HyperFund. An advantageous opportunity from the crypto world: from 1 000 to 40 000 dollars!

HyperFund allows investments in the field of decentralized finance, by means of cryptocurrencies. 

Before explaining what HyperFund is, how it works, and if it’s a safe form of investment, let’s quantify the possible profits, up to 40x. And if you are interested, analyze the project that follows below. Let’s see some examples.

Warning. High return, high risk. Investing online and on DeFi are for those who understand the risk of losing their funds.

For those looking for the quick topic on how to withdraw from HyperFund and related costs, we have prepared an article on purpose: https://www.forzaforex.it/hyper-fund-come-prelevare-e-quanto-costa-mof-hu-ed- usdt /

How much you earn with Hyper Fund

This investment crypto wallet allows you to create a good capital, even multiplying it by 40 times!

They are obtained without withdrawing for a certain time, thus reinvesting and exploiting the strength of compound interest. In any case, even without reinvesting, and without looking for investors, we will have a minimum of 15% monthly income. Let’s take some practical examples with an invested capital of $ 1000 for simplicity, for different amounts you go in proportion.

By investing $ 1000 I get (linear release) :

$ 3,000 or 300% of the investment in 600 days. I purchase a $ 1000 Membership and get all $ 3000 back after 600 days without taking action. Fees are paid daily ($ 5, 0.5% of principal) until depletion. ($ 5 x 600 days = $ 3000). You can also withdraw at will (minimum $ 50 at a time, so every 10 days).

Reinvesting the fees (compound interest):

Option 1:   $ 39577  which is paid after 1 year and 8 months with daily payments of $ 96.75 until $ 39577 is used up, then for 409 more days (approximately 1 year and 1 month of receipts). Total 2 years and 9 months approximately. That is 2 years and 9 months to have $ 40,000 starting from an investment of $ 1000 . What if we invested $ 3,000? Ben USD 120 thousand in our portfolio after the same time. $ 400 thousand investing $ 10 thousand, and so on in proportion.

Option 2:  $ 8000 Paid over 8 months, plus you receive an annuity of $ 500 / month for 16 months.

Option 3:  $ 1000 (investment recovery) + 25,805 . In 200 days (about 6 months) you recover the invested capital. After, always with compound interest you get an additional $ 63 for 600 days, 1 year and 8 months ($ 25,805) (it’s like starting from scratch with a capital of $ 2000, the ones you still have to receive).

Other options: … many other custom combinations are possible using their calculator for predictions.

Do the math yourself with their handy earnings calculator

$ 1,000 to $ 40,000 in 2 years and 9 months is a good earning prospect!

The return is 0.5% monthly without sharing. Minimum investment is $ 300 . It is not necessary to look for other participants, even if it leads to a higher rate of profit.

The gain depends on your choice of withdrawals or redeposits, such as constant withdrawals, reinvestments etc.

HyperFund control panel

HyperFund’s simple and intuitive control panel, essential in its functions.

What is it, who is HyperFund

HyperFund is a company that offers its decentralized finance (DeFi) services via Blockchain. It is part of Hypertech Group ( https://hypertechgrp.com/ ) which includes numerous companies in the crypto sector.

The Blockchain is a subfamily of technologies, or as it is often specified, a set of technologies, in which the ledger is structured as a chain of blocks containing transactions, and consensus is distributed across all nodes of the network.

HyperFund has a digital wallet application that rewards you for bringing cash by purchasing their tokens .


The decentralized finance is an open source technology that reaches disintermediation through decentralized levels and the elimination of centralized intermediaries in order to improve the current financial system in all aspects, emphasizing the fundamental principles of openness, fairness and connectivity.

Take cross-border payment as an example, when a person remits money to a person in another country, they usually need to find a financial institution to complete the payment task, but they will charge a certain fee in return.

However, the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) app disintermediates the entire remittance process by sending digital money directly from its wallet to the beneficiary without the need for a brokerage service from the financial institution.

