The risks of trading with binary options brokers


Trading with binary options is exciting and often profitable, but will there be any surprises at the time of the withdrawal request ? Does the broker pay?

Let’s see what is the reality of the facts without half measures, to understand how to operate, how much to deposit and withdraw , and other tips to avoid the risks associated with trading.

Let’s take a cue from the Pocket Option chat to answer some questions, like this one by Paolo M .:

– How much should you keep on the account and how much to withdraw each time to be safe (I use Pocket Option )?

Answer : There is no precise rule, but there is a behavior to follow, and it applies to all brokers .

The broker makes money from your losses , so they don’t want traders who make thousands of dollars a week and hardly ever lose.

In practice, if you withdraw a few hundred euros a week you have no problems, I speak from experience of our traders to whom we recommend this behavior. If you are someone who operates with hundreds, if not thousands of euros per operation, I advise you to leave it alone, unless you know the risks, and that at the first refusal to pay (with perhaps vague contract motivation) you agree to lose the only one sum , without ever leaving much on the bill!

If you are a “normal” trader (the majority) who deposits for example 2/300 euros, withdraws max 100/200 at a time and perhaps often also loses, even if in the end with a positive balance, brokers well known and used by most, such as Pocket Option  or Quotex will not give you any problems. They have such a movement of capital that $ 1000 shouldn’t be a concern.

Less used brokers, even if attractive for some characteristics, carry a considerable risk.

The withdrawal of the “small” trader “is generally not examined, it is performed routinely among many others, instead the large amount passes to the examination of the managers who, while paying it, will begin to keep you under observation, hoping that by continuing to operate you can lose and then let the broker recover the loss. However if you were to request a large new withdrawal they will probably find the quibble not to pay you, or even close your account, as it is unwanted.

An alarm bell? Sometimes the broker raises the spread to unwelcome clients. In this case, run away immediately!

Finally, a suggestion for those with original or aggressive strategies. In this case, it is important to read the contract with the customer (which you can find on this site in the menu or with the search button).


The trader who operates in a traditional way, for example examining charts with technical analysis without using martingale, multi-inputs or other tricks, will find a pleasant experience in trading with binary options.

Be wary of those who repeatedly criticize in chats, perhaps in good faith. Often it is always the same few people who may have run into problems. Most of the traders we know have been operating for years without hassle, perhaps with the awareness that from binaries you do not get rich but still work with passion.

Pocket Option's Italian chat

Again, from the chat:

Franco P .: -I am obviously retail but I don’t invest a few euros. I will have reloaded 1000-2000 and for now I have made only one withdrawal of 3000 last week, but I would need to withdraw another 3000 so I am already “afraid” to do so-

A. Yes, it’s risky, maybe take 500 in various phases, deposit something, etc. never show that you want to escape!

Alberto G .: -But then on IqOption they still do binaries ?? I checked my old account, but I don’t see them …

A. Some rules must be followed. Here are their requirements:

It is necessary that you can satisfy at least two of the following three elements:

  • Volume of trade . You have made at least 10 trades (each worth € 150 or more) per quarter in the past 4 quarters.
  • Considerable portfolio . Your financial portfolio, including financial instruments and cash, exceeds € 500,000.
  • Relevant experience . You have at least one year of relevant experience in the financial sector, as you may have worked in some company in this sector.

On the home page you will find a comparison between brokers , to choose with confidence, but always keeping in mind the above!

ATTENTION. Due to EU regulations, Consob has blocked the most used brokers who do not fall within the list of their authorizations.

Pocket Option and Quotex have updated their links, accessible from anywhere in the world:

New Alternative Links for Quotex.
3. (in some cases not working)
4. ( in some cases not working)

New Alternative Link for Pocket Option

Do you want to know the opinion of other traders? Find out about the Telegram chat of non-Esma brokers!


How to get started.

RoyalQ, how to register, how to deposit and how to connect Binance.

This is the first part of the tutorial on the automatic bot, on how to get started. The second part of this post explains how to operate, and covers the settings and strategies.


This part is for beginners, and contains information on registering, paying the fee and linking to Binance. The second part is dedicated to those who have already activated the vote, and are therefore ready for actual trading, and settings and strategies will be treated.

RoyalQ is not available for desktop, but only in version for smartphone or tablet, downloadable from Google Play or the App Store.

Who is RoyalQ

The Royal Q intelligent trading system, with the full English name of Royal Quantitative, is a system that focuses on quantitative (*) artificial intelligence trading.

With 4 years of experience in developing quantitative strategies Royal Q has subsequently built quantitative systems for many international entities and refined investment strategy models, to maximize the use of participants’ funds and to help members maximize their profits through trading in the digital currency market.

(*) Quantitative trading consists of trading strategies that rely on complex mathematical calculations and numerical analyzes (quantitative analysis) to identify trading opportunities.

RoyalQ: scam or legit?

Unlike other online sites, RoyalQ does not keep your capital, but is financed through an annual subscription of $ 100, plus a 20% percentage of winnings. Your funds remain on your exchange (Binance or Huobi) which is connected via API.

A page similar to the following will open, where you can enter your e-mail address and password:

Request the verification code that you will receive by email.

Deposit and Activation

RoyalQ deposit and activation


Now go to the “Mine” menu. On Asset you will find the address to deposit. 120 USDT recommended, 100 for the annual subscription and 20 for a commission fund that the bot will use for transactions (gas fee). Copy the USDT TRC20 address and paste it on the Binance “Withdrawal” page.

After the bot receives the payment you will need to activate it, again on the same RoyalQ Mine page , in the top yellow box.


