How to use the platform (Detailed description)How to use the TRIBTC platform

(detailed trading description) For those unfamiliar with the broker, here the TRIBTC Review.

March  2020

TRIBTC Support  is part of our Telegram chat You can ask any questions en English.


Once registered, users can fund their account by depositing Bitcoin by clicking the Profile picture -> Deposit.

Trading page

On the left side users can interact with the available crypto-markets where users can place trades.

Trading page

Trading page

Central element is represented by the TradingView chart of the selected market, where users can make their own technical analysis, choose between multiple timeframes, insert and analyze the chart with the indicators provided by TradingView.

TradingView Graphic

TradingView Graphic

On the upper right side you will see the available BTC balance (by clicking it you will be redirected to your transactions history), a Tour button where a summary of the platform features are presented and a Funds button that connects you to Deposit and Withdrawals pages, where more funds can be added via the Deposit button page or funds can be withdrawn via the Withdrawals page. Remember that withdrawals are processed once every 24 hours.

BTC Withdrawn

BTC Withdrawn

Trading notification

Clicking the Bell icon displays all trading notifications received by the user, as well a sound on/off feature. The trading notifications (when trades are placed, won or lost and other relevant information) are also displayed in real-time in the lower left section.

Trading notificationTrading notification


Clicking the profile image thumbnail shows the main menu from where the Deposit, Withdrawal, Settings and Referral pages can be accessed, as well for choosing between your favorite theme Day or Night and Sign out button.

Main menu

Main menu

The Settings menu allows changing the account email address, reset password, disabling or enabling the 2FA feature, access your last 100 notifications and the Referral page.

Within the Profile page you will find your account details that you used when you registered in. Choosing a timezone will sync the platform timestamps with the TradingView Chart. Beginner mode is a feature recommended to be used by new users – by enabling it you will be prompted with a confirmation dialog in order to protect users for wrong typing. A representative picture for your account can be uploaded.


The Referral page displays all relevant information about the users that joined the platform using your referral link, the total earnings from your referrals and detailed information about your referral revenue, which is automatically credited to your account, once received.


Trading panel

Trading panel

First line is represented by the trading methods, from which you can choose Call / Put or Touch / No Touch trades.

A Call trade is won if the price will be higher than the current entry price when trading time expires.

A Put trade is won if the price will be lower than the current entry price when trading time expires.

A Touch trade is won if the Target Price is reached any time before the trade expires.

A No Touch trade is won if the Target Price is not reached before the trade expires.

The Trade amount field allows users to enter the desired BTC amount they want to place a trade with.

The Amount adjust field allows users to quickly change the trade amount value when placing a trade or when joining other users’ trades.

The Trade Time drop down menu allows selection of the desired timeframe to place the trade. Lock time shows how long the trade is open and other traders can join it.

The lower center part of the trading interface shows the table with all the trades performed on the platform.

Viewing the trades can be customized in a variety of ways using the three groups of tabs above the trades table.

All Types displays all the trades initiated by both trading methods: Call / Put and Touch / No Touch.

When selected, the All Markets tab will display all the available trades on every market.

With the Open tab selected, only the currently open trades from all the markets will be displayed. Locked tab displays all the locked trades from all the platform’s markets. Closed tab displays all the closed trades from all the markets.

The next button after All Markets tab indicates the current market selected, and when this is active, will display only the Open, Locked or Closed trades based on the selected market, depending on the user’s selection.

The Personal tab, when selected, will display only the user’s Open, Locked or Closed trades, depending on the user’s choice.

The ”i” button displays detailed information about the trades.

Users can either place a new trade by selecting the desired market from the left side panel, while interacting with the right side panel to enter the desired trade amount, selecting the trade time and clicking Call / Put or Touch / No Touch, or by joining (matching) other users’ trades by clicking an open trade from the trades table.

When joining other users’ trades, after clicking an open order from the table, the right side panel will display the username of the initiator of the trade, and if the user does not want to fully fill the selected trade, the trade amount can be modified from the Trade amount field or Amount Adjust buttons. Trade will be joined with the desired amount selected after clicking the available button (Call/Put/Touch/No Touch). In the trades information table the order that has been joined will update the percent the trade has been filled by the current trade.

Trades Table

The User field shows the username of the user that placed the trade.

Market shows the market where the actual trade was placed.

Timeframe field displays the Trade time of the current order.

Trade amount displays the initial BTC amount the user wants to add to the trade.

Entry price shows the trade’s entry price.

Target Price is only available for the Touch / No Touch trades, and it represents the

Current price display the live index price of the selected market where the trade has been placed.

The  Filled field shows the percentage of the trade that was filled by other traders.

The Unfilled amount with be fully refunded after the Open time ends.

Status field shows: – Open and the time countdown for trades that can be joined by other trades (if they were not 100% filled already); – Locked and the time countdown of the lock period when the trade ends is displayed for the trades that wait the end of the trade time and cannot be joined by others even if they are not 100% filled. The Status field will show Ended for ended trades, and Ended: Not filled, Ended: Won or Ended: Lost for personal trades.

Stake tab displays the total amount other users joined the trade with.

Payout tab shows in green the winning amount – which is 90% of the Stake – and in red the losing amount. If the payout is yellow that means that the trades were initiated using Touch / No Touch trading method and it represents the potential win or loss. The Payout field is updated live with the current win/loss status of the trade until the trade time has ended.

Start time shows the exact time and date the trade has been placed. Time and date are synchronized with your time zone selected in Settings.

End time displays the exact time and date the trade will end.

By clicking the “i” button in the Actions section of the table will display a popup window with detailed status of the selected trade.

The Copy Trade Share Link button will copy the trade share link to  clipboard so users can share it on social media sites or platforms (if the user you shared the link with it hasn’t registered yet on platform, he/she will register using your referral code – click here for details about our Referral Program).

The Copy Trade ID button copies the trade’s internal id to clipboard, this feature is useful when writing to the Support team so the order can be identified faster.

Interpretation of data relates to an ongoing trade

1. The trader “rgriscenko” has opened the first trade on BTC / USD, investing 0.005 BTC in Call, expiring one day.
2. The “uniteque” trader accepted the challenge by investing 10% of the total in Put.
3. By clicking on the “i” window will appear with the trade data.
4. Locked: the time to participate has expired. The trade is blocked. In the event of a win, “rgriscenko” only receives 10% of what he has invested and the uncovered difference is refunded to him.

5. The countdown indicates how long it is until the trade expires.


TRIBTC Support  is part of our Telegram chat You can ask any questions en English.

Visit Telegram Chat

Visit the Telegram Chat




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