AI.MARKETING: Passive Earnings Platform with 30-70% monthly earnings.

$50 BONUS CODE to test the system:  0I5L-6XXQ-I2U6-5LMD

Link to the AI ​​MARKETING platform  (attention, do not use google play, scam programs)

An automatic system with artificial intelligence that allows you to profit from the numerous banners managed by Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. that advertise articles, websites and all sorts of products. Read the warnings in this article carefully.

Have you noticed that advertisements on your mobile are increasingly targeted to your interests? This means that they translate into good sales results for companies. Thanks to new artificial intelligence techniques, they know in advance what you could buy. High profits for these companies, but also for those who help finance them and you could be among them, even with minimal investment. The Ai.Marketing bot works on this concept, exploiting the fact that today most of the purchases are made from home. FAQ at the end of the page.

First considerations on AI Marketing.


– Modern and full-featured platform.

– Automatic earning system (MarketBot)

– High return rates, over 35%.

– $ 50 coupon to test the system.

– It is not necessary to “bring” other people.

– Realistic business concept.


– Return rates too high to think they are sustainable for long

– There is no certainty that the platform cannot close at any moment


Don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose.

A possible strategy could consist in trying to test with the free $ 50 coupon, and then eventually deposit the minimum necessary for the first earnings, for example 80/100 euros. By taking profits you will avoid any future risks. You will always be able to reinvest your profits without depositing further.


Despite being active for about 4 years (2 years in practice) and being an online business, AI Marketing could close BEFORE you have recovered your initial investment, so …

Good luck and good luck!

Note: The AI.Marketing platform has been on the market for some time, and this article was created after appropriate tests and research, with proof of payments. This is not a financial advice, nor an invitation to invest. We recommend that you do not deposit more than you are willing to lose and do your own research first.

Before learning about Ai.Marketing we checked on



Read opinions and comments on Trustpilot

Get started for free with our $ 50 coupon . Attention, follow the procedure well.

The PDF: AI Marketing can help you . How to register step by step without making mistakes

Step by step tutorial AI Marketing

Step by step tutorial registration AI Marketing

On our link takes you to the landing page:


It is necessary to view the video (only the first time) lasting about 5 minutes.

It is possible to change the language to Italian.


Registration has several options. It is important to register from the “blue cerebellum” (it will give further profits thanks to the INB.Network platform )

$ 50 bonus

To redeem the $ 50 free bonus you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Select the RECHARGE item from the menu on the left.
  • Select GIFT Voucher as payment method.
  • In the Gift Code item enter this code: ZPLD-CX5N-G4L1-RBE0
  • Click on PAY, done!


The $ 50 coupon is automatically credited to you as the bonus code is already entered in this box above the registration form.

Once inside the main page you have to load the bonus (see figure).

  1. Click My Advertising
  2. Buy Advertising
  3. From the drop-down menu choose “Gift certificate”
  4. Pay
  5. Enter the 16-digit voucher code ZPLD-CX5N-G4L1-RBE0
  6. OK
  7. Wait for the $ 50 balance to appear on the Balance, it can take some time, even a few hours.

For now, all you have to do is wait. The bot will take at least a couple of days to start up, and it will do everything by itself without your intervention. In the meantime, you can read up on the numerous videos you find on YouTube or online.

The page with your advertising balance

The page with your advertising balance

Meanwhile, we report here some information.

How does it work.

As anticipated, you will have noticed the numerous banners managed by Google Ads  that advertise articles, websites and all sorts of products.

AI.MARKETING   uses an automatic program, called MarketBot , which, thanks to an artificial intelligence, autonomously scans the web in search of trending keywords to promote products and articles.


For comments and inquiries on any scams:

Trust Pilot

Here are some of the various sites where you can find information:

Various search links, just examples as there are lots of video tutorials (YouTube)

Useful and realistic considerations / Obi8

Do You Really Make Money With AI.Marketing?

What is behind AI Marketing and INB Network?

Payments and Withdrawals

The credit card option appears not to be working at the moment. If you don’t want to use cryptocurrencies (transactions are expensive today) Payeer allows you to deposit and withdraw in a similar way to PayPal.

Campaign Statistics

You can follow the progress of your campaign on the Statistics page (INB. NETWORK)

Advice and doubts

Keep an eye on the remaining budget for the current campaign. When this balance ends, the Bot will stop the campaign will stop. Consider the recharge your budget as soon remain  about  20/30 $ , since between charging and by the Bot acceptance, it will take  2 to 3 days .

Of course, in the meantime, you can withdraw the accrued cashback, or reload the bot so that it doesn’t stop.

Is AI Marketing a Scam?