Connect the bot to Binance via API. Go to Binance in the API section:

You can also use Binance on your computer:

Before creating the API you need to choose a name, for example RoyalQ. Then click CREATE API:

Binance will show you the API Key and the Secret Key which you will need to paste on the RoyalQ app.


Make sure you select the API restrictions i.e. Enable Reading and Enable Spot & Margin Trading.

Instead, the Enable Withdrawals item must not have a check mark, to avoid any external access by third parties to withdrawals.

On the desktop they will appear like this:

Now go to RoyalQ Home and click API Binding.

Click Binance. Here it is orange because the connection from me is already active. At first it will be gray for you.

Click the Binance box and copy and paste the addresses Binance has provided you with.

The box in orange means that the API connection is complete and you can start automatic trading.

Another recommended operation is to restrict access to RoyalQ’s IPs for security reasons.

Then click on the orange Binance banner, the following window appears:

Copy the addresses and paste them on the Binance API page, in the section “Restrict access to trusted IPs only”:

Start trading

We will dedicate another section to trading and strategies.

For now we anticipate that there are two types of trading, the Quantitative and the Circle , to which you access through the icons you find in the menu below.

The first gives access to personal trading, the second to the automatic strategies of external suppliers.

To start, click on a pair of coins and a screen appears with access to the settings , which we will discuss in the second part.

Telegram chat

Part Two, Strategies and Settings can be found here:

Invitation link:

Second part on settings and strategies -royalq /

If you don’t have Binance yet, with this link we share the 20% discount on fees (10 + 10)

Tron Smart Contract Website Unreachable. How To Withdrawn

What the Smart Contract at the top of the page looks like

What a Smart Contract looks like at the top of the page (show the address)


How to withdraw from the Tron smart contract even if the site is unreachable.

This article is very important because it explains how to get our TRX tokems even if the site is no longer accessible.

Of course we will succeed in our intent as long as the account has not already been drained, so in case you need to hurry.

In fact, what no investment site with smart contract tells you, is that it is true that it is a decentralized business on blockchain, unassailable and scam-proof, but if the funds are completely withdrawn by investors without anyone depositing it anymore, the possibility of recovering our money becomes impossible.

So let’s suppose that we operate every day quietly with deposits and withdrawals, when we realize one day that the site no longer loads. Naturally the panic begins and checking on the telegram we realize that everyone confirms this bad situation, asking how they can get their funds back.

So let’s see how to withdraw our money from the smart company anyway.


1. Smart contract address

It is advisable to keep the site contract address in advance in the event that the page cannot be accessed in the future.

But suppose we haven’t memorized it. To do this we have several ways.

Normally, if the website works, we find the address by clicking Check Contract (or similar) and access the contract.

This option is not available if the site is out of order.

Option 1.

So let’s go to the site . Suppose we are looking for Troncase.

Let’s scroll down and we should find the contract (red arrow).


Option 2. Google cache

If the search does not give results, you can search for the name on Google. Example: Atton Bank Dapp Radar cannot find it With the search they have to find the site, even if it doesn’t open. We do not click on the name but on the arrow.

A page previously saved by Google (cashed) of the site will appear. If we are lucky we are shown the stored page, with the possibility to click and access the Smart Contract:

Option 3. Our Tron wallet

We can also go to our Tron wallet and search among the operations carried out:


We have found the address of the smart contract and now we want to withdraw.

2. Withdrawal

We have 3 types of possible operations

  1.  Simple withdrawal

We log into Tronscan with the address we have. We copy the contract address and insert it in the smart contract under CONTRACT, WRITE CONTRACT.

Let’s go to item 1. Withdrawn and click send:

the request to connect the wallet opens:

Connect and confirm the operation in the wallet.

A message should appear under the withdrawn box after the operation, under the root entry: ” No value return”

This means that the transaction was successful and that ALL the withdrawable amount has been transferred and should be in your wallet.

Note that you will be allowed to withdraw as long as the contract balance is not zero .

3. Withdrawal with amount

In this case go to CONTRACT, WRITE CONTRACT, find the withdrawn box and enter the amount you want to withdraw and click Send:


If you don’t get an error message you can confirm the transaction.


4. Cancel the withdrawal block (End Stake)

If the funds are frozen you must first unlock them. This is the unlocking procedure, not the withdrawal procedure.

Go to CONTRACT, Read Contract. Scroll until you find the item “” stakeCount “. Paste your address and click Call. In this example the root appears: “3”, ie you have 3 stakes.

Now I want to see the position of the stakes, I go to the stakeList, paste my address and insert “0”, because all stakes start with zero.


Copy the ID at zero, and go to “stakeEnd” and paste the ID number without the comma, otherwise it gives you an error

Then your wallet appears where you confirm. You have unlocked your tokens.


If the site page doesn’t open, don’t panic. Follow the steps and if there are still funds you can get your money back.

another important article you need to read:

Tron Smart Contract. 6 Data to Check Before Investing!

Tron Smart Contract. 6 Data to Check Before Investing!

TRON Smart Contract. 6 facts to check before investing!

Investments in smart contracts that use the Tron wallet are high yield but high risk. We check 5 smart contract items to make sure we take as little risk as possible.

First we look for the button that allows us to access the contract (eg. TronMoon )

1. TRX Balance.

We want the balance, that is the capital on deposit, to be high enough and to have a trend that increases over time. So let’s check the Balance TRX. We open the contract and go to the Balance item. We want this balance not to be zero and possibly more than 1 million TRX.

In this case we have over 14 million TRX, about $ 930 million. A good value.

