Spectre.ai is the world’s first brokerless and fraud-free trading platform

(Article sent to us by Athol Nourse, Business Development Director, Spectre.ai)

Using unique smart contract technology built on the Ethereum blockchain, traders can trade directly against a decentralized pool of liquidity. 

Spectre.ai - The world's first broker-less financial trading platform

Spectre.ai is one of the first practical applications of Ethereum-powered smart contract technology.

Instead of traditional forex, binary options, and speculative trading platforms, Spectre.ai offers a much safer, trustless, brokerless trading platform. Users can take speculative trades on over 70 assets and see outcomes in as little as 5 minutes. All transactions occur across the ethereum blockchain instantly, and eliminate any chance of fraud on the broker’s side.

spectre. no brokers. no deposit. no fraud

After an extremely successful ICO in December 2017, Spectre.ai has been outpacing roadmap goals and is already onboarding live users.

The Forex, Options, and Speculative trading industry represents over $4trillion in daily volumes. The closest fiat-based competitors of Spectre.ai are currently doing annual volumes exceeding $3 billion and Spectre is looking to grab a sizeable share of this market.

This represents one of the single largest shifts from fiat to usage of cryptocurrencies and represents a tremendous move forward for blockchain technologies in general.

Users from over 137 countries with an eth wallet can create an account and begin trading in under 30 seconds with Spectre.  The unique UI is designed to simplify the complex world of trading for everyone.

To encourage users to check it out, Spectre currently offers a free demo trading account loaded with 100 ETH for users to try it out and then begin profiting from the world’s first brokerless trading platform.

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