Opera VPN

Access brokers securely through a VPN

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A VPN or Virtual Private Network creates a private network connection between devices on the Internet.

VPNs are used to transmit data over public networks anonymously and securely . You can use the VPN network when you have difficulty connecting to a broker from Italy.

We show below the simple procedure, using the Opera search engine ( https://www.opera.com/it/download ), as it is free . It also has interesting features such as blocking ads.

We activate the VPN

The VPN connection is not active by default. We have to activate it.

Let’s try as an example to access the Quotex broker .

This is our Quotex affiliate link https://broker-qx.pro/sign-up/fast/?lid=13735 , but the procedure works with any other valid link.

If you don’t have it yet, download the Opera search engine https://www.opera.com/

Note: if it appears in English at the end of the post, we explain how to change the language to Italian.

Launch the program you downloaded (usually found in the download folder).

Open the settings from the three dashes at the top right and scroll until you find the VPN section:

Click “Enable in settings”.

Activate the VPN and the following screen appears, click the gray button:

Click the green button
Click the green button

The VPN connection is activated and you can choose the country of origin (which you can change):

Click the destination link on the search and you are connected:

Video Tutorial


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