DeFi has many different financial applications, including payments, debit and credit, stable currency.

Multi-ecological digital wallet, which integrates several functions in a single platform. Safe, fast and multifunctional.

Always working to achieve our goals which, in most cases, coincide with those of our customers. At the same time, we are dedicated to our projects which allow us to explore and put new ideas into practice.

Hyper Bank . Blockchain crypto bank for the future, providing safekeeping services for cryptographic assets.

Collaborative trust, full trust, professional trust.

HyperTech / Due Diligence 2021

Get to know HyperFund better through videos and interviews. A collection of complete video documents, often difficult to find even with YouTube search (clickable PDF)

HyperTech / Due Diligence 2021

HyperTech / Due Diligence 2021

How to register, deposit and activate

Desktop invitation link: http://bit.ly/HiperFundRegister

Or with QR code.

It is necessary to frame this QR code with the camera, using any code reader application downloadable from Google Play.

The registration page appears:

Where it asks for the PIN (highlighted) enter a 6-digit number of your choice, not to be forgotten . It will be requested during transactions.

The Home Page appears, the landing page.

Storage area

Click on Account , red arrow:

Deposit Click on Account, red arrow

Then click on Details :

Then click on Details

Select USDT TRC20, copy the address and paste it on your exchange to send the funds to HyperFund:

Select USDT TRC20

The sending fees for the TRON blockchain are only one dollar ($ 1). Wait for the transaction to complete.


Now with the deposited funds you have to buy a membership. Go back to the Home Page and click Details

Activation Now with the deposited funds you need to buy a membership

Choose a membership:

Choose a membership

Accept the rules and click Next

Accept the rules and click Next

Confirm your purchase. Finished .

The system does everything by itself by crediting your account with 0.5% per day of the amount spent.

Example, if you bought the 300HU membership you will receive 1.50HU every day. You don’t have to do anything until it reaches 50HU, in this case about a month. The 50HU ($ 50) is then unlocked and you can withdraw it, or reinvest (recommended) by buying another 50HU membership (receiving 3x, or 150 HU) that are added to the capital you will receive over time.

How HyperFund works

HyperFund is a crypto wallet / exchange with HU currency (1HU = $ 1). H stands for Hyper, U for USD, dollar. HU is a stablecoin issued by HyperFund, the value of which is linked to the dollar.

There are no HUs in the market, so they must first be converted internally to the platform, but only when you want to withdraw.

By depositing USDT you receive the equivalent in HU. Memberships are bought with HU.

The membership are of 3 types: 300, 500, 1000 HU. As soon as the membership is purchased, the HUs are automatically multiplied x3. Example, I buy 1000 HU membership and get 3000 HU.

We cannot immediately withdraw or convert the 3000 HU, they are blocked tokens , but we are paid 0.5% of the $ 1000 daily , which is deducted from the total of $ 3000 until the exhaustion of this $ 3000, which corresponds to the reward we will receive gradually.

If we start with 1000 HU, every day we receive 5 HU (0.5% of 1000). In 200 days we will therefore receive a total of 1000 HU that can be withdrawn (5 HU x 200 days = 1000 HU), recovering our investment .

You can withdraw them after reaching at least 50 HU (10 days in the case of a $ 1000 purchase, 20 days for the $ 500, etc.), which corresponds to $ 50 (minus the crypto transaction fees if you withdraw).

In 200 days we will unlock the initial investment, and in 600 days, about 20 months, 1 year and 8 months, we will complete receiving our x3, that is $ 3000 . At this point the mechanism stops, as we have received the promised $ 3000.

We therefore received $ 3000 / 20months = $ 150 monthly, i.e. 15% monthly interest on the invested capital of $ 1000, tripling our initial capital.


In January 2020 the multiplier was x3.5, now it is x3 , and in the future it will decrease. When, it is not known yet.

Invite other investors

It is not essential to have other people register, but it still brings advantages that lead to speed up the process.