We can also see the balance history by scrolling down and clicking ANALYSIS:

It is good that the balance increases over time and does not tend to decrease. This chart has a good seal. For example, another smart contract (FinyTron), is not as valid, it has a sudden fall in a few days:

2. Source code verified

Let’s go to the CONTRACT item and check that the symbol next to the Contract source code item   is active (green):

What does it mean? It means that the code matches the one stored on the blockchain. This is important for developers and programmers who want to check the content, to see if it matches what is advertised on the site. The code is shown by scrolling down the page:

There is also a site ( DeFi Audit ) where an independent developer checks if the code matches the original and that there is no “hidden door” (exit code) that allows a scam exit.

If you are not interested in these details, move on to the next entry.

3. Number of transactions

It is useful to know how many people are transacting in this contract. Click TRANSACTION

You see that transactions are made every minute. if there were no transactions in the last few hours, or worse days, it would be a bad sign.

4. Event Type

We click EVENTS. This window shows us deposits and withdrawals in real time . If there are only withdrawals (withdrawn) it is a bad sign.

It means that the contract probably won’t run out of funds in the short term.

5. Telegram group

This is a very important aspect. We want to see if the participants are numerous, if they increase over time, and the mood of people about the related smart contract. It is also important if the administrator answers the questions, if he is quick and courteous.

TronCase telegram

6. Start date of contract activity

Everything shown so far is of relative importance if the opening date of the site does not occur.

A site that has been running for a few days will not perform at its best yet, so take this into account for our evaluations.



To finish here is a first comparison between Tron Case and Tron Moon, since we are now able to read the data:

For those who want to try (pay attention to the risks, it is not an invitation to invest): profits around 3% per day for 100 days, 2.5% for 50 days with automatic reinvestments.

You may also be interested in:

Visit our. telegram channel for details

My Tron Smart Contract investments:



TRON HOME Crypto Bot for Passive Income


TRON HOME Review. Earn 0.5% to 1.5% per day from Crypto Trading Robot

TRON HOME LTD is an innovative platform for automatic earnings on the global cryptocurrency exchange market.

Access to the operating site is only via invitation link Go to the registration page


TRON HOME was founded in 2021 and registered in the UK .

TRON HOME is an international company that develops an online platform for automated trading on the cryptocurrency exchange market. The company is directly engaged in investment activities and in attracting the assets of private investors.

The modern investment market does not allow you to successfully work only on the experience and knowledge gained in previous years, so it is necessary to use the latest scientific and technical developments of the Trin Home activities, to analyze and calculate the investment program.

Tron Home developed an automated trading tool in 2020. The approach is based on an artificial intelligence procedure , which works according to a unique algorithm. An in-depth analysis of the cryptocurrency market is done through artificial intelligence. The robot can collect and interpret a huge amount of data. Then place trades according to strategies formulated by experienced traders to maximize profits.

Experts from the group work not only in different countries, but also in different continents, in different time zones. At the same time, Tron Home has a common feature: attention to results and the concentration of all efforts at the highest level.

TRON HOME company includes traders from countries such as the United States, Great Britain, China, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Russia and South Africa. Each of our traders has their own long-term experience and skill in cryptocurrency trading! The company has extensive experience working on the largest international online digital currency exchange services, such as: BitMEX, Huobi Global, Bithumb, Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken.

Tron Homer’s investment plans are carefully verified and calculated to minimize possible risks. In this way, those who invest in the platform will not only receive a high daily income, but will also gain confidence and financial stability in general.

How do you earn

The fees are automatic, without any commitment on the part of the investor. The minimum deposit is 1000 Tron (now around $ 58). Tron is a crypto currency that is now worth around $ 0.059 per 1 Tron.

Tron is a very popular blockchain (TRC) for low-cost exchanges.

The return is from 0.5% to 1.5% per day , variable depending on the results of automatic trading.

One of the Tron Home accounts is already active:


You can follow the bot’s trading operations live on the site.



The basic principle is not manual trading. Trading bots take care of the trader’s balance. Transactions are opened and closed automatically. You just have to keep track of your profits.

1. Trading 24/7. Tron Home’s servers run smoothly and continuously.

2. Selection of the best trading pairs and the possibility of simultaneous trading with a huge number of them – up to 100 pairs.

3. An error in the calculations, that which can be done by a person, is excluded.

Automated trading bots are computer programs designed to buy and sell cryptocurrency at the right time , all for the purpose of making a profit. They work in three stages: signal generation, risk allocation, and finally execution. This innovative algorithm brings on average 1 to 5% profit per day.

100% of the funds invested by the client are not used. The maximum is up to 20% of the deposit amount . Therefore the risk of drawdown is reduced.

Trading takes place on the BitMEX, Huobi Global, Bithumb, Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken exchanges .


How to deposit

Bitcoin or ethereum can be deposited. To avoid high transaction costs there is the option of depositing with Tron coin.

You need to install the TronLink application, the Tron wallet, and transfer the Trons from your exchange to it.

On the Home page click “” CREATE DEPOSIT “. Then click on “Deposit an account” from the left menu and then on the Tronlink box. The open platform will automatically recognize the wallet. Enter the amount, confirm and wait for the network confirmations.


TRON HOME LTD is registered in the UK . The registered office is 9 Plaistow Grove, London, England, E15 3EP.

The office is equipped with the most modern technologies and is composed of many departments:

The company’s top management develops strategic planning and the distribution of financial flows between markets.

The IT department analyzes the new technical solutions that appear on the market on a daily basis , as well as developing its own solutions that not only automate business processes, but also reduce investment risks through precise tactical and strategic planning.

The customer support service not only provides comprehensive advice on how to work with the platform, but is also ready to provide general advice on investment matters. Using the latest technical achievements, it provides complete processing of customer requests and qualified assistance in the shortest possible time.