Currently we cannot say that AI Marketing is a scam. Despite the research carried out, in fact, we have not yet been able to find any user complaining of non-payments.

Whose platform is it

First, the platform says it operates from a London office, but uses a Hong Kong company for the technology and a Russian company for advertising. All this decentralization gave us the impression of being a bit artificial, especially since all the transfers are then coming from a Russian account.

Too positive results and unclear statistics

Although we firmly believe that artificial intelligence is the future also in the world of marketing, the results obtained by AI Marketing seem all too positive.

Investing 150 euros today, with a return of 30% (which is recalled several times on the site), in the space of 36 months we would have more than 120,000 euros in our portfolio. Such results have not even been achieved by the greatest geniuses of finance.

Conclusions and Strategy

AI Marketing promises huge returns with very little effort.

After having made various considerations, however, we do not feel like recommending the platform . The risk that it is a Ponzi scheme is high, even if the profits are obtained without distributing referral links.

Given that at the moment everyone is paid (but it is not known until when) a strategy could consist in withdrawing the first earnings to cover the investment, so as not to lose anything in the event that the platform stops working.

Too good to be true

Certainly, and in our opinion we expect it to close at any moment. Always keep this in mind.

Beware of scam applications!

Do not use Google Play applications! (Scam)



For those who want to keep their financial situation under control on AI Marketing (also to optimize their strategy) there is a free software (also in the pro version, a more complete paid version): AI GESTION

AI MANAGEMENT. AI MARKETING platform management program

One of the various pages of AI GESTION

You can also change the language to Italian.

Among the various functions are the use of the advertising budget, how much has been earned daily or monthly, a personalized forecast plan and much more.


Good luck!




How much money can I earn using the website?
The website has no fixed profitability. Its profitability depends on a large number of factors such as the cost of advertising and its efficiency, the number of refunds to customers, the speed with which purchases are confirmed, etc.
During a complete test of the system the MarketRobot showed a profitability between 25 and 35% profit per month on the amount of the Advertising Budget.

How does the system work?
The global product analysis and promotion system analyzes social media trends and search requests. The results of the analysis are used to select keywords and trends that are gaining regional popularity.

Programs / products that match regional trends are selected mainly because our platform is linked to the cashback programs of numerous websites (over 50).
The marketing team sorts advertising based on the trends of a particular region using Google Ad-words, Yandex Direct, social media and other internet platforms.

After customers attracted by advertising purchase a product or service, the Cashback Program Operator notifies us of the cashback via API and a provision with the status “Pending” appears on the personal account.
For more information on Cashback Operators, refer to There you can also find information on the cashback confirmation time, the individual confirmation rates and amounts for each operator. The values ​​given are average and may vary.

After the operator of the Cashback program confirms the purchase (if the customer does not request a refund or return of the ticket or product purchased, for example), we receive the cashback and the customer receives 55% of the cashback amount, while the website receives 45%. The cashback confirmation time depends on the cashback program and can take from 16 to 60 days. The cashback you receive is displayed in the “Cashback” account.
45% of the cashback received from mainly constitutes the company’s income. These funds are used to hedge operational activities and to support the MarketBot Protect fund. The MarketBot Protect fund covers payments to customers when customers return the refund of the product or service and the Cashback Operator cancels the payment.

Within the holiday season our analytics system detects that the word combinations “last minute tour”, “cheap ticket” and “book hotel” have become fashionable.
We select cashback programs from travel industry websites such as OneTwoTrip, Booking, Teztour, etc.

We order massive advertising in selected areas.
After customers have made purchases, accruals and deferrals will appear on your account as “Pending” in the “Sales” section of your account.
After the cashback has been confirmed by the Cashback program operator, the money is received on the “Cashback” account and is available for withdrawal.

How should I use the website step by step?

  • Financing.

First of all, you need to finance your ad balance. Go to the “Top-up” section at and finance the advertising balance with any available means. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether are currently accepted. We are working to add Visa and MC card payment methods.

  • Launch of an advertising campaign.

Moderation of advertising campaigns on Google Ad-words, Yandex Direct and other social media usually takes up to 48 hours. Within 48 hours, MarketBot will debit the money from the ad balance to start the ad campaigns (you will see your Ad Budget in the Stats section). Advertising campaigns will be launched and sales will begin after moderation is complete.

  • Accumulation of cashback.

