TRIBTC Review and Tutorial

Buxano New broker "Peer To Peer" Binary Options Bitcoin Trading

Buxano New broker “Peer To Peer” Binary Options Bitcoin Trading

TRIBTC New Broker “Peer To Peer” Binary Options Bitcoin Trading. Tutorial and Review.

TRIBTC Review and Tutorial. Trade against the traders not the broker
TRIBTC Review and Tutorial. Trade against the traders not the broker

Update November 2020. TRIBTC has changed its name to Buxano, but the review remains valid as there are no substantial differences compared to the previous platform.

Update 23.3.20: TRIBTC has entered our chat as a member ( ) and it is the first time that a broker is available to answer everyone.


TRIBTC is the world’s first platform offering peer-to-peer crypto options trading for cryptocurrency pairs.
The idea of creating this platform appeared because classic binary options platforms, where traders bet against the broker, are prone to fraud and hence banned by regulators in many jurisdictions. Many binary option outlets have been exposed as fraudulent. This type of platforms use their own index price while also manipulating it to their own advantage and also drastically reduce payouts with predatory fees and practices.

TRIBTC’s innovative approach allows users to trade against each other, or join trades other users place, this way joining for the first time the peer-to-peer concept with binary options trading for cryptocurrency pairs, thus eliminating the possibility of foul play that happens on traditional binary options sites where trading is done against the broker.

Trading can be executed on timeframes of 1, 5, 15, 30 minutes, 1 or 4 hours, 1, 2, 7 or 15 days, a month or in custom intervals, with the possibility of earning 90% (all assets) of the traded amount in the case of winning trades.
Deposits, withdrawals and trading are done using Bitcoin only. There are no deposit fees. Flat withdrawal fee is 0.0005 Bitcoin and the minimum deposit amount is 0.0005 Bitcoin.

The platform provides the following trading pairs: BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD, EOS/USD, BNB/USDT, XMR/USD, ZEC/USD, ETH/BTC, LTC/BTC, XRP/BTC, BNB/BTC, XMR/BTC, ZEC/BTC, and EOS/BTC.



Demo MT4 SimpleFX
Demo MT4  SimpleFX

Opening the Demo

In a real account or a demo they will be located in two different sites, so two registrations will be needed. If you want to try the demo with virtual money, register first in a real account, and then towards the demo account, using THE SAME EMAIL for both registrations.

NEW! Practical trading examples (made by us)

Synthetic tutorial for the two types of trading

(official video)

TRIBTC Tutorial (made by TRIBTC)

Interpretation of data relates to an ongoing trade.

Interpretation of data relates to an ongoing trade
Interpretation of data relates to an ongoing trade

1. The trader “rgriscenko” has opened the first trade on BTC / USD, investing 0.005 BTC in Call, expiring one day.
2. The “uniteque” trader accepted the challenge by investing 10% of the total in Put.
3. By clicking on the “i” window will appear with the trade data.
4. Locked: the time to participate has expired. The trade is blocked. In the event of a win, “rgriscenko” only receives 10% of what he has invested and the uncovered difference is refunded to him. The countdown indicates how long it is until the trade expires.

Detailed Tutorial: How to use the TRIBTC platform

TRIBTC is a new broker which had been launched on January 20, 2020 with unique characteristics:

  • Transactions between traders, not against the broker (P2P)
  • Currency used in BitCoin.
  • No Documents (KYC).
  • 90% payout (fixed)
  • Minimum trade 0.0005 BTC.
  • Minimum deposit 0.0005 BTC (equal to just over 3 euros).
  • Graph: TradingView
  • Demo with 1 virtual BTC (Tesnet BTC)
  • Affiliate program with 2.5% on trades carried out
  • Deposits and withdrawals only with Bitcoin
  • Full choice of deadlines

Given the novelty of this peer to peer broker we have opened this dedicated chat channel on Telegram:
This is our link, containing useful assistance and promotions: TRIBTC (

How TRIBTC’s trading page will look like:

How TRIBTC's trading page will look like
How TRIBTC’s trading page will look like

What does Peer-To-Peer mean

Peer-To-Peer (P2P)
“Computer network in which the computers of connected users act as clients and servers at the same time. In this way, users are able to directly access each other PCs, viewing and retrieving the files present in the memory of mass and in turn make available the files they wish to share.
Peer-to-peer networks are used in particular to exchange audio or video files (as in the case of Napster)”

Why a 90% fixed and real

Of 100% invested, 90% payout goes to the trader in the event of a win. 5% to the affiliates of the two brokers (2.5% + 2.5%). The remaining 5% to the broker himself, as profit and basis necessary for management and advertising costs.
The trader “bets” against another trader and the broker has no interest in winning one or the other, since his return is still constant.
No more fraud, always possible with traditional brokers.
Complete choice of deadlines, starting from the minute and also customized by the trader

TRIBTC expiration time
TRIBTC expiration time

How to open the demo

As mentioned previously, Demo and Real have two different sites, with different links. A double registration is therefore necessary, even with the same data.
Register FIRST to the real account (no documents required) and then to the demo account, using THE SAME EMAIL for both registrations.
Normal membership takes you to the TRIBTC trading page as a real account. In fact the balance is zero and if you click it it invites you to deposit

Come aprire il demo su TRIBTC

To get the demo you have to make a new registration, even with the exact same personal data, but the URL address is different:
You will see a balance of 1 virtual BTC to try out the platform.

Come aprire il demo su TRIBTC

Weekend Trading

Platform always open 24/7 even on weekends. A more serious alternative to the usual OTC trading. In the image a work page with SimpleFX as a reference metatrader and for your indicators. Similar candles (TRIBTC uses TradingView).

Two pages open for weekend trading: SimpleFX and TRIBTC
Two pages open for weekend trading: SimpleFX and TRIBTC


In addition to the usual Call / Put, Touch / No Touch trading is available.

Touch / No Touch. How it works?

Touch / No Touch trading allows predictions on whether or not an asset’s price will be reached before the trade expires. This order type is particularly useful during times of market volatility, or for certain styles of technical analysis.

  • Touch 

The trader chooses an asset and selects the price that the asset is supposed to reach (Target Price), as well as a specific time frame (Trade Time). If the asset’s price touches the predicted price before the time expires, the trader will collect the profit.

  • No Touch

No Touch does the exact opposite of Touch Method. Basically, when you use this instrument, you’re betting your money on the assumption that the asset’s price will not reach a certain level before the time expires. If the asset’s price doesn’t touch the predicted price before the time expires, the trader will collect the profit.

In other words:

  • A Touch trade is won if the Target price is reached any time before the trade expires. A Touch trade is lost if the Target price is not reached before the trade expires.
  • A No Touch trade is won if the Target price is not reached before the trade expires. A No Touch trade is lost if the Target price is reached any time before the trade expires.

Referral program



TRIBTC Support  is part of our Telegram chat You can ask any questions en English.

Visit Telegram Chat
Visit the Telegram Chat




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