TRON HOME Review. Earn 0.5% to 1.5% per day from Crypto Trading Robot

TRON HOME LTD is an innovative platform for automatic earnings on the global cryptocurrency exchange market.

Access to the operating site is only via invitation link Go to the registration page


TRON HOME was founded in 2021 and registered in the UK .

TRON HOME is an international company that develops an online platform for automated trading on the cryptocurrency exchange market. The company is directly engaged in investment activities and in attracting the assets of private investors.

The modern investment market does not allow you to successfully work only on the experience and knowledge gained in previous years, so it is necessary to use the latest scientific and technical developments of the Trin Home activities, to analyze and calculate the investment program.

Tron Home developed an automated trading tool in 2020. The approach is based on an artificial intelligence procedure , which works according to a unique algorithm. An in-depth analysis of the cryptocurrency market is done through artificial intelligence. The robot can collect and interpret a huge amount of data. Then place trades according to strategies formulated by experienced traders to maximize profits.

Experts from the group work not only in different countries, but also in different continents, in different time zones. At the same time, Tron Home has a common feature: attention to results and the concentration of all efforts at the highest level.

TRON HOME company includes traders from countries such as the United States, Great Britain, China, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Russia and South Africa. Each of our traders has their own long-term experience and skill in cryptocurrency trading! The company has extensive experience working on the largest international online digital currency exchange services, such as: BitMEX, Huobi Global, Bithumb, Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken.

Tron Homer’s investment plans are carefully verified and calculated to minimize possible risks. In this way, those who invest in the platform will not only receive a high daily income, but will also gain confidence and financial stability in general.

How do you earn

The fees are automatic, without any commitment on the part of the investor. The minimum deposit is 1000 Tron (now around $ 58). Tron is a crypto currency that is now worth around $ 0.059 per 1 Tron.

Tron is a very popular blockchain (TRC) for low-cost exchanges.

The return is from 0.5% to 1.5% per day , variable depending on the results of automatic trading.

One of the Tron Home accounts is already active:


You can follow the bot’s trading operations live on the site.



The basic principle is not manual trading. Trading bots take care of the trader’s balance. Transactions are opened and closed automatically. You just have to keep track of your profits.

1. Trading 24/7. Tron Home’s servers run smoothly and continuously.

2. Selection of the best trading pairs and the possibility of simultaneous trading with a huge number of them – up to 100 pairs.

3. An error in the calculations, that which can be done by a person, is excluded.

Automated trading bots are computer programs designed to buy and sell cryptocurrency at the right time , all for the purpose of making a profit. They work in three stages: signal generation, risk allocation, and finally execution. This innovative algorithm brings on average 1 to 5% profit per day.

100% of the funds invested by the client are not used. The maximum is up to 20% of the deposit amount . Therefore the risk of drawdown is reduced.

Trading takes place on the BitMEX, Huobi Global, Bithumb, Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken exchanges .


How to deposit

Bitcoin or ethereum can be deposited. To avoid high transaction costs there is the option of depositing with Tron coin.

You need to install the TronLink application, the Tron wallet, and transfer the Trons from your exchange to it.

On the Home page click “” CREATE DEPOSIT “. Then click on “Deposit an account” from the left menu and then on the Tronlink box. The open platform will automatically recognize the wallet. Enter the amount, confirm and wait for the network confirmations.


TRON HOME LTD is registered in the UK . The registered office is 9 Plaistow Grove, London, England, E15 3EP.

The office is equipped with the most modern technologies and is composed of many departments:

The company’s top management develops strategic planning and the distribution of financial flows between markets.

The IT department analyzes the new technical solutions that appear on the market on a daily basis , as well as developing its own solutions that not only automate business processes, but also reduce investment risks through precise tactical and strategic planning.

The customer support service not only provides comprehensive advice on how to work with the platform, but is also ready to provide general advice on investment matters. Using the latest technical achievements, it provides complete processing of customer requests and qualified assistance in the shortest possible time.

For questions, or requests for additional information, official support is:



The audit is an independent assessment aimed at obtaining evidence, relating to a given activity, and evaluating it objectively, in order to establish to what extent the pre-established criteria have been met or not

Audit page of the Tron Home project


Download the complete PDF presentation of Tron Home with numerous descriptive information



Register on TRON HOME , you will find the new features and tools you need to be successful.

Register on the Tron Home website

Register on the Tron Home website

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