After the ad-attracted customers make purchases, the cashback aggregators accumulate cashback and it can be seen in the “Sales” section with the status “Pending”. Cashback will be available after confirmation that the customer has not requested a return or refund. Confirmation terms may vary from one aggregator to another. For more information on average confirmation periods, see

MarketBot Protect
If the client requests a return or refund, the transaction is covered by the MarketBot Protect Fund and you will still receive the money owed. However, the money refunded by the MarketBot Protect Fund is credited to the advertising campaign budget, to the advertising account instead of the cashback account.

How can the money be withdrawn?
Go to the “Send” section and transfer your money into a cool wallet and then send it to the exchanger or use it in any other way at your discretion.

How long does it take to withdraw money?
The process can take up to 24 hours depending on the method selected.

Withdrawal of money.
The aggregators credit the money after confirming the purchases. After that the money is transferred from the “Pending” account to the “Cashback” account and becomes available for withdrawal.

It is clear that you can top up using Bitcoin or ETH. But what is USDT? Is it a payment system?
Tether USDT is a cryptographic stable currency (stable currency) pegged to the US dollar. Using it protects you from the volatility of the cryptocurrency.

What do the different accounts mean?
The Cashback account is the money you have earned.
The ad balance is the amount of your advertising campaign budget.
The credit account is a temporarily inactive fund of the Development Fund which must be repaid at the end of the advertising campaign. The profit will be credited to your cash account and you can use it at your discretion.
Pending is a part of the cashback account that contains the amount of remuneration for purchases that have not yet been confirmed by the aggregators.

Where can I find my account number? Which card do I see being added to my account?
When a personal account is registered with, a card is opened by default to credit the money earned. The card number is also your account ID.

I see the cashback on my card, but the status is “pending”. What does it mean?
It means that the customers to whom the ad refers have purchased a product or service and the operator of the cashback program notifies you of the cashback that will be accumulated after the confirmation of the purchase. As a result, you have a provision in your personal account which is displayed in the “Pending” section.

What should I do to confirm customer transactions?
You don’t have to do anything. You will have to wait for the cashback accrued for purchases to be confirmed by the cashback program operators and for the cashback amount to be transferred from “Pending” to your “Cashback” account. Then, your profit can be withdrawn by any convenient method.

How long will the cashback remain in “Pending” status?
It depends on the operator of the cashback program and can take 16-60 days. The confirmed cashback is displayed in the “Cashback” account. For more information on average compliance terms, see .

Who decides where and when the advertising campaign will be launched using the money from our advertising budgets?
The global product analysis and promotion system analyzes social media trends and search requests. The keywords and trends that gain popularity with the account for the region are selected based on the analysis results.
As our website is linked to the cashback programs of numerous websites (around 50), we select the programs / products that correspond to regional trends.
The marketing team sorts the advertising based on the trends of a particular region using Google Ad-words, Yandex Direct, social media and internet platforms.

I see a “Spent” section in “Statistics”. What does it mean?
The “Spent” shows the portion of your advertising budget that has already been spent on advertising promotion.

I logged into my account and funded my advertising balance. Do I need to take further action?
You don’t have to do anything now. Wait for the accumulated cashback (“Statistics” section) to be confirmed by the cashback program operators and for the cashback amount to be transferred from the “Pending” account to the “Cashback” account. Then, you can withdraw the cashback using any available method.

How can I make sure my money has started working?
The advertising campaign starts automatically when the advertising budget is financed. No further action is required.

How long will it take to make a profit after the ad budget is funded?
We need 48 hours to determine the key areas and start advertising.
We cannot say how long the advertising campaign will last. We debit the money from your account, buy advertising (views) and start an aggressive advertising campaign.

Ad assets charge money in proportion to the number of views. No one can say exactly how soon all the money will be spent and how fast your advertisement will appear. The only thing we can say is that smaller amounts are spent faster, while larger ones are spent slower.
There is a tab showing the money spent in the “Statistics” and the advertising campaign will run until the end of your advertising budget.

How to make money on your website?
The fastest way to make money is to finance your advertising budget. Then MarketRobot will order the advertisement and get the cashback. After confirming the aggregator, the cashback is transferred from the “pending” status to the “Cashback” account and can be withdrawn using the most convenient method.
Earn money without any investment. You can attend company events and perform tasks offered by the company.

Has the cashback for purchases accrued from the stores? Do you have agreements with them?
Large companies offer affiliate cashback programs or integrate with them via various cashback aggregators. In most cases, agreements do not have to be made directly with websites. Just accept the terms and conditions on the website.

What is my confirmed cashback fee?
After a purchase is confirmed by the cashback program operator, 55% of the cashback is obtained and the other 45% goes to

What other products does offer? also offers a service for companies: boost sales by integrating MarketBot to the client company’s website and supporting advertising campaigns with GPAP algorithms
For more information, see:

Visit the Home Page:


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