Binary Options MT4 with OptionField. Broker Review and Guide.

If you are looking for a broker with “instant” inputs OptionField is for you. It has the fastest entries among all the brokers tried so far. Optionfield is the broker used for automatic trading “Sunday Gap” (chat Telegram) and is one of six brokers compatible with the MT2 bot.

OptionField Update March 12, 2020

Due to the demand from traders, Option Field introduced two major changes this month:

1. Classic account holders now have a small minimum size starting at USD / EUR 1

2. PRO account holders now have access to several brand new binary cryptocurrency options. To mark the latest improvements, the minimum deposit requirement for a new PRO account will be lowered to 500 USD / EUR until the end of March.

If you already have a PRO account, contact the support team for your special offer.

The new OptionField broker allows inputs for binary options directly from Metatrader in a very simple way. Read this guide, it will be very useful. Open to EU traders.

Those interested in automatic trading with OptionField can read comments on the telegram chat channel Robot Binary Options.

The OptionField home page. Register to access the demo

The OptionField home page. Register to access the demo

And now our comment on OptionField

  • Minimum Trade $ 1
  • Minimum Deposit $ 100
  • Payout up to 85% (declared, tested 75-79%, + 5% VIP)
  • Free demo
  • Deadlines 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes, 1, 4, 24 hours
  • New: Automatic input level setting
  • New: Trade closing values setting
  • Tournament 1000 € free monthly
  • Trading Binary Options from Metatrader 4
  • Accept EU trader, not USA.
  • St. Vincent & Grenadines Financial Services Authority (FSA) registration
  • Offices in Cyprus, tax residence St. Vincent & Grenadines
  • Deposits with Bank Transfer, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.
  • Guaranteed withdrawals (from segregated funds)
  • Payments processed by Zubaran Ltd
  • 100% bonus, 5 non-risk trades, crypto refund etc.
  • Desktop and Tablet / Mobile Platform
  • Max 5 operations simultaneously
  • No phone calls from the broker

How to deposit on OptionField


Come depositare su OptionField con bonifico SEPA

The SEPA Bank Transfer (Single Euro Payment Area) allows you to make a low-cost international payment, equal to that between Italian banks.
Example if you live in Rome and you have to send a SEPA transfer to Berlin, with the costs of the national ones equal to three euros, also to carry out this operation you will have to bear the payment of this sum of money.

WHAT TO DO (two options):
1. Contact OptionField giving amount and email. You will receive a simple proforma from the broker to fill in with your bank details.
2. Write us to communicating the amount and email. We will send you the proforma to your email

ESMA broker

About EU trader, we ask chat confirmation:

Trade Eu accettati broker non ESMA- OPTIONFIELD MT4 Binary Options

to learn more, or if EU traders can still trade with binary options


Our test showed the current payouts, they vary according to the deadline (new normal account, VIPs are higher)

  • 2, 3, 4 minutes 76%
  • 5 minutes 77%
  • 10 minutes 78%
  • 15, 30 minutes 77%
  • 1 hour, 4 hours 78%
  • 1 day 79%

Who is OptionField

New broker established in 2017, OptionField defines itself as a team of market professionals with experience in the major forex and binary options brokers in the world. They claim that many of the biggest and best known brokers have gone bankrupt because of too many limitations. This allowed the company to find many talents and provide new answers to the sector’s expectations.

The offices are in Cyprus, in the city of Limassol, where most of the well-known brokers reside: Gladstonos, 116 M. Kyprianou House, Floor 3 & 4, 3032, Limassol, Cyprus. The tax residence is in St. Vincent & Grenadines, as with ESMA restrictions it would not be possible to operate from Cyprus with EU traders. Payments processed by the Cypriot company Zurbaran Ltd.

So summing up, and as OptionField himself clarifies, the broker operates from St. Vincent & Grenadines, however has offices in Cyprus and for payments uses an external company, Zurbaran Limited which is based in Cyprus. We verified with a search on the register of companies in Cyprus, i-Cyprus, that Zurbaran is in fact in the list of regular activities with registration date November 1, 2017, the date from which it can also be deduced the start of OptionField’s activity .


Cyprus Company Register (click on the image to enlarge)

Cyprus Company Register (click on the image to enlarge)

The chat is ready to respond, but email contact is also possible at, or phone +357 (25) 030418.


