Best Broker Comparison, no ESMA

In this useful and original broker comparison we want to answer the questions:

“Which broker with the best payout, demo, bonus … etc.”

A broker, however popular and appreciated, cannot have everything the trader wants. Those with special needs are sometimes forced to choose a specific platform.

Let’s see an overview of the best characteristics of the broker after ESMA, to know what could be decisive for you in the choice. The brokers chosen for the comparison are the most qualified for binary options that accept Italian customers.

The broker comparison

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Best Binary Options Brokers Not ESMA

Broker with the best. 


 We favor 

Our comment

Pocket Option definitely has the best payout amongst all other brokers.

Those who especially prefer a high return and do not necessitate special performances from the platform, can definitely come here.

Not to mention that it is currently the most requested broker within the trader community.

Open OTC.


Being ambivalent between PocketOption and HighLow, we chose the latter, as they give bonuses of 50 Euros directly at withdrawal, but only after cycling this amount however. PocketOption, while offering a voucher of the same value without deposit, must have its budget cycled for at least 50 times. While CloseOption provides 30%.


The most immediate demo without any personal data to insert would definitely be that of HighLow. So for those who have only started fresh in the binary game is recommended here. All others would require for registrations, even if it's merely email and name.


Although Close Option has the same values ​​as Metatrader, Binarium has the most pleasant and fastest platform of group, perhaps the one that comes closest to IQ Option. It also has deadlines to 15 min. and accessible on weekends.


With only a minimum deposit at €5, Close Option is certainly the cheapest here. Where Binarium and Specter minimum are €10. Pocket Option and HighLow, €50


Spectre is not a broker in exact, so there is no natural person who has an interest in the results of your trades. Specter is based on the Blockchain and the funds which are within the "Liquidity Pool", figuring in the millions of dollars, from which you withdraw directly.


There is a complete selection of tournaments, some of which are even free. Close Option promote genuine tournaments also, free or otherwise. Binarium will only push for one at a time. While HighLow and Spectre back none.


With PayPal as an option, the choice of the broker with the best deposit option could only go to Close Option. Also applicable with Pocket Option are Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney etc. 

Binarium only accepting WebMoney and the like.


Professionally speaking, we have not encountered problems with any of our brokers. Our foremost choice has been Pocket Option, as they have provided us with plenty of withdrawals without too much hassle or longwinded delays. Specter is also good for those who have expertise with Ethereum.


Pocket definitely has a wide selection of indicators, unlike HighLow and CloseOption which do not. Specter has valid indicators, Binarium is limited to a selection, albeit complete, only serve in moving averages.


Pocket certainly has a wide choice of assets, catering all the trader's needs and capable of providing 3, or 4 payouts that can reach the 98% range in payouts. Acceptable choices are also Close Option and Binarium, although many leave with low payouts. Specter and HighLow running only in currency pairs.


Ranking result

If we want to make an approximate ranking, here is the result based on popularity among traders (link to follow).


I migliori broker opzioni binarie non ESMA

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Pocket Option



A single broker, as valid and favored among traders, cannot ‘collect all their favorite features, and merely a single review on the most convenient platform (see PocketOption) may not satisfy all.

  • What does a trader look for on this particular today?
  • And on which broker does he find what he is looking for?

We have tried to answer the recurring questions.

In “after ESMA” we have searched and found some interesting alternatives. They are less known brokers that stand aside from the “classics”, but in addition to the European legislation, limitations have become even more miserly to their customers. Let us remember that even the most successful broker can ‘quickly enter oblivion (or almost) should they fail to meet the needs of their traders.

We, therefore, advise you to read through our broker reviews and ensure to collect and study all information available within these online articles.

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