ūüíį SPIKBUY: The New AI Marketing but with something more!

Spikbuy is the new online e-commerce that earns its participants. Spikbuy is the alternative to AI Marketing, it is also an e-commerce such as Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, etc. At the moment it is also the only platform where you can make purchases with cryptocurrencies and electronic wallets.

Its network is also revolutionary and offers the possibility to earn passively.  Registration Link


Spikbuy. The first e-commerce platform with shared profits

Spikbuy. The first e-commerce platform with shared profits



Just buy one of the packages available, ranging from $ 10 to $ 50,000.
Once you have purchased the package you will not need to do anything, it will immediately start generating passive profit using the budget for advertising campaigns.

Basically you will get between¬†0.7% to 1.2% per day¬†of the subscription value.¬†ūüíį With one package you can generate 130% ($ 10 deposit) to 160% ($ 500 deposit) up to a maximum of 200% ($ 10,000 deposit) per month in ROI.

How much do you earn

Calculation of profit

For example, if we choose the 130 ROI pack we get a square of 30%, as the deposit is not returned.

Getting around 1% per day takes around 130 days. At the end of the 130 days, the bot stops and no longer produces profits.

Let’s now see two realistic calculations, of which no information can be found, and remember that there is a 3% commission on withdrawals.

For example, if we deposit $ 100, we receive $ 130, minus 3% withdrawal commission ($ 3.9) we receive $ 126.1, i.e. net gain of $ 26.1, which corresponds to an effective ROI of 26.1% in 130 days, net return 73.3% per year, spreading from the beginning to the end of the contract.

Of course, with the higher packs you earn more, we also did not take into account the transition to higher contracts where the difference is added. Again, referrers get extra returns.


✅ Spikbuy is a solid and real company with a worldwide e-commerce behind it.

✅ Spikbuy in addition to your passive income from the purchased packages, distributes 5% of its turnover daily with all users who join the Network!

✅ You can start with an investment of $ 10.

✅ Withdraw when you want, from $ 10 .

‚úÖSpikbuy is a real company, and has its European headquarters, in London.



Deposit methods :
– Bitcoin
– Transfer from user to user of Spikbuy


Withdrawal methods :
– Bitcoin
– Transfer from user to user of Spikbuy

Minimum withdrawal: $ 10

Spikbuy Registration Link





First register Spikbuy Registration Link .


Before depositing you have to decide which package to buy, then go to the menu and click on ‚ÄúSpikbuy pack‚ÄĚ to view the available packages.¬†You can start as low as $ 10.

Consider that you will get between 0.8% to 1% of the package value on a daily basis.

NB If you purchase a package, you can upgrade to subsequent packages at any time .


Once you have chosen the package, go to the menu and to the ”¬†Finance¬†” item to make the deposit.
Click on the ”¬†Deposit by BITCOIN¬†” button, enter the amount of the value of the package you wish to purchase and¬†click on¬†continue.
A screen will open with the number of Bitcoins to send and the address to send to.



To buy Bitcoin you can use any exchange, I personally use Binance. Link to Binance registration.
As an amount, always enter something more to cover the commission costs between the purchase and the withdrawal on Spikbuy.

Once you have purchased the amount of Bitcoin you will need to make the withdrawal and enter the address on the Spikbuy page as the address and as the amount you must enter the amount that will reach the amount written on Spikbuy with the commissions (on Binance there is the wording at the bottom ” You will receive: ‚ÄĚwhich would be the amount minus the commissions).

Once this is done, it will be necessary to wait for the withdrawal times, at most a few hours.


After depositing the Bitcoins you can buy the package of your choice by going back to “Spikbuy pack” in the menu and clicking on the “Buy” button of the chosen package to buy.

ūüíįOnce you have purchased the package you will not have to do anything and you will start earning!

Example of active page

We have recently started but the platform works intuitively and smoothly.

our new page




Report of the meeting of the leaders with Dimitri Montalto the founder of Spikbuy on 20/04/2021

Some data from the first month of activity:

  • 13000 Members of which 43% active or 5590 members who develop the business.
  • Evolution of registrations: 27% per day.
  • The average daily return for the 1st month: 1.027%
  • Total Spik in circulation 80,000,000

In preparation

  • Solutions are being defined for the addition of new payment methods including Visa Mastercad.
  • USDT as a payment and withdrawal method.
  • Spikbuy Network front page
  • Evolution Dashbord Spikbuy Network


  • June 2021: New spikbuy.com website
  • November 2021: Implementation of customer sponsorship
  • March 2022: Spikbuy application
  • June 2022: SPIKBANK
  • Cashback on purchase + Advantage card
  • September 2022: Launch of the Spik crypto
  • ÔłŹJanuary 2023: ICO pre-launch
  • June 2023: LAUNCHPAD Binance
  • Evolution bonus
  • Infinite Bonus: Stop peaks on June 30, 2021.
  • Rating of all Spiks for the ICO for 25%
  • Added a new bonus which is the Matching Bonus or the Generational Bonus.

Follow us on

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/aimarketing.hyperfund

Telegram https://t.me/AI_Marketing_Italiano

Spikbuy Registration Link


My thoughts on Spikbuy

Will Spikbuy become a new e-commerce giant? I do not know. But the company has a supply chain, after-sales service and great products, which is already a great start.
Personally, I still prefer to put a part of my funds in an innovative company like this, to have an extra asset somewhere.¬†And if it doesn’t survive, I will have wasted my investment, no matter how small.¬†Also, being new it could stay alive for at least some time!

The too high returns also make me think that in the long run the project is not sustainable, so it is better to plan a possible escape route without investing too much.

However, if I was afraid of all the news, scams and not believing in any plan, then I would continue to cultivate my garden.¬†If you can afford to invest even ‚ā¨ 10, then why not try it, perhaps diversifying into 2 or 3 projects, such as¬†AI Marketing¬†and¬†HyperFund¬†.

Of course I don’t invest more than I can afford to lose.¬†Personally I made my choice, the future will tell!

Register for free at Spikbuy

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