The choice is complete with the most requested deadlines

OptionField Deadlines

OptionField Deadlines

How to get started with OptionField

First you need to register from the home. Keep and keep your login data and your password handy, you will need both to access the MT4 and to start the binary program.
Now you need to download two files: Metatrader and the extension program for Binary Options.

Find them on this page

Metatrader 4 binary options app

Metatrader 4 binary options app

3. Install the MT4 and binary extension file.

MT4 installation is the usual. Attention, when you get to the final screen, even accepting the subscription to the emails, it doesn’t go on. You must first put the password.

Close this box (cross on the right at the top) and the login window appears, where you enter the login and password. Note that the login data looks like this: “Login: 2132576494 EUR” copy and paste (including EUR).

MT4 Login

4. Now you need to install the binary extension file. Start it and as soon as it arrives at the following screen, enter your data, the same as MT4.

Warning! Remove the “EUR” part from the login, otherwise you will get an error message:

Finished. Go to MT4, arrange the graphics as you usually do and when you are ready to try click “New Order”.click "New Order"su

Now you can start your demo trading.

Real Account

For the real account you must use a different login number which is immediately assigned to you by clicking on MY ACCOUNTS, Live Trading.

Per il conto reale devi usare un diverso numero di login



MT4 OptionField Trading Payout at this time (around 1pm GMT)
Eur / Usd 75%
USD / Jpy 75%
Aud / Usd 75%
Aud / Cad 75%
Eur / Chf 75%
Eur / Jpy 75%
USD / Chf 75%
Others drop to 74, 72, and even less. If you switch to Pro, the payout increases by 5% (deposit for PRO $ 500)
In practice 5% less than what they declared, we will check at other times.


OptionField is the broker where you operate with the familiar MT4. To deposit? Yes, but first ask us for confirmation of the correct registration, we can be useful in case of need.
1. Verify the registration by writing to
2. Verify your account with the broker by sending your usual two documents
3. Only after the verification deposit with:
a) Bank transfer (fast, as with a local account)
b) with, which is a wallet that can be loaded with a credit card, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal etc.


Useful Shares:

Another specification for deposits without Upay.
1) Open an account on CoinBase and verify it (time 1 hour).
2) Purchase a crypto by credit card associated with the CoinBase account for the amount you want to pay on Option Field.
3) Go to the OptionField Deposit Info section and choose crypto deposit. A QR code appears associated with your real mt4 account.
4) Open CoinBase App, frame OptionField’s QR code and choose the amount to be sent. Done, money sent and in 20 minutes I’m on the account.
… purchased LTC (for a value of 100 euros) about 2.12xxxxxxx minus 3.60 € of commissions.
Sent to OptionField which makes you 3% CashBack, then recover the Coinbase commissions.



Special trading functions

In addition to the classic input function by pressing the Call / Put buttons, OptionField has two interesting and innovative options, Pending and Roller

Market Roller Pending


Market Roller Pending

By setting a value on the graph, the operation will start upon reaching the set level, a convenient function for those who cannot always be present in front of the graph


Allows you to close the operation above or below a certain threshold.

Video Tutorial Part 1a: Installation and Operational Preparation

In just two minutes how to open the MT4 demo with OptionField binaries:

Video Tutorial Part 2a: Example of Trading

Video Tutorial Part 3a. the WebTrader platform

Technical tip

Trendlines drawn on OptionField’s MT4

If you activate on MT4 Williams, Fractals, you already have pivots for trendlines! and you can enter the trade directly if you have OptionField!

Trendlines drawn on OptionField's MT4

MT4 comparison

The biggest problem for traders? The different candles!
Two overlapping MT4s, Alpari and OptionField. The difference is there, but it is minimal.

MT4 comparison

MT4 comparison

One of the biggest problems for traders? The different candles!
Two overlapping MT4s, Alpari and OptionField. The difference is there, but it is minimal.

Comments and Acknowledgments

The broker is new, 2017, and there seem to be no negative comments. The chat responds promptly.

  Commenti positivi anche dal conosciuto per affidabilità Forex Peace Army
Commenti positivi anche dal conosciuto per affidabilità Forex Peace Army
Forex Peace Army OPTIONFIELD MT4 Binary Options
Go to the OptionField broker page
OptionField Home Page


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