A daunting research: To find your best broker

Traders seeking information on the best broker, usually wander into a search that often focuses on a supposed “best list” with dozens and dozens of nominations. These lists are totally unnecessary and harmful, and we’ll explain why.


1. Conventional lists depend on the agreements made by the parent site with their brokers. Often enough, unfortunately, they include various scammers and phony hosts that often prove ineligible of compensating their traders. These pages often highlighted by Google search are those with the most misleading information.

Demos and Minimum trade
2. What they tend to most always miss is that useful information such as demos, minimum trade, kind of platform etc, are often omitted or left ambiguous. Instead, they mislead data as they change over time, bonuses for example, or the payout rate (a trader’s gains).

Broker USA
3. Lists usually contain unlicensed brokers. They are easy to spot because they will allow you to trade even in the US, where binary options (except for one or two exceptions) is not authorized.

The cookie
4. It is completely useless to visit a broker merely to open an account. You will risk noticing only after that you have probably settled on the wrong choice, and lose whatever sum you invested. In addition, the broker will issue a cookie on your computer, storing your visit permanently and abolishing all future premiums you could have gained through a proxy. In case you wish to re-subscribe somewhere else, in exchange of promotions (such as our products), you should ensure that you have cleaned your history.

Choose the best broker

How to select the best broker for your binary optionsHow to select the best broker for your binary options

Before anything, open a demo account to test your strategy before attempting to deposit any amount of capital. Here are the steps to take:

The Best Broker
1. Choose a broker that offer premiums in return for a simple subscription on your demo. The ideal is to get a strategy, even a basic one to start (later switching to the real account you will get more benefits from the same site).
2. Clear “cookies” to delete your web browser memory of any previous visits.
3. Visit the broker via the link proposed by your trusted site (we hope that ours will be one of them).
4. Register and open a demo.
5. Experiment with the results of the strategy without risking too far.

The best binary options broker
Choosing the best broker does not mean getting the perfect broker, these do not exist.
If a particularly trusted broker has proven itself through the demo and suited your own flavor of trading with binary options, it is recommended to read up everything before entering into an actual account.

Remember that there will always remain something more to learn. Otherwise, the chance will be that your experience will grow on a costly expense


Below you can see the brokers most used by our traders. It does not mean that they are absolutely the best, but they have been selected based on the number of registrations and trading operations. In addition to these, you can view the complete list of brokers with relative comparison.

By registering through these links you get preferential assistance, various free resources and the possibility of free access to the VIP signal room. Clear cookies before visiting a broker. Send your ID, teh identification number that the broker assigns you, to info@freebinaryoptions.one.

Best Binary Options Brokers

Risk warning: "Binary options are not promoted or sold to retail EEA traders" If  the broker is not authorized in your area, e.g. IQ Option, OlympTrade  (Eurozone / Usa), you can choose from our Broker Comparison (reliable brokers who accept traders from all over the world, following image):

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