Start earning with TRIBTC’s Referral Program

This is not the usual affiliation to the broker, which has been found to be difficult to obtain profits when you lack a number of users in a real account.

TRIBTC offers differently, only trading between traders, outside the conflicts of interest. Not only could you share the link, but the difference lies in sharing your trades with other traders in the simplest ways.

Do you participate in social media platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Youtube or Facebook? Increase your earnings by sharing your referral link on Telegram, a website, blog or social media and earn 2.5% of every trade that your reported users make on the TRIBTC platform. Gains are automatically credited in Bitcoin on your account.

The Referrals section of the TRIBTC platform shows real-time statistics on referrals and commissions earned. Maximize your earnings with the TRIBTC’s Media Kit containing high quality banners and images for social media platforms.


Furthermore, by sharing your trades, or those in which you participate, the TRIBTC link is automatically assigned to you. You will know that TRIBTC reserves (in addition to 90% payout) an extra 5% to traders, 2.5% each. If you invite your friends to try this broker, do something useful and honest: only 5% go to the broker, however the trade ends. The broker no longer cares whether you win or not!

If you need images to copy and share, download the media package

All the images you need to share and earn

All the images you need to share and earn


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