to use it.

Finally get ready to read the terms of the contract, if you have not done it before, you must become a little lawyer yourself.

Your case may not be entered or described differently. In this way you can more easily explain your reasons by reporting the chapter of the contract in question.

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