For questions, or requests for additional information, official support is:



The audit is an independent assessment aimed at obtaining evidence, relating to a given activity, and evaluating it objectively, in order to establish to what extent the pre-established criteria have been met or not

Audit page of the Tron Home project


Download the complete PDF presentation of Tron Home with numerous descriptive information



Register on TRON HOME , you will find the new features and tools you need to be successful.

Register on the Tron Home website

Register on the Tron Home website

Join the Telegram channel

SPIKBUY The New AI Marketing

💰 SPIKBUY: The New AI Marketing but with something more!

Spikbuy is the new online e-commerce that earns its participants. Spikbuy is the alternative to AI Marketing, it is also an e-commerce such as Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, etc. At the moment it is also the only platform where you can make purchases with cryptocurrencies and electronic wallets.

Its network is also revolutionary and offers the possibility to earn passively.  Registration Link


Spikbuy. The first e-commerce platform with shared profits

Spikbuy. The first e-commerce platform with shared profits



Just buy one of the packages available, ranging from $ 10 to $ 50,000.
Once you have purchased the package you will not need to do anything, it will immediately start generating passive profit using the budget for advertising campaigns.

Basically you will get between 0.7% to 1.2% per day of the subscription value. 💰 With one package you can generate 130% ($ 10 deposit) to 160% ($ 500 deposit) up to a maximum of 200% ($ 10,000 deposit) per month in ROI.

How much do you earn

Calculation of profit

For example, if we choose the 130 ROI pack we get a square of 30%, as the deposit is not returned.

Getting around 1% per day takes around 130 days. At the end of the 130 days, the bot stops and no longer produces profits.

Let’s now see two realistic calculations, of which no information can be found, and remember that there is a 3% commission on withdrawals.

For example, if we deposit $ 100, we receive $ 130, minus 3% withdrawal commission ($ 3.9) we receive $ 126.1, i.e. net gain of $ 26.1, which corresponds to an effective ROI of 26.1% in 130 days, net return 73.3% per year, spreading from the beginning to the end of the contract.

Of course, with the higher packs you earn more, we also did not take into account the transition to higher contracts where the difference is added. Again, referrers get extra returns.


✅ Spikbuy is a solid and real company with a worldwide e-commerce behind it.

✅ Spikbuy in addition to your passive income from the purchased packages, distributes 5% of its turnover daily with all users who join the Network!

✅ You can start with an investment of $ 10.

✅ Withdraw when you want, from $ 10 .

✅Spikbuy is a real company, and has its European headquarters, in London.



Deposit methods :
– Bitcoin
– Transfer from user to user of Spikbuy


Withdrawal methods :
– Bitcoin
– Transfer from user to user of Spikbuy

Minimum withdrawal: $ 10

Spikbuy Registration Link





First register Spikbuy Registration Link .


Before depositing you have to decide which package to buy, then go to the menu and click on “Spikbuy pack” to view the available packages. You can start as low as $ 10.

Consider that you will get between 0.8% to 1% of the package value on a daily basis.

NB If you purchase a package, you can upgrade to subsequent packages at any time .


Once you have chosen the package, go to the menu and to the ” Finance ” item to make the deposit.
Click on the ” Deposit by BITCOIN ” button, enter the amount of the value of the package you wish to purchase and click on continue.
A screen will open with the number of Bitcoins to send and the address to send to.



To buy Bitcoin you can use any exchange, I personally use Binance. Link to Binance registration.
As an amount, always enter something more to cover the commission costs between the purchase and the withdrawal on Spikbuy.

Once you have purchased the amount of Bitcoin you will need to make the withdrawal and enter the address on the Spikbuy page as the address and as the amount you must enter the amount that will reach the amount written on Spikbuy with the commissions (on Binance there is the wording at the bottom ” You will receive: ”which would be the amount minus the commissions).

Once this is done, it will be necessary to wait for the withdrawal times, at most a few hours.


After depositing the Bitcoins you can buy the package of your choice by going back to “Spikbuy pack” in the menu and clicking on the “Buy” button of the chosen package to buy.

💰Once you have purchased the package you will not have to do anything and you will start earning!

Example of active page

We have recently started but the platform works intuitively and smoothly.

our new page




Report of the meeting of the leaders with Dimitri Montalto the founder of Spikbuy on 20/04/2021

Some data from the first month of activity:

  • 13000 Members of which 43% active or 5590 members who develop the business.
  • Evolution of registrations: 27% per day.
  • The average daily return for the 1st month: 1.027%
  • Total Spik in circulation 80,000,000

In preparation

  • Solutions are being defined for the addition of new payment methods including Visa Mastercad.
  • USDT as a payment and withdrawal method.
  • Spikbuy Network front page
  • Evolution Dashbord Spikbuy Network


  • June 2021: New website
  • November 2021: Implementation of customer sponsorship
  • March 2022: Spikbuy application
  • June 2022: SPIKBANK
  • Cashback on purchase + Advantage card
  • September 2022: Launch of the Spik crypto
  • ️January 2023: ICO pre-launch
  • June 2023: LAUNCHPAD Binance
  • Evolution bonus
  • Infinite Bonus: Stop peaks on June 30, 2021.
  • Rating of all Spiks for the ICO for 25%
  • Added a new bonus which is the Matching Bonus or the Generational Bonus.

Follow us on



Spikbuy Registration Link


My thoughts on Spikbuy

Will Spikbuy become a new e-commerce giant? I do not know. But the company has a supply chain, after-sales service and great products, which is already a great start.
Personally, I still prefer to put a part of my funds in an innovative company like this, to have an extra asset somewhere. And if it doesn’t survive, I will have wasted my investment, no matter how small. Also, being new it could stay alive for at least some time!