In fact, 20% of the profit of our “down liner” is scaled to us daily as a reward for having invited him, speeding up the “unlocking” of the tokens , without affecting his wallet.

The percentages increase by inviting additional people, and in this regard there are appropriate tables.

Buy the “MOF” cryptocurrency

To bring the dollars to the market we convert the HUs into MOFs (crypto regularly traded on exchanges) on the same parent site, and then convert these into BTC, USDT or other.


Do they give us money? How does Hyper Fund pay such a high profit?

HU and MOF are their tokens, so they theoretically cost them nothing. It is the market that pays, as we sell MOFs, whose value is given by the market itself.

HyperFund needs numerous investors to grow the number of exchanges and popularity that increase the value of their tokens, otherwise they could have invested alone.

The purpose of those who issue tokens is to increase their value over time.


Guys, but a company that investing $ 1,000 gives you $ 3,000, where does the $ 2,000 get?

It doesn’t give you $ 3000, it gives you 3000 HU, a stablecoin used for internal company trading. Once accumulated, you can convert the HUs into a company token regularly listed on various exchanges (currently the MOF – Molecular Future), then it’s up to you to transfer them to your wallet and sell them on the market. Basically, the company does not pay you, but the market.

Also: I don’t doubt them, but after 600 days.

Telegram channel

For sharing information and experiences https://t.me/HyperFundTelegram

Earnings reminders

If you’ve made it this far, here are some brief practical examples of “down to earth” income:

Hyperfund program. How much do I want to receive?

  • Demanding. Option 1    / I get $ 80,000 . I put 2000 and wait 600 days, then I get $ 5900 per month for 1 year and 1 month ($ 196 per day).
  • Practical. Option 2       / I get $ 26,000 . I put 2000 and wait 1 year, then I get $ 1800 per month for 1 year and 2 months ($ 61 per day).
  • Prudent. Option 3   / I get $ 11,500 . I put 2000 and wait 6 months, then I get $ 750 per month for 1 year and 3 months ($ 24 per day).
  • Wealth. Option 4 / I get $ 405,000 . I put in $ 10,000 and wait 600 days, then I get $ 30,000 per month for 1 year and 1 month ($ 990 per day)
    … etc.


Final considerations

But how is it possible that HyperFund pays so much? Let’s try to understand a brilliant system.

HyperFund pays us in MOFs , not Euros. MOF is a crypto currency issued by them, so it has an almost zero cost. Its value is obtained once it is in circulation, based on supply and demand.
The MOFs paid by HyperFund go on the market thanks to the compensation received from us investors and increase in popularity and therefore in value. Not long ago an MOF was worth $ 0.1 and today 6/7 times as much.

Since HyperFund has a large amount of MOF, it obtains with this initiative an increase in the value of the tokens and therefore of its assets. Without this offer, HyperFund’s MOFs would remain worthless in their drawer.
Most of the companies that work in the blockchain world to finance themselves issue tokens that they offer to the market in advance at a low price (ICO). Advertising and investor interest do the rest. Keeping them for them would be worth nothing. Of course they must distribute a relatively low number, a compromise between the value of the tokens in their possession and the need for funding and advertising that allows them to finance their projects. In fact, HyperFund limits participation to 30 million customers.

HyperFund collects funding, as with ICOs, and in exchange gives its tokens. Instead of selling them immediately, he blocks them in exchange for an investment.
In short, in practice he creates the tokens, receives investments, in exchange he pays with his tokens, the tokens increase in value and earns both the investor and them.

MOF / USDT chart.  Doubling the value of MOFs in one month (OKEX exchange)

MOF / USDT chart. Doubling the value of MOFs in one month (OKEX exchange)

Good risk and good luck!


Hyper Fund Registration Page

   Registration Page Invitation



Hyper Fund is a project with foundations that prove solid, but like any online project, it carries risks that could lead to a good optimistic result, but also lead to loss of capital.

It is essential to understand the basics of risk and returns as in any business, especially doing your own research on the net. Each is responsible for their own investments.




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