The too high returns also make me think that in the long run the project is not sustainable, so it is better to plan a possible escape route without investing too much.

However, if I was afraid of all the news, scams and not believing in any plan, then I would continue to cultivate my garden. If you can afford to invest even € 10, then why not try it, perhaps diversifying into 2 or 3 projects, such as AI Marketing and HyperFund .

Of course I don’t invest more than I can afford to lose. Personally I made my choice, the future will tell!

Register for free at Spikbuy

What is AI MARKETING. Scam or safe?

AI.MARKETING: Passive Earnings Platform with 30-70% monthly earnings.

$50 BONUS CODE to test the system:  0I5L-6XXQ-I2U6-5LMD

Link to the AI ​​MARKETING platform  (attention, do not use google play, scam programs)

An automatic system with artificial intelligence that allows you to profit from the numerous banners managed by Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. that advertise articles, websites and all sorts of products. Read the warnings in this article carefully.

Have you noticed that advertisements on your mobile are increasingly targeted to your interests? This means that they translate into good sales results for companies. Thanks to new artificial intelligence techniques, they know in advance what you could buy. High profits for these companies, but also for those who help finance them and you could be among them, even with minimal investment. The Ai.Marketing bot works on this concept, exploiting the fact that today most of the purchases are made from home. FAQ at the end of the page.

First considerations on AI Marketing.


– Modern and full-featured platform.

– Automatic earning system (MarketBot)

– High return rates, over 35%.

– $ 50 coupon to test the system.

– It is not necessary to “bring” other people.

– Realistic business concept.


– Return rates too high to think they are sustainable for long

– There is no certainty that the platform cannot close at any moment


Don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose.

A possible strategy could consist in trying to test with the free $ 50 coupon, and then eventually deposit the minimum necessary for the first earnings, for example 80/100 euros. By taking profits you will avoid any future risks. You will always be able to reinvest your profits without depositing further.


Despite being active for about 4 years (2 years in practice) and being an online business, AI Marketing could close BEFORE you have recovered your initial investment, so …

Good luck and good luck!

Note: The AI.Marketing platform has been on the market for some time, and this article was created after appropriate tests and research, with proof of payments. This is not a financial advice, nor an invitation to invest. We recommend that you do not deposit more than you are willing to lose and do your own research first.

Before learning about Ai.Marketing we checked on



Read opinions and comments on Trustpilot

Get started for free with our $ 50 coupon . Attention, follow the procedure well.

The PDF: AI Marketing can help you . How to register step by step without making mistakes

Step by step tutorial AI Marketing
Step by step tutorial registration AI Marketing

On our link takes you to the landing page:


It is necessary to view the video (only the first time) lasting about 5 minutes.

It is possible to change the language to Italian.


Registration has several options. It is important to register from the “blue cerebellum” (it will give further profits thanks to the INB.Network platform )

$ 50 bonus

To redeem the $ 50 free bonus you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Select the RECHARGE item from the menu on the left.
  • Select GIFT Voucher as payment method.
  • In the Gift Code item enter this code: ZPLD-CX5N-G4L1-RBE0
  • Click on PAY, done!


The $ 50 coupon is automatically credited to you as the bonus code is already entered in this box above the registration form.

Once inside the main page you have to load the bonus (see figure).

  1. Click My Advertising
  2. Buy Advertising
  3. From the drop-down menu choose “Gift certificate”
  4. Pay
  5. Enter the 16-digit voucher code ZPLD-CX5N-G4L1-RBE0
  6. OK
  7. Wait for the $ 50 balance to appear on the Balance, it can take some time, even a few hours.

For now, all you have to do is wait. The bot will take at least a couple of days to start up, and it will do everything by itself without your intervention. In the meantime, you can read up on the numerous videos you find on YouTube or online.

The page with your advertising balance

The page with your advertising balance

Meanwhile, we report here some information.

How does it work.

As anticipated, you will have noticed the numerous banners managed by Google Ads  that advertise articles, websites and all sorts of products.

AI.MARKETING   uses an automatic program, called MarketBot , which, thanks to an artificial intelligence, autonomously scans the web in search of trending keywords to promote products and articles.


For comments and inquiries on any scams:

Trust Pilot

Here are some of the various sites where you can find information:

Various search links, just examples as there are lots of video tutorials (YouTube)

Useful and realistic considerations / Obi8

Do You Really Make Money With AI.Marketing?

What is behind AI Marketing and INB Network?

Payments and Withdrawals

The credit card option appears not to be working at the moment. If you don’t want to use cryptocurrencies (transactions are expensive today) Payeer allows you to deposit and withdraw in a similar way to PayPal.

Campaign Statistics

You can follow the progress of your campaign on the Statistics page (INB. NETWORK)

Advice and doubts

Keep an eye on the remaining budget for the current campaign. When this balance ends, the Bot will stop the campaign will stop. Consider the recharge your budget as soon remain  about  20/30 $ , since between charging and by the Bot acceptance, it will take  2 to 3 days .

Of course, in the meantime, you can withdraw the accrued cashback, or reload the bot so that it doesn’t stop.

Is AI Marketing a Scam?

Currently we cannot say that AI Marketing is a scam. Despite the research carried out, in fact, we have not yet been able to find any user complaining of non-payments.

Whose platform is it

First, the platform says it operates from a London office, but uses a Hong Kong company for the technology and a Russian company for advertising. All this decentralization gave us the impression of being a bit artificial, especially since all the transfers are then coming from a Russian account.

Too positive results and unclear statistics

Although we firmly believe that artificial intelligence is the future also in the world of marketing, the results obtained by AI Marketing seem all too positive.

Investing 150 euros today, with a return of 30% (which is recalled several times on the site), in the space of 36 months we would have more than 120,000 euros in our portfolio. Such results have not even been achieved by the greatest geniuses of finance.

Conclusions and Strategy

AI Marketing promises huge returns with very little effort.

After having made various considerations, however, we do not feel like recommending the platform . The risk that it is a Ponzi scheme is high, even if the profits are obtained without distributing referral links.

Given that at the moment everyone is paid (but it is not known until when) a strategy could consist in withdrawing the first earnings to cover the investment, so as not to lose anything in the event that the platform stops working.

Too good to be true

Certainly, and in our opinion we expect it to close at any moment. Always keep this in mind.

Beware of scam applications!

Do not use Google Play applications! (Scam)



For those who want to keep their financial situation under control on AI Marketing (also to optimize their strategy) there is a free software (also in the pro version, a more complete paid version): AI GESTION

AI MANAGEMENT. AI MARKETING platform management program

One of the various pages of AI GESTION

You can also change the language to Italian.

Among the various functions are the use of the advertising budget, how much has been earned daily or monthly, a personalized forecast plan and much more.


Good luck!




How much money can I earn using the website?
The website has no fixed profitability. Its profitability depends on a large number of factors such as the cost of advertising and its efficiency, the number of refunds to customers, the speed with which purchases are confirmed, etc.
During a complete test of the system the MarketRobot showed a profitability between 25 and 35% profit per month on the amount of the Advertising Budget.

How does the system work?
The global product analysis and promotion system analyzes social media trends and search requests. The results of the analysis are used to select keywords and trends that are gaining regional popularity.

Programs / products that match regional trends are selected mainly because our platform is linked to the cashback programs of numerous websites (over 50).
The marketing team sorts advertising based on the trends of a particular region using Google Ad-words, Yandex Direct, social media and other internet platforms.

After customers attracted by advertising purchase a product or service, the Cashback Program Operator notifies us of the cashback via API and a provision with the status “Pending” appears on the personal account.
For more information on Cashback Operators, refer to There you can also find information on the cashback confirmation time, the individual confirmation rates and amounts for each operator. The values ​​given are average and may vary.

After the operator of the Cashback program confirms the purchase (if the customer does not request a refund or return of the ticket or product purchased, for example), we receive the cashback and the customer receives 55% of the cashback amount, while the website receives 45%. The cashback confirmation time depends on the cashback program and can take from 16 to 60 days. The cashback you receive is displayed in the “Cashback” account.
45% of the cashback received from mainly constitutes the company’s income. These funds are used to hedge operational activities and to support the MarketBot Protect fund. The MarketBot Protect fund covers payments to customers when customers return the refund of the product or service and the Cashback Operator cancels the payment.

Within the holiday season our analytics system detects that the word combinations “last minute tour”, “cheap ticket” and “book hotel” have become fashionable.
We select cashback programs from travel industry websites such as OneTwoTrip, Booking, Teztour, etc.

We order massive advertising in selected areas.
After customers have made purchases, accruals and deferrals will appear on your account as “Pending” in the “Sales” section of your account.
After the cashback has been confirmed by the Cashback program operator, the money is received on the “Cashback” account and is available for withdrawal.

How should I use the website step by step?

  • Financing.

First of all, you need to finance your ad balance. Go to the “Top-up” section at and finance the advertising balance with any available means. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether are currently accepted. We are working to add Visa and MC card payment methods.

  • Launch of an advertising campaign.

Moderation of advertising campaigns on Google Ad-words, Yandex Direct and other social media usually takes up to 48 hours. Within 48 hours, MarketBot will debit the money from the ad balance to start the ad campaigns (you will see your Ad Budget in the Stats section). Advertising campaigns will be launched and sales will begin after moderation is complete.

  • Accumulation of cashback.

After the ad-attracted customers make purchases, the cashback aggregators accumulate cashback and it can be seen in the “Sales” section with the status “Pending”. Cashback will be available after confirmation that the customer has not requested a return or refund. Confirmation terms may vary from one aggregator to another. For more information on average confirmation periods, see

MarketBot Protect
If the client requests a return or refund, the transaction is covered by the MarketBot Protect Fund and you will still receive the money owed. However, the money refunded by the MarketBot Protect Fund is credited to the advertising campaign budget, to the advertising account instead of the cashback account.

How can the money be withdrawn?
Go to the “Send” section and transfer your money into a cool wallet and then send it to the exchanger or use it in any other way at your discretion.

How long does it take to withdraw money?
The process can take up to 24 hours depending on the method selected.

Withdrawal of money.
The aggregators credit the money after confirming the purchases. After that the money is transferred from the “Pending” account to the “Cashback” account and becomes available for withdrawal.

It is clear that you can top up using Bitcoin or ETH. But what is USDT? Is it a payment system?
Tether USDT is a cryptographic stable currency (stable currency) pegged to the US dollar. Using it protects you from the volatility of the cryptocurrency.

What do the different accounts mean?
The Cashback account is the money you have earned.
The ad balance is the amount of your advertising campaign budget.
The credit account is a temporarily inactive fund of the Development Fund which must be repaid at the end of the advertising campaign. The profit will be credited to your cash account and you can use it at your discretion.
Pending is a part of the cashback account that contains the amount of remuneration for purchases that have not yet been confirmed by the aggregators.

Where can I find my account number? Which card do I see being added to my account?
When a personal account is registered with, a card is opened by default to credit the money earned. The card number is also your account ID.

I see the cashback on my card, but the status is “pending”. What does it mean?
It means that the customers to whom the ad refers have purchased a product or service and the operator of the cashback program notifies you of the cashback that will be accumulated after the confirmation of the purchase. As a result, you have a provision in your personal account which is displayed in the “Pending” section.

What should I do to confirm customer transactions?
You don’t have to do anything. You will have to wait for the cashback accrued for purchases to be confirmed by the cashback program operators and for the cashback amount to be transferred from “Pending” to your “Cashback” account. Then, your profit can be withdrawn by any convenient method.

How long will the cashback remain in “Pending” status?
It depends on the operator of the cashback program and can take 16-60 days. The confirmed cashback is displayed in the “Cashback” account. For more information on average compliance terms, see .

Who decides where and when the advertising campaign will be launched using the money from our advertising budgets?
The global product analysis and promotion system analyzes social media trends and search requests. The keywords and trends that gain popularity with the account for the region are selected based on the analysis results.
As our website is linked to the cashback programs of numerous websites (around 50), we select the programs / products that correspond to regional trends.
The marketing team sorts the advertising based on the trends of a particular region using Google Ad-words, Yandex Direct, social media and internet platforms.

I see a “Spent” section in “Statistics”. What does it mean?
The “Spent” shows the portion of your advertising budget that has already been spent on advertising promotion.

I logged into my account and funded my advertising balance. Do I need to take further action?
You don’t have to do anything now. Wait for the accumulated cashback (“Statistics” section) to be confirmed by the cashback program operators and for the cashback amount to be transferred from the “Pending” account to the “Cashback” account. Then, you can withdraw the cashback using any available method.

How can I make sure my money has started working?
The advertising campaign starts automatically when the advertising budget is financed. No further action is required.

How long will it take to make a profit after the ad budget is funded?
We need 48 hours to determine the key areas and start advertising.
We cannot say how long the advertising campaign will last. We debit the money from your account, buy advertising (views) and start an aggressive advertising campaign.

Ad assets charge money in proportion to the number of views. No one can say exactly how soon all the money will be spent and how fast your advertisement will appear. The only thing we can say is that smaller amounts are spent faster, while larger ones are spent slower.
There is a tab showing the money spent in the “Statistics” and the advertising campaign will run until the end of your advertising budget.

How to make money on your website?
The fastest way to make money is to finance your advertising budget. Then MarketRobot will order the advertisement and get the cashback. After confirming the aggregator, the cashback is transferred from the “pending” status to the “Cashback” account and can be withdrawn using the most convenient method.
Earn money without any investment. You can attend company events and perform tasks offered by the company.

Has the cashback for purchases accrued from the stores? Do you have agreements with them?
Large companies offer affiliate cashback programs or integrate with them via various cashback aggregators. In most cases, agreements do not have to be made directly with websites. Just accept the terms and conditions on the website.

What is my confirmed cashback fee?
After a purchase is confirmed by the cashback program operator, 55% of the cashback is obtained and the other 45% goes to

What other products does offer? also offers a service for companies: boost sales by integrating MarketBot to the client company’s website and supporting advertising campaigns with GPAP algorithms
For more information, see:

Visit the Home Page:


Bitcoin on Spectre with higher payouts

Now also Bitcoin on Spectre with higher payouts

A great news for the Spectre binary options platform , perhaps the best broker ever among those available in Italy

New crypto on Specter and more payouts

But why is it important? You can now convert your BTC to BCH and transfer them with very low fees, unlike Bitcoin costs. When the BCHs return to your wallet, you exchange them for BTC (if you want). However, not everyone wants to deal with crypto, which is why Pocket and Quotex remain first.

Spectre is certainly an excellent broker, with assistance always ready to help. Thanks to its decentralized position it remains today perhaps the safest broker, thanks to the funds on blockchain and the guarantee of external liquidity.

In our ranking of the brokers most used by our traders it is in third place after Pocket Option and Quotex , but it could have risen to the first if it had not had the limit of the single currency ETH and not low but average payouts.

Now, however, news reaches us that Specter has added Bitcoin and other crypto coins to the already present Ethereum (ETH) , thus allowing to choose the cheapest currency for transfers. In fact, it is known that transferring ETH is quite expensive, moreover many already have Bitcoin.

Today the news that comes to us by email:


Dear traders,

We are pleased to announce that, owing to popular demand, we have added Bitcoin and other popular digital assets to Spectre.

With immediate effect, you can now speculate on digital asset price movements without taking ownership of the underlying coins and without the need for an exchange account or special wallet.

The digital asset markets never sleep and are open 24/7. This means they are available on Spectre for 24-hour trading, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – it never closes!

To start with, you can trade the following digital assets:

    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Litecoin
    • Bitcoin Cash
    • Monero
    • Dash

Digital assets are prone to huge price movements in value and you can take advantage of this volatility by trading it on our Digital Contracts or CFDs with the highest industry returns, by a considerable margin, of 80% on a wide variety of expiries.

More will be added soon including top DeFi coins and NFTs with decent volumes.

Thank you for your continued support, and if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us. You can login here.

The Spectre Team


The high fees of Ethereum

Already in November of last year we had pointed out to Specter the difficulties of depositing and withdrawing with Ethereum, due to the high cost of transactions and we suggested using different coins to ETH:

Here’s an excerpt from our old conversation:

We were asking Specter to solve the problem of high transfer fees

Above: We have been asking Specter for a long time to solve the problem of high transfer fees

With the new coins the problem no longer arises.

Beware of commissions

Those who already transfer Bitcoins will know that even BTC is not exactly cheap, as today, on average, moving these coins costs on average at least $ 25.

Thanks to this new possibility of choice, it is possible to transfer a currency that has lower costs, such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for example, which has very low fees.

It is known that the fees vary over time, but this comparison (BTC, BCH and Dash) still gives an idea:

Fee comparison between BTC, BCH and DASH

Fee comparison between BTC, BCH and DASH

We see that Bitcoin Cash (green line) is by far the cheapest, with practically negligible fees.

We have communicated to Specter that we will inform traders:

“… Yes, we are very happy to add cryptocurrencies with such high payouts – no one else does! And we will add more cryptocurrencies over time and also DeFi coins “


There are many different deposit methods including credit / debit card and digital wallets like AdvCash, Perfect Money etc. , as confirmed directly by Specter:



Visit the Spectre broker

Visit the Spectre broker

How Grid Trading Works

How Grid Trading Works

Pionex grid trading

Note: more information on our Telegram Chat (English/Italian)

Let’s find out how the bot actually work.

In this example, we use BTC/USDT pair the following parameters (In this example Bitcoin mainly oscillates between $3000 and $4000).

  • Highest price: $4000
  • Lowest price: $3000 
  • Number of grid: 6
  • Amount per grid: 1 BTC

1. The bot will distributed the grid according to these settings.

2. The bot detect the current price ($3450) and remove the nearest order ($3400)  from it.

3. Turn all the orders into sell orders and buy orders. Also calculate the BTC and USDT amount needed for creating the bot (the bot will re-allocated your fund if needed).

4. When the price rise and hit the sell order ($3600), it’ll place a buy order one grid down from that grid, which is $3400 in this case.

The current price is now $3650.

5. When the price drop and hit the nearest buy order ($3400), it’ll place at the same time a sell order one grid up from that grid, which is $3600 in this case.

Current price is now $3350.

6. With continuously buy and sell, we can make profit from each trade and that’s how we define the profit per grid.

Note: Among the parameters required by the bot there is also the profit per grid, which is recommended to be preferably between 0.5% and 2%.

More information on our Telegram Chat (English/Italian)

Pionex. Exchange con Bot gratuito compreso

Pionex. Exchange with in-built trading bots

What is the best method to deposit or withdraw on Pocket Option , Quotex , etc.

 What is the best method to deposit or withdraw on Pocket Option , Quotex , etc.

What is the best method to deposit or withdraw on Pocket Option , Quotex , etc.

Update sept 21

Dear Partner,
We are expanding our platform for a closer presence in global markets. Now, users around the world can access the Pocket Option trading platform using a unified domain on pocash:
Using the new domain, traders will automatically be redirected to the correct websites corresponding to their regions.

Q. What is the best deposit or withdrawal method on Pocket Option, Quotex, etc.?  

R. Bitcoin.

D. Do they accept credit cards?

Generally no.

How to buy and deposit Bitcoin? How to solve the Bitcoin volatility problem?

Read this post.

The answer is very simple, but we often prefer to complicate our lives. If you are decided to work with brokers you must be able to withdraw or deposit with maximum simplicity, speed and security.

Those who are not used to using a real account are used to thinking about credit cards, however this system is not the most practical for online transactions. Much better to use a cryptocurrency.

For those who turn up their noses due to lack of knowledge of digital money, or due to the well-known volatility of its value, such as Bitcoin, let’s try to clarify any concerns and show the solution.


You will know that there is not only Bitcoin, but also the so-called “stablecoins” so called because they “bind” to the value of the USD, US dollar.

If you don’t want to risk the value of your money changing over time, you can deposit and withdraw in stablecoin currency.

If your broker does not have this type of currencies as a method, no problem, convert them into bitcoin and therefore deposit bitcoin. Conversely, withdraw bitcoins and then convert back into your digital wallet into stable coins.

The best stablecoins right now:

  • Tether (USDT), Tether is the best known stablecoin in the world of cryptocurrencies. 
  • Paxos Standard (PAX) 
  • Coinbase Dollar (USDC)
  • Binance USD (BUSD)

Use stablecoins to avoid volatility

Use stablecoins to avoid volatility.

Once the problem of volatility has been overcome, let’s see in practice how to operate. Obviously you have to get digital currency, the most common is Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin

You can buy them in various ways, the most common being through your bank’s credit card.

You need an “exchange” really a site that allows you to buy Bitcoins, transfer them to the broker, possibly convert them into stablecoins etc.

One of the most used are Coinbase or Binance . Sign in.

With Coinbase you can buy Bitcoins with your credit card in minutes.

  1. Create an account  on Coinbase .
  2. Explore your account settings.
  3. Click  on  ” Credit / Debit Card “
  4. Enter your  credit / debit card information .
  5. Confirmation.
  6. Buy  Bitcoin !

Deposit on the broker

When you access the broker’s deposit page, select the method, Bitcoin, and you will be given an address consisting of many letters and numbers. That is the destination BTC address of your Bitcoins, that is, your Bitcoins will go to that address, which is none other than that of the broker.

Copy it, you will have to insert it on Coinbase by carrying out these intuitive operations:

  1. Access to  Coinbase (login, with your name and password)
  2. Access to the BTC wallet  .
  3. BTC sending  screen .
  4. Indicate the amount to be sent.
  5. Specify the destination BTC address  , the one provided by the broker.
  6. Send the  bitcoins .

Withdrawal from the Broker

To withdraw Bitcoin, just log into your broker account and in the withdrawal section indicate your bitcoin address (you can still find it on Coinbase) and the relative amount.

The transfer is fast, a few minutes, and the cost is much lower than the classic transactions.

When you want, you can withdraw your bitcoins from Coinbase, and transfer them to your current